Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker Review

Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker Review

So are you looking for the Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker? then you are at right place. We are here with the full review and details on the newly launched Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker In this Guide, we will tell you about all the details and specs related to the Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker Review.

If you ever go and look for a Bluetooth speaker that comes with a budget price of under 1500 INR then this guide is for you. Today we are here with the full review on the newly launched Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker that can be purchased from Amazon for a budget price tag of just 1500 INR for which it is a great Bluetooth speaker here in India for your music and other entertainment needs.


Later on, in this review, we will be taking you through everything related to this speaker like the box contents, build quality, design, specs, feature and most importantly its audio quality. Therefore if you are looking for a budget Bluetooth speaker then make sure to stick around till the end and go through the whole review slowly so that we can help you in purchasing the best budget Bluetooth speaker.

Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker Build & Design

Starting off with the build and design of the Leaf Pop speaker, it is a very nicely built speaker for its price. Not only it has a very strong build, it is also a very good looking budget Bluetooth speaker. The fact that the Leaf Pop has a round shape with a rubberized texture makes it highly compact and portable. At only 9 cm wide, this budget Bluetooth speaker will easily fit inside your hand. Another great thing about this speaker is that it is IPX4 water resistant which means that you can use this in water also. You can get Leaf Bluetooth Speaker from Here at a Price tag of 1500 Rs.

Moving on to the box contents, the Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker comes with the speaker itself, a user guide as well as a charging cable so that you can charge the Leaf Pop speaker. You can Also Read our Guide on Moza Air gimbal Review if you love photography .Talking about the battery, this speaker takes about 2 to 3 hours to fully charge which will give you 6 hours of quality music playback time.

Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker Audio Quality

Finally, coming to the audio quality of the Leaf Pop speaker, it has a 3W speaker that is quite good for its size and will provide you a very decent audio quality. Moving on, the bass response is quite overwhelming in this speaker for its given size of just 9 cm. Not only that but it also has a very high detailed audio quality for its price. Overall the Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker is a great pick for its price and we highly recommend it.

We hope that you liked the newly launched Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker Review. Also, let us know what is your favorite feature of the Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker. If you liked this post share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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