Install Viper4Android On Any Android Lollipop Device .

How to Download and Install Viper4Android on Lollipop and Any android Smartphone .

Do you want to Install Viper4android on your lollipop or any Android device ? Today we are here with a guide in which we will tell you How to make Viper4android work on lollipop android device .
Viper4android is a equalizer app that can add different filters in the music you play . Viper4android works for both speakers and headsets . Basically it is a android app identical to Dolby atmos . Being one of the best audio app for android it has some drawbacks . There is No way to Install Viper4android without root and the second is that due to Limitations users were not able to install Viper4android on lollipop 5.0 5.1 devices but today after following this guide to get viper4android on lollipop and all android device your problem will be solved .

How to make Viper4android work on Any android Lollipop Device .

As we already mentioned earlier that upto now there is no way to Download and install Viper4android on any android device without root so this guide will only work for you if you are on a rooted smartphone and for those who dont have root acess can drop comment below and we will tell the procedure to root their device .
Here are some Features of Viper4Android :-
  • Playback Gain control
  • Spectrum extension
  • Fire equlizer
  • Convoler
  • headphone surround
  • Dynamic sound
  • Extreme Bass
  • And Much more …
So we will use two methods to install Viper4android on lollipop devices .Method 1 – 

  • First of all install busybox from google Playstore .
  • Now open Busybox
  • After Opening Busybox install it in Both /system/xbin And /system/bin
  • Now Download The Viper4android.apk and SElinuxmodechanger.apk from Here .
  • After Downloading Install both apk as normal app .
  • Open Selinuxmodechanger and change the mode to PERMISSIVE .
  • Now open Viper4android and install the drivers and reboot your smartphone .
  • And thats all !!!! You have successfully installed viper4android on your Android lollipop running device .
This method can be used to Install Viper4android on Android one and Nexus devices Easily .
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How to run Viper4android on lollipop and all android devices ?

Method 2 – 
  • Install busybox from playstore .
  • Now download All the necessary files from HERE .
  • Copy all Files to the root of sd card .
  • Now boot your smartphone in CWM/TWRP recovery mode .
  • Now start flashing all the files in given sequence below :-
  • After flashing all the above files make a reboot of your smartphone .
Thats all !!!! you have successfully installed viper4android on your android lollipop device .
So this was our guide on how to install viper4android on any android lollipop smartphone soon we will also update the guide on How to install viper4android without root .

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