Install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy A2 Core

Install TWRP custom recovery on Galaxy A2 Core

Install TWRP recovery on Galaxy A2 core : Totally fed up using stock ROM on your Samsung Galaxy A2 core? Would you like to install some mods and custom ROMs or any other kernels and firmware? Then you need a custom recovery. TWRP recovery to be precise. Don’t worry if you are new to recoveries, ROMs and stuff. We are here to help you. Read the entire guide to know or understand How to flash TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy A2 core

All the android phones originate with their own recovery background, which is often denoted to as the stock recovery. You can boot to the recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy A2 core by pressing device-specific buttons as your phone boots or by dispensing an android debugging command that boots your phone to recovery mode. The recovery menu affords options to help recover your device. For instance, you can reset your device to its factory defaulting state from the android’s stock recovery. The recovery mode can also be cast off to flash OTA update files.

If you don’t know, the recovery is responsible for updating your device. When you get an OTA update, it takes to the recovery mode. Then the recovery applies the update to the system and hence your phone gets updates. The stock recovery is an insignificant, restricted system. The stock recovery is only designed to be passed over, and it can usually only flash OTA updates and firmware zips provided only by the device’s manufacturer.

So for that matter, you need a custom recovery. The custom recoveries are great because they can flash the manufacturer otas and custom developed zips also. As said earlier, stock recovery can only able to flash stock manufacturer ones. The custom recoveries are many! Previously CWM recovery, which is otherworldly known as Clock Work Mod recovery used to be standard in custom recoveries. But, gone are the days which use button navigation in recovery. Now everything is touch based. If you are using any other device You can Always follow this guide to Install TWRP on Android Device without PC. Thanks to TWRP. Now, TWRP is the custom recovery giant! TWRP is known as Team Win Recovery Project.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flashing custom recovery

Custom recoveries are quite futuristic. There are many advantages if you install a custom Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy A2 core. But where there are advantages, disadvantages also take attendance. Now by reading the advantages and disadvantages part, you can have a clear idea about their benefits and you can decide accordingly, whether custom recoveries are for you or not.

Advantages of Custom Recovery:

  • By installing a custom recovery, you can either root your device or install a custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy A2 core
  • You can either flash stock firmware, OTA updates or you can completely take over the custom development itself.
  • Using TWRP or any custom recovery for that matter, you can easily flash the audio mods, camera mods and many other mods which can bring out the best from your device.
  • Can tweak your Android device, by flashing the custom kernels using the custom recovery, where you can use your Samsung Galaxy A2 core like a boss. You can either set the phone to performance mode nor can you set it to get the best battery straight out of your phone.

Disadvantages of Custom Recovery

  • Custom recoveries can brick your device if you are not sure what you are doing with the option available.
  • Some custom ROMs cannot flash the stock ROMs and OTA.
  • The malware and other spams balanced out there can effortlessly rupture your phone’s security.

Now that we are done with the advantages and disadvantages part, it is your turn to decide. If you are willing to install a custom recovery go ahead to the next part. If you are not ready to put your phone to the risk, then come back again when you are ready.

What can you do after installing a custom recovery?

Well, a question might pop-up on your head. What are the things you can perform after installing a TWRP recovery? The answer might be infinity. Yes, there are infinite ways and possibilities you can get after installing TWRP successfully on your Samsung Galaxy A2 core. The major possibilities or the major thing what people do after flashing a recovery are rooting the device or flashing a custom ROM. If you are not sure what is rooting or, what is a custom ROM, then read the entire segment below.

What is rooting?

Rooting is a progression that permits you to achieve root access to the Android operating system encryption. Root provides you the freedom to transform the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer would not usually allow you. And for decent mobile safety reasons, they do not dearth users to make modifications to the devices that might result in accidents further than repair. It gets tranquil for them to offer provision if they allow users to only use the same unchanged sort of the software.

Not speaking factually, but if you misstep up the rooting process, significantly change the encryption modifications, your device software can come to be so impaired that your phone will basically be gone useless. Even the utmost powerful device can get sluggish after a convinced period of service. Pre-installed apps will decline the productivity of your phone functioning by default. It is intolerable to get rid of these applications as they are selected by a manufacturer as required. Ads are a different dispute that keeps troubling Android users. Ads constantly pop up at an exceedingly unfortunate time and barge in your doings.

