MIUI 10 Release Date in India Global,Beta

MIUI 10 India Release Date : Global Stable and China Developer

Miui 10 India Release Date is Announced and We are here with the Guide on Miui 10 Release Date in india , We see many different custom versions of Android in different smartphones like TouchWiz in Samsung, Vibe UI in Lenovo, Cool UI in Coolpad and so on. One of the most popular custom Android versions has to be the MIUI from Xiaomi. MIUI first used to come pre-installed on Xiaomi devices but as it grew more and more popularity over time, MIUI became a highly popular custom ROM in places like XDA Forums.So in this guide we will tell you About Miui 10 release date in India

MIUI is known for its high customizationand iOS-like design since it does not have an app drawer. In the past years we have several versions of MIUI that gave more and more awesome features and as we enter 2018 we now have official news regarding MIUI 10 release date in India.


What’s new in MIUI 10 India Launch?

On 23rd of January, Xiaomi officially announced its MIUI 10 in a media event in Hong Kong. At the media event, they have told that with MIUI 10 their main focus will be on AI and Machine learning which will add multiple awesome features in your phones and make them a lot automated overall.

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Since this article is about the MIUI 10 release date in India, we will not be going deep into its features, that being said we can confirm that all the features of MIUI 10 will completely revolutionize the smartphone industry. If you wish to check all the features of MIUI 10, then make sure to check out our in-depth article on MIUI 10. Not only this, you can also check out our List of Supported MIUI 10 Devices that will be receiving the MIUI 10 in the near future.

When will MIUI 10 release in India?

Now finally coming to the release date of MIUI 10 in India, we would first like to tell you that apart from MIUI 10 itself, Xiaomi has also released the MIUI 9.2 Beta update for some specific devices. While Xiaomi didn’t release an official release date for MIUI 10, looking at the past records of MIUI, it’ll be released in China in April or May.

Coming to the Indian release date of MIUI 10, we can expect the OTA updates for Indian Xiaomi devices to come by May end or early June later in 2018. The update will be released only on selected Xiaomi devices, so make sure to check our list of Supported MIUI 10 Update devices. MIUI 10 will be sent to the Indian Xiaomi devices first via beta builds and later on with developer as well as stable builds.

Miui 10 Launch Date in India

Once the update arrives in India, you easily install it in your Xiaomi devices in a few simple steps. First you’ll need to go to the Updater app, tap on check for updates which will check for any available OTAs and if MIUI 10 is released in India, your device will start the download and installation of MIUI 10 in your device.

As of right now, Xiaomi has already launched MIUI 10, at least in China. It was launched in one of their recent events which they held in China. This is an annual event which takes place on their anniversary where Xiaomi launches multiple devices and services. This year the event took place on 31st May 2018. At the event, we go to see launches like MIUI 10, Mi 8 and the Mi Band 3. As for official OTA support, Xiaomi has launched that for a few devices and we can expect expansion quite soon. At first, the OTA updates will take place in China and will arrive in India by the end of the year.

We hope that Xiaomi releases MIUI 10 as soon as possible here in India and we get used all the cool and awesome features of MIUI 10. Also, let us know what Xiaomi device do you own down in the comments section. If you liked this post share it with your friends and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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