How To Know if Your Apple iPhone is original Or Duplicate .

How to Differentiate between A Real and Duplicate Apple iPhone – Know if your Apple iphone 6s Plus,Iphone 6s,Iphone 6 Plus,Iphone 6,Iphone 5,Iphone 5s,Iphone 5c is real or fake .

Owning a Apple iphone is always a matter of pride for every user and just because the reputation and quality of apple products people blindly buy apple iphone without even inquiring if the product is real or not .
Seeing the popularity and faith of users in apple iphone many smartphone makers company created  the Very same look a like of iphone . The clone’s are so Well created that Hardly any one can differentiate between the real one and clone .
So if you are planning to buy a apple iphone then must read this guide to Know if the iphone you are going to buy is a real one or fake one and i am sure this guide can save your Money from investing it in a wrong Product .

How to Know if my apple iphone is real or A Clone ?

Actually knowing the difference between the real iphone and the clone is seriously very difficult because the clones are so well crafted that they look more good then the original ones but still there are many factors which are enough to prove them fake .
Usually a customer while buying a product or a apple iphone focuses on the Design of the phone and accepts that the product is real and genuine and leaves all factor’s which are important and can help you differentiate between a real iphone and a fake one .
Sometimes the customers are fooled by the shopkeepers and the local retailers,and sometimes the costumers get fooled by themselves by seeing  The low price of the iphone and it is pretty much obvious also who would not wont to own a apple iphone worth Rupees 50 K at only 10K But remember that The Lure of Low price may result in Damage .
So if you own a iphone and it is in warranty period or planning to buy a apple iphone then Follow all the steps below and carefully cross check them with your Iphone .
Before Going to the Guide i would seriously recommend you to buy Apple iphone from E-commerce websites instead of local retailers , The products you buy from online shopping websites are 100% genuine and quality checked and also remember to choose a trusted online website .

How to check if My apple Iphone is Real or a Duplicate ?

The Device we will use today is A brand new Apple Iphone 6 and and Very same looking clone of apple iphone 6 .
Know if your New apple iphone is real or a Clone , Starting with the box .
Box of apple iphone 
The first and Major difference to spot the real and Fake iphone is Its Box .
Have a look at the image you will see two boxes The build and quality of both the boxes are almost same but there is a Slight difference in the sizes of the box the real box is compact whereas the Fake on is larger .
Coming to the main difference .
Apple always Print its Logo and Text with Grey(Black) colour Whereas the fake one is printed with Orange colour .
So this was the very first difference with which you can easily differentiate between the real one and fake one .
Now after opening the box we noticed some changes which are very hard to notice for a common man .
Inside the box of apple iphone 
Know if your apple iphone is real or fake , Coming to the inside of the box .
There is a major difference in between the duplicate one and the real one .
If you see the image you will notice that in the real one there are two Holes one of the Camera and One for the Apple logo whereas in the Duplicate one there is only one Hole.
And not only this but the quality of the papers related to the apple iphone is good in the real one whereas the one provided with duplicate are not good , Also there is a Pin provided with the original one so that the papers don’t get misplaced whereas with the duplicate one there is no pin .
Coming to the Accessories .
Accessories provided with the real Iphone and Duplicate iphone .
Know if your apple iphone is Original or fake , Coming to the accessories of the apple iphone The real one and the duplicate one .
The build quality and the design of the earphones , The charger and the Data cable is Same in both the Products the only way to find the difference is Hearing songs in the Earphone .
The second and the main difference we found was In the original there were three separate spaces provided for all the three accessories whereas in the fake iphone there was only two spaces provided one for The charger and the second for earphone and the data cable was placed just below the Earphone , so by the design of the boxes you can easily find if the iphone is real or fake .
After The Box Lets Come to the Main Part which is Differentiating  between both the devices .
Difference between real apple iphone and the fake one . 
Find if your iphone is Original or Duplicate , The most easy and best way to find the real one and the fake one is its back .
The apple logo in the real iphone is Non reflecting which means no image will be reflected from the logo and it will remain the same in every situation whereas in the fake one the logo is reflective that you can use it instead of mirror .
The second factor which confirms the difference is the product text which is present at bottom back . The text present in the real iphone is very much below whereas in the fake one it is slightly High .
The third factor Which helps us to find the Fake and real iphone is the Metal plating all over the back , in the real iphone the plating is Silver grey whereas in the fake iphone the plating is bright silver .
Coming the Camera of the real and fake iphone .
Camera Difference of Real and Fake iphone .
Know if your apple iphone is original or fake , The camera of original fake apple iphone is also different .
Starting with the original one, The Diameter of original iphone Camera is wide from inside whereas in the fake it is straight and is the same as it from outside .
Coming to the second factor , The flash of Real apple iphone is Light yellow and is Broad whereas in the fake apple iphone It is yellow and the size of the Led flash is narrow .
One more major difference is the Silver Plate line around the camera in the fake iphone , The real one doesn’t have any lining .
Coming to the Difference in build quality design and button .
Build quality,Design and button Difference in Real and fake apple iphone . 
Know if your apple iphone is real or fake , The Thickness of real iphone is fake iphone is almost same but when clearly and observed from near you can notice that the real one is slightly more sleek and thin .
The volume rockers of both the real and fake is same , To know the difference one has to use it for a while . We noticed that the buttons in the real apple iphone were soft whereas in the fake they were hard and one need to apply more force . The vibration button of the the real iphone was easy and soft to operate whereas in the fake one it was hard .
The keys of real iphone make sound when we use them whereas there was no such sound in the fake one .
Now after back side lets move forward to the front .
Difference in Display of real Apple iphone and Fake apple iphone . 
Know if your apple iphone is real or duplicate , The text ” Slide to unlock ” In real apple iphone comes with animation and A different style whereas in the fake apple iphone it is Instantly shown up without any animation any style .
The second major difference in both the real and the fake apple iphone is the Icon design .
you can see that the camera icon in the real apple iphone is Easily identical and is clean whereas in the fake it is blur and one cant easily notice if it is a camera or something else .
Coming to the Software .
Difference in software of the original and fake apple iphone .
Know if your apple iphone is original or fake , Coming to the software of real and fake apple iphone .
First of all the major difference anyone can easily notice is in the real iphone the color of notification tray is black whereas in the fake apple iphone the colour of notification tray is Colourful .
To Know second difference just press the menu button from the screen of your iphone and you will see a Text ” Airdrop ” right ? so in the real apple iphone the Airdrop is Written Simply and normally whereas in the fake apple iphone Airdrop text consists some Chinese letters .
So these are some features with which you can easily determine if your Apple iphone 6s Plus,Iphone 6s,Iphone 6 Plus,Iphone 6,Iphone 5,Iphone 5s,Iphone 5c is real or fake .
Carefully reading this Guide can save your many thousands and dollars from investing in a wrong product .
I hope you liked our Guide on How to know if my  Apple iphone 6s Plus,Iphone 6s,Iphone 6 Plus,Iphone 6,Iphone 5,Iphone 5s,Iphone 5c is original or Duplicate.

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