MIUI 10 Supported Devices Update List {UPDATED CONFIRMED}

MIUI 10 Update List Xiaomi Phones Getting Miui 10

Eligible Miui 10 Supported Devices , Xiaomi On 23rd of January 2018, Xiaomi held a media event in Hong Kong where they talked about the development of MIUI and biggest announcement of the event was that Xiaomi has started development of MIUI 10 which we will be soon seeing in our Xiaomi Devices. And today we are here with a Miui 10 Supported Devices list that will be receiving the all new MIUI 10 update on their devices via OTA. This list is not official, but all the devices on the list will surely receive the MIUI 10 sooner or later.So Without wasting Time Lets start the Guide on Miui 10 Supported Devices List

Before going to the list of MIUI 10 Supported Devices, let’s first see what MIUI 10 is all about. In the media event, Xiaomi stated that with MIUI 10, their main focus will be on AI and machine learning which will completely change the way we use our smartphones, and the inclusion of AI and machine learning in smartphones can add so many useful and important things that are going to completely revolutionize Xiaomi smartphones as we saw with Honor V10.So in this Guide We Will tell you About Miui 10 Supported Devices

Miui 10 Supported Devices
Miui 10 Supported Devices

Miui 10 Update Eligible Devices

Since this article is about the Miui 10 Supported Devices, we will not be going too deep into the features of MIUI 10 and will tell you About Miui 10 Supported Devices Update List, but I’ll surely like to mention that MIUI 10 will have some features that you can think of and it’s going to make your smartphone a lot automated than ever before. If you wish to learn more about the features of MIUI, make sure to check out our complete in-depth article which covers everything about MIUI 10 So lets start the Guide on Miui 10 Supported Devices. You can access this article from this link.

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Version MIUI 10
Name MIUI 10
Release Date 21/07/2018
Version 10
Stable Yes

List Of Xiaomi Devices Getting Miui 10 Update

So without going into anything else, let’s get straight into the list of Miui 10 Supported Devices, but before that I just want to mention that if your device is not on this list, then do not worry as you can always install MIUI 10 in your device as a custom ROM whether you use a Xiaomi device or not. And in case if you do not know how to install Custom ROMs on your device, you can also do that by checking out the respective tutorials found on our website.So below is the Miui 10 Supported Devices List.

As of right now, Xiaomi has already launched the latest MIUI 10 update in China. It was launched in an event along with some other devices. These devices include the flagship Mi 8 which comes pre-installed with MIUI 10. At the event, Xiaomi also announced that they will be soon releasing the OTA for other devices as well. This means that some of the devices present in this list can receive the OTA updates any moment now. At first these updates will only be accessible to China, but eventually, Xiaomi will roll out global OTA updates of MIUI 10 for all the devices present in this list.

Miui 10 Update List

So, guys this was the list of the Miui 10 Supported Devices that will be getting the MIUI 10 update via OTA very soon, and as for when, well even though Xiaomi didn’t give any specific date for the MIUI 10 launch, we expect it to launch by April or May at max!

Well, that’s it for today guys, we hope that this Miui 10 Supported Devices list helped you and your Xiaomi device was on this list, also let us know what device are you currently using down in the comments section. If you liked this post, share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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