How to Check Who is Using My Wifi Connection

How to Check Who is Using My WiFi Network .

Do you want to know who is connected on your Wifi ? And who is using your wifi Network ? Then you are at right place . Today we are here with a guide on How to check who is using My wifi Network .

Wifi is one of the most essential part of our life now a days . The best part about wifi is that we can connect many smartphones on one internet connection which reduces the internet Data charges cost by a great margin and also we get high speed compared to 2G/3G internet .But with many advantages wifi has a big disadvantage also that if someone gets your Password they can easily connect to your WiFi without your permission . So we are here with a guide in which we will tell you how you can check who is using your wifi internet .


How to Know Who is Connected on My Wifi Router Connection .

So to know who is using your wifi You need to do the following steps :- 
  • First of All Visit From your Browser . ( Pc is recommended ) 
  • Now you will see Many options in the Left Side you have to choose :- 
  • Wireless settings .
  • Now after choosing Wireless Settings choose :- 
  • Wireless Statiscs , Now you will see a List of all devices connected to your wifi network :- 
  • To Me it shows that there are 5 Devices connected on my wifi network . 
SO now to cross check if the devices shown are yours or not you can do the following test :- 

How to Know Which Devices are Connected to your wifi network .

So to check if the Device is your or not , Simply go to Settings of your smartphone .
Now go to Wifi Network Settings .
In Wifi Settings open Advanced settings .
There you will See a Option ” Mac Address ” 
Now match the Mac address in wifi router List .
By following the above guide you not only keep record but it also increase your wifi Net speed and Also Decrease bandwidth data usage . 
So this was our guide on How to Check Who is using Your Wifi Connection , I hope this guide helped you in Know who is using your Wifi .

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