MIUI 10 China ROM Download, Release Date & Features

Download Miui 10 China Rom for all Xiaomi Devices

So do you want to know about Download MIUI 10 China ROM? then you are at the right place! Today we are here with the guide on MIUI 10 China ROM Download, Release Date & Features. In this quick and short article, you will learn everything related to MIUI 10 China ROM.

MIUI is one of the most popular custom versions of Android out there. This is a custom ROM that is developed by the tech giant Xiaomi. Xiaomi is popular for budget-oriented smartphones and electronics devices. It comes installed on all Xiaomi devices by default and has some extra features and customizations that are not present in stock Android. Because of all these reasons, MIUI is quite famous and we see a new version of the OS every year.

As of right now, we have information regarding MIUI 10 China ROM for some of Xiaomi devices. This information includes things like its release date, the features it provides and most importantly its download link and how to install MIUI 10 on your device. You will find all of this information in this article later on.

What’s New in MIUI 10 China ROM?

The all-new version of the highly popular MIUI Android OS comes with a lot of brand new changes and features. Xiaomi has already announced that MIUI 10 will mainly focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Using both of them the all-new MIUI 10 completely transforms the smartphones which are using MIUI 10. In this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at all of these features. And if you are interested in installing MIUI 10 on your device as well then make sure to stick around till the end.

Changes to Performance and Battery Life

Starting off, we have AI and Machine Learning as the major features of MIUI 10. Using these two things your phone will be able to learn more about and your usage. From this, it will collect information regarding your and use that to improve your experience. One of the major changes you will see straight away is performance. MIUI 10 will be able to boost the performance of selected apps and games. It will do this automatically by reading your usage patterns. This will be done via the use of AI and machine learning. Similarly, MIUI 10China ROM will also have better battery life. The reason for this is that MIUI 10 will reduce the processor usage where it is not needed UI. This means that with the new MIUI 10 update your current phone will perform better without consuming more battery, all thanks to AI and machine learning.

Improvements in Camera Performance

Another huge upgrade in the all-new MIUI 10 is a huge bump in its camera performance. Using AI, the camera of your phone will be able to know more about what’s in the photo. From this information, it will first select a reasonable mode for the given scenario. After that, once you take the photo, it will also do the processing according to that. This means that your current same phone will take better photos just by upgrading to MIUI 10. A great example of such a performance bump in the camera bump can be seen in Huawei phones. Huawei devices are already using AI and machine learning on their devices. And from reviews as well as camera comparison you can see that it works. AI and Machine Learning are definitely going to improve our smartphones in future.

Improved and More Responsive User Interface

Finally we User Interface and its responsiveness, MIUI 10 has improvements even here. With MIUI 10 you see a brand new refreshed UI that is much better than older versions. Not only that, but all toggles and menus have also been redesigned for better responsiveness. All these changes in the UI and performance make MIUI 10 completely worth it. Therefore now we are going to show you how you can download and install MIUI 10 on your device.

MIUI 10 China ROM Release Date

By now many of you guys must be hyped up about MIUI 10. If you are also waiting for MIUI 10 to arrive, then knowing the release date is a must. From our news sources, we can confirm that MIUI 10 will be released on May 31st, 2018. This will be a beta build release for a very few devices. As development goes on, Xiaomi will also start releasing MIUI 10 China ROM for other devices as well. And at last, we will also MIUI 10 Global Version which will be a stable build. Overall the development for MIUI 10 is going to be very good. Xiaomi has finally launched the Miui 10 Rom for beta testers and if any Xiaomi user want to enroll in Beta testers program can simply signup on their website

MIUI 10 China ROM will get released on 31st May for a very special reason. 31st May 2018 marks the 8th annual anniversary of Xiaomi. On this day they always launch new products every year. Similarly, we will be seeing new launched this year in the event. These products include things like Mi 8, Mi Band 3, Mi Note 5 and most importantly MIUI 10. Since MIUI 10 is a 2018 launch, it is going to have all the latest features that you would expect in 2018. Not only that but devices launched in the media event will come with MIUI 10 pre-installed in them. This means that if you want to experience MIUI 10 right away then you can purchase these devices.

MIUI 10 China ROM Download and Installation

Now we will be taking a look at the MIUI 10 installation. But before we go ahead into the installation process, we would like to clarify some things first. This version of MIUI 10 is the China version which means that it will not have the Google App Store. Apart from that, the latest MIUI 10 is only available for selected devices right now. Moving on, to help you in successfully installing MIUI 10 China ROM on your device, we have included everything in this guide. You will find the MIUI 10 China ROM file as well as the download link for it. After that, you will also see a small but very important prerequisites section. This section contains some important steps without which this installation cannot be successful. Finally, you will get to see the step by step guide for the installation process of MIUI 10 China ROM.

Version Miui 10
Size 450MB+
Released on 23/05/2018
Devloper Xiaomi

Download Miui 10 China Rom

  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi note 3
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi note 4
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi note 5
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi note 5 Pro
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi note 2
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi 2
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi 2 prime
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi 3
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi 3S Prime
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi Note 3G
  • Miui 10 China Developer rom for Redmi note 4g

Prerequisites for Installation of MIUI 10

  • First of all download the MIUI 10 China ROM file on your smartphone. You can do so by Going Here and downloading the zip file on your device.
  • Make sure that your device has at least 65% of battery in it before starting the installation.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device from Developer Options.

Steps for Installing MIUI 10 on your Smartphone

  • Starting off go to the Update app on your Xiaomi Device.
  • After that tap on the three-dot menu, and choose “select update package”.
  • Doing so will open the file manager from which you have to select a zip file.
  • Now locate the MIUI 10 China ROM file that we just downloaded and select it.
  • Once you select the file, your phone will reboot. And after this MIUI 10 will start installing on your device.
  • At last, your device will reboot once more after which you can start using MIUI 10 China ROM.

We hope that you now know all the necessary details regarding the latest MIUI 10 China ROM. Also, let us know what is your favorite feature of the latest MIUI 10 China ROM down in the comments section. If you liked this post share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!


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