Jio 5G Sim Launch: Reliance Jio 5G Plans Speed {Updated}

Reliance Jio 5G Plans, Jio 5G Speed and Launch Date in India

Reliance Jio 5G is soon going to launch in India and we are expecting Good Jio 5G speed and Prices of their Data packs. Jio 4G was one of the most trending topics in India from many years and We know reason behind that As well. Now Reliance Jio is finally Planning to launch Jio 5G in India with some very cheap rates and Super fast speed. So in this guide we will tell you Everything About Jio 5G we know so far.

Reliance is one of the most biggest network providers in India,The company only provide 4G networks in India with Volte as their calling medium but Now they are planning to roll out their services in India and if this comes true then the company will become the very first Network provider in India to Start 5G service in India.

Reliance JIO 5G Launch Date, Jio 5G Plans, Jio 5G News

We all know very well that Airtel which is the biggest competitor of Jio has already started testing 5G networks in india and being one of the fastest growing telecom providers in india jio is also finally launching 5G in India. So in this Article we will Discuss about things we know about the 5G services so far.

Reliance Jio 5G Launch Date in India

Jio 5G Launch DateLate 2018
Plan Tariff10X
AvailabilityPrepaid & Postpaid

Jio 5g launch date in India is yet not confirmed but as we mentioned earlier that Airtel Can anytime launch the New 5G technology in India anytime soon So we can Expect Jio to Come with Its new services very Soon and Somewhere between September – December.

Jio 5G vs Jio 4G Speed

Jio 5G speed vs Jio 4G speed will be totally different because Jio comes with a totally new technology which means much higher speeds compared to the old 4G networks. If we see both the networks from Customers point of view then we will see great improvements in everything in the new 5G sim in india. We also hope that Jio solves the Call end error in new services.

Jio 5G Speed Test

Jio 5G speed is expected to be much faster then last years 4G speeds, The expected Jio 5G speedtest so far is 2.5Gbps which can increase and Decrease on different Situations. So lets wait for the official 5G launch in india and Let reliance Announce the Accurate speed themselves.

Jio 5G Price Plans tariff

Jio 5G Plans will be soon revealed when Reliance officially launched the New 5g Service soon in India, But If we look at the 4G plans in India then Jio 5G tariff plans will be affordable for everyone. It is also expected that 5g will come with some unlimited usage plans in india which will be a good thing for people who use Mobile data a lot and run out of Data cap.

Jio 5G device Price Buy

Jio 5G device will be totally different from Jio 4G devices, however it is still not confirmed that exactly what kind of jio device will be launched In India. Last year Jio launched 4G Volte in india and still there are many smartphones in India which lack the Volte provision. So it will be a very important factor that what device will be launched in India so that it can allow Existing devices to use 5g services in India.

Jio 5G Sim

Jio 5G sim price will remain same as the 4G sim cards. Jio is well known for its reveloution in india and the good news is that Jio will again bring a very big Revolution in India. Currently In India every network provider provides 128K sim including Jio 4G volte, but now with New services Jio is planning to Launch 5G sim 256K. Incase you dont know what changes will the 5G sim with 256K chip bring, So everyone will be able to Store more contacts on their sim and not only this but the new 5G Sim will be more effective in every terms.

Jio 5G mobile

As of now majority of smartphones in india supports 4G and 3G networks, however still there are many smartphones in india which support 5G networks and Some of them are :

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 Xl
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

How to Use Jio 5G in 4G Mobile Phones

So when Jio launched 4G services in india so a majority of users were asking How to Use jio 4g in 3G mobiles, But now when jio is finally launching 5g Sim india so we are expecting many questions Like How to Use jio 5G on 4g Smartphones. So a Clear answer to that is that as of now there is no way with which you will be able to use 5g on 4g android mobile, however above this section we have also told you about Some of the smartphone in india which Supports 5G services. So Once the Services are officially announced you will be able to Use 5g in 4g Mobile phones with root and without root

Jio 5G mobile booking

Jio recently launched the much anticipated Jio 4G mobile in India some days ago and the smartphone received many bookings within no time, Now coming to the 5G mobile booking so jio will for sure launch a Feature phone which will Support 5G network. So once reliance launch Jio New 5G Sim mobile you will be able to Do booking to buy it.

So this was all About the New Jio Sim which will be launched Soon, As we told you earlier that Airtel is also planning to Launch 5G services in India as soon As possible so this was will be a very tough Competition between two major telecom providers in india.

New Jio 5G sim launch date and 5G plans are here, All the users who are interested can now view the plans and pricing for the upcoming jio 5G sim and Smartphone.

Not only Airtel and jio but many other major network providers like Vodafone, idea, BSNL are also planning to launch new services in india Soon.

As of now There are not many devices which support the 5G Sim Cards in India, So We can expect the Launch date of New Jio 5g Sim Soon.

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So this was our Guide on Jio new 5G release date india, Plans price and Speed. Incase if you have any doubt feel free to Write Down in the comments section below.Do check our other guides on similar topics and Consider sharing it on Social network Aswell.

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