How to Install Miui 10 on Any Xiaomi Device (Download And Update)

Update Any Xiaomi Mobile to Miui 10 Manually

So do you want to Install Miui 10 in any Xiaomi Device? then you are at right place. We are here with the tutorial on How to Install MIUI 10 on any Xiaomi Device. In this Guide, we will tell you everything related to Xiaomi’s Latest MIUI 10 Update.

Xiaomi Devices are the best devices to go for if you want a phone with great value for money. The reason for this is known to everyone. Xiaomi offers great specs and features that almost no one provides at the price point, and in this guide of Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device we will tell you the Whole procedure to get latest Os on your phone. Not only that but these devices also come with great software in the form of MIUI. For those of you who do not know about MIUI Android OS from Xiaomi, we will hel

MIUI is a custom version of Android that is developed by Xiaomi. And it comes installed on their devices right out of the box. The major feature of MIUI is that it looks quite similar to iOS and provides tons of features when compared to stock Android. Not only that but if you have a Xiaomi device that has MIUI installed in it, then you can also expect to receive quite frequent updates. This is due to the fact that MIUI has some quite devs that keep pushing updates to its users.So lets start the guide on Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device without wasting time.

Update Any Xiaomi Device to Miui 10
Update Any Xiaomi Device to Miui 10

Download Miui 10 rom for Xiaomi Redmi Devices

Size 500MB
Device Supported ALL MI MODELS
Developer Xiaomi
Root No

MIUI 10 is the latest and the greatest version of the custom Android UI from Xiaomi called MIUI. It was announced by Xiaomi in a media event back in early 2018. In the event, they also announced that MIUI 10 will mainly focus on AI and Machine Learning to completely transform Xiaomi Devices and this guide we will tell you way to Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device. This is made possible using AI and Machine Learning which will add some new features and option in your Xiaomi Device that you have never heard of.

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Therefore, today we are here with the full guide on how to download and install the MIUI 10 on any Xiaomi Device. To help you in successfully doing this, we have included every required thing later on in this tutorial. You will find all the files that are required for the MIUI 10 in this guide. We have also added their respective download links as well down there. Not only that but we have also added the highly important prerequisites section for updating to MIUI 10 in this guide. Make sure to go through this section and fulfill all the given conditions. Otherwise, this tutorial may not work for you. Finally, at the end of the tutorial, you will also find the detailed step by step guide on how to update any Xiaomi Device to the latest MIUI 10 Update Easily! Xiaomi is going to launch Miui 10 China developer rom on 31st May so users will be able to Download and install Miui 10 on their Device Soon.

Install Miui 10 in any Redmi Mi Phone Easily

Now let’s talk about the things that MIUI 10 will offer to its fellow users. Here are some major features of the update. As told earlier, MIUI 10 is based upon AI, that is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This will add some completely new and unique features in your Xiaomi Device. Sooner or later, almost all device will focus on AI and machine learning which means that the MIUI 10 update is also future proof. This is going to add some features and options in your current Xiaomi Device that will completely transform your device. As we told you earlier that xiaomi has started testing the latest Miui 10 for Major xiaomi devices so as soon as company releases the Update almost every supported device will get Miui 10 Update

MIUI 10 also has all the things that were present in the older MIUI 9 which is currently installed on almost all Xiaomi Device. Just like the older MIUI 9, the MIUI 10 will also have an iOS-like design with no dedicated app drawer. Not only that but many of the features and options will be also there as found in MIUI 9. MIUI 10 can also expect similarly frequent updates as they have seen with MIUI 9.  As we come to Q2 2018, MIUI 10 is now available to download and install on any Xiaomi Device out there and update it to the latest version of MIUI.

Usually, different Xiaomi devices have different methods for installing updates. But as of right now we have come up with one common method for all the Xiaomi devices out there. If you follow this guide till the end correctly, you will be able to install the latest MIUI 10 udpate on any Xiaomi device. Xiaomi has successfully launched the official MIUI 10 on 31st May 2018. After its launch some Xiaomi devices have already started to get the latest update from Xiaomi via OTA. In case your device has not yet received the update you can still follow our tutorial for installing it on your device.

Major Features of MIUI 10

Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device
Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device

Talking about MIUI 10’s brand new features and options, they are all based on AI and Machine Learning. This means that these features are completely different from what you have seen till now. First of all, MIUI 10 has great improvements in its camera performance. This is made possible via AI that adds new auto Camera Mode in your device’s camera app. It will automatically set the camera mode according to the subject in the frame. Such a feature is made possible via AI that tracks the subject in the frame and adjusts according to that.

Now let’s move towards the performance of your phone running the MIUI 10 update. MIUI simply adjust the performance of your device automatically. It is based on the app or game that you are currently using. If it is an intensive task, the performance will be increased, otherwise, MIUI 10 will save battery. It adjusts this using Machine Learning which learns how much performance is required in which app. This feature is highly useful in the long run. Not only your phone will perform better even after a long time, even its battery will last for much longer.

Prerequisites for Installing MIUI 10 Update on your Phone

  • Make sure that your device has at least 50% of battery. Otherwise, your device may turn off during the installation of the MIUI 10 Update.
  • Download the MIUI 10 Update file in the internal storage of your device. The update zip file can be downloaded from this link.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android Device. You can do so by going to the Developer Options in the settings app of your Device.

Steps for Updating your Xiaomi Device to MIUI 10 Manually

  • Head to the Update app installed on your Xiaomi Device.
Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device
Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device
  • In here, tap on the three dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • From this menu, select “Choose Update Package” that will open a file explorer.
  • Locate and select the MIUI 10 update file using this File Explorer.
  • This will reboot your device and start the installation of MIUI 10 on your device.
Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device
Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device
  • Once this installation is complete, your device will reboot once more after which you can start using MIUI 10 installed on your Xiaomi Device.

We hope that you have now successfully installed MIUI 10 on your Xiaomi Device and our guide on How to Install Miui 10 in Any Xiaomi Device helped you. Also, let us know what is your favorite feature of the MIUI 10 Update that you have installed on your Xiaomi Android Device down in the comments section. If you liked this post share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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