Customization is another routine that can fetch optimistic variations to your device. Although starved of rooting the customization is unmanageable. But if you want to distinguish the keyboard, make some alterations or add some supplementary features, you hope against hope be capable to do that. A custom version of your phone does not permanently let you use all the profits of the smartphone. But then again with the newest version of the mobile operating system, you can get lift your phone and enjoy contemporary features of the up-to-date Android system.

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Samsung Galaxy A2 custom ROM

ROM stands for Read-Only Memory and theoretically, it denotes the internal storage of a device. Internal Storage is meant to comprise the operating system commands but need not to be modified at the course of the device’s normal processes. Only for fact that it need not modify, instructions are stored in read-only memory. It is much like on a non-rewrite able CD. Once you store stuff, you either use it or dump it. But you cannot delete the existing content and copy new stuff. Manufacturers make definite that no changes are made to them. Once it is made, that could probably make the device malfunction.

Now that you clearly understand what ROM is exactly, let us dive into the next part. Next up, you will get to know all about the stock ROM and custom ROM. Do not that Stock ROM is of two types. The Original ROM and Manufacturer based stock ROM.

Original Stock ROM is the operating system in its default form, without any variations or alterations made to it apart from for any device precise support is mandatory to run it on the particular device. Original Stock ROM affords the typical user experience of the operating system deprived of any enhancing or functional changes made. Nowadays, Original stock firmware is predominantly found only when both the device and the operating system is manufactured by a similar company. Like Google Pixel devices. All the iPhones also come under this category. Manufacturer Stock ROM has improvements added in excess of the default operating system by the device manufacturer or the mobile service carrier.

Mobile carrier ROMs are almost the same, but they add additional security to the device. This often comprises interface enhancements, exclusive applications and in most cases, limitations intended to the frontier the use of the device with a definite carrier or region. There are every so often further restrictions stopping installation of firmware not released by the carrier or manufacturer.

All the Samsung devices running on Experience UX has legitimately faced this issue at times. Virtually all devices ship with one or the other of the above two categories of ROM, however, possessions don’t conclude there. Self-governing developers who like to modify their devices further than the typical options provided often tend to release in form of custom ROMs. The additional open the platform, the more sovereign development it appeals, a good case in point of which is the independent custom ROM development for Android.

Now that we’ve clearly understood what is a root and custom ROM, let us proceed to the next step. No more introduction, let us dive into the installation of TWRP on Samsung Galaxy A2 core

How to install TWRP on Samsung Galaxy A2 core

Before installing the TWRP recovery, you need to unlock bootloader of Android Without PC. Unlocking the bootloader is the initial step for rooting or installation recovery or a ROM. So let us first unlock the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy A2 core and then proceed with TWRP installation.

Unlock Bootloader of Samsung Galaxy A2 core

Unlocking the bootloader is one of the most important steps in this entire process. Without unlocking the bootloader you cannot Install TWRP on your Samsung Galaxy A2 core. If there is no TWRP recovery, there is no custom ROM possibly. Before unlocking the bootloader, let us know what exactly the Bootloader is. The bootloader is the initial thing that runs when you boot up your Android device. It correspondences the commands to boot operating system kernel and the maximum number of them are unambiguously intended to run their individual debugging or alteration environment.

Fundamentally, the Android device is like a hard drive that has quite a lot of partitions, which grasps the Android system file in one and all the app data in an additional. And for all these partitions, Bootloader obliges as a security frontier that is accountable for inspection and initializing the hardware and starting software. Do note that warranty is void if you perform this step. But there is no need to worry, the bootloader can be re-locked by flashing flash file using Odin. As we are done with the introduction part, let us proceed in Unlocking the Bootloader of Samsung A2 Core

  • Make sure you Samsung A2 core is charged above 60%. If not go ahead and charge now. If there is any issue while unlocking the bootloader, then it might become serious trouble.
  • Now to unlock the bootloader, head on over to settings on your Samsung A2 core
  • Once you open settings, scroll down to the bottom until you find the about phone section.
  • Now tap on About phone and find the build number.
  • Now tap on build number 7 times and now it shows a pop-up saying that developer settings are enabled.
  • Now come back, to the settings page.
  • You can find a new option enabled just above the about phone setting.
  • Open developer options.
  • Now you can find Enable OEM unlock button.
  • Go ahead and tap to enable that option, now few pop-ups appear. Just tap on grant or yes.
  • Now, the bootloader is finally unlocked.

Installing TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy A2 Core

Before getting into the process install Samsung USB drivers on your Windows PC. If you are not sure how, read the next para to know, how to install USB Drivers on Samsung A2 Core. All the links will be available in the download section below.

Now that you have downloaded the Samsung USB drivers from the section above, let us proceed with the installation. These drivers support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. So if you use any of these Windows versions, then you can install it easily by subsequent our step by step guide. If you’re Mac, Ubuntu or Linux users, then I vouch for you to borrow a Windows PC from your friends or colleagues. Theoretically, you need not download the drivers for Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu. It is constantly a hit or miss when you’re installing drivers in those devices. But it is worth pointing out that all the operating system’s mentioned above install drivers automatically when the devices are properly connected.

Now that you’ve Download Samsung USB Drivers on your PC, it is time to install the drivers. The installation is pretty easy with the typical Microsoft installation course. If you are aware of installing third-party applications on Windows PC, then you can skip the installation part. For those who aren’t familiar follow these steps exactly to install Samsung USB Drivers on your PC properly.

  • Find the downloaded file.
  • Once you find the file named ‘Samsung-USB-Drivers-v1.5.63.0’, right click on it and extract the file. To extract the file you’ll need WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • Now open the extracted folder.
  • Now run the Samsung-USB-Drivers-v1.5.63.0.exe file by double-clicking it.
  • Once the application is opened, you will get a pop-up prompt. Click on ‘Yes’ to proceed. It doesn’t harm your PC or smartphone.
  • You can now click on ‘Next’.
  • Select your desired language and your country, then hit ‘Next’ again.
  • It will choose the installation location automatically. If you would like to change the installation location, you can definitely do that.
  • This is the final step of the installation process. Click on ‘Install’ to install the Samsung USB Drivers.
  • In moments you will be notified with Installation Complete. Now Click on Finish.
  • That is it, the Samsung USB Drivers are now successfully installed in your PC.
  • Once you are done with the installation part, it is recommended to restart your PC.

After that install ADB and Fastboot drivers. The link will be available in the download section. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get them to work perfectly.

Installation Process of ADB and Fastboot:

  • Extract the downloaded zip file.
  • After extracting open the folder, you can find ADB and Fastboot file.exe
  • Select that .exe and Run.
  • Now type “Y” which means Yes, for whatever it asks.
  • Type Y until the process of installation start.
  • Once you are done with the installation, restart your PC.
  • You can also follow Guide to Install ADB and Fastboot

TWRP Installation process:

  • Download the TWRP file from Here.
  • Find the TWRP file and extract it. For the extracting process you will either require WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • Once extracted, open the folder and rename TWRP_3.0.2_x file name to “TWRP.img”
  • Now copy that file and open Local Disk C.
  • In Local Disk C find folder named ADB. Open the folder and paste the recovery there.
  • Now open PowerShell or Command Prompt, by holding the Shift + Right click.
  • Then select either PowerShell or Command Prompt.
  • Now boot your device to Fastboot mode. If you’re not sure how to connect your phone to PC using USB and type “adb reboot bootloader”
  • Now your device boots into Fastboot mode.
  • Now type “ fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img”
  • By entering that TWRP replaces stock recovery.
  • Now type command “fastboot reboot”

That is it. Now you have successfully installed the TWRP recovery on your Samsung A2 Core. Now you can flash custom ROMs, mods and kernels and tweak or customize your device as you want. If you like what you read, please consider sharing this post with your friends. That is all for now. For more posts like these keep visiting our site. For more Samsung A2 Core coverage, stay tuned with us.

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