Mobile Number Location Tracker India {Google Maps}

So if you are here chances are that you Might be Finding a way to Track mobile number with location. If yes then you are at the right place. It happens many times when we want to trace mobile number location and name but we are unable to do that because we don’t know the exact procedure.

Most of the Mobile number tracker doesn’t allow us to find the accurate location of the Caller, But in this guide, we will show you how you can Trace a contact on Google maps on your PC.

When you use a phone number tracker you should have the exact number of the person you are searching for, Most of the time you will get Exact name and location but still, if you think that is not Accurate then you can Always follow our Method 2.

To track a mobile number you must have an Active internet connection, There are also many apps like truecaller which allows getting details of mobile number but many times they are not accurate because the data used by Truecaller is totally based on the number you save in your contact book.

The best way to get phone number details with name in India is by using some Apps, but as we already told you that Trucaller extracts the name from other smartphones so the results you get may vary from actual results.

As you know that these all apps are Not official so it is not possible to trace mobile number exact location on the map but still you can get an idea of Where a number is being used. Mostly the Country, District, and Pincode are shown on the Google map.

Trace Mobile Number Location In India

Most of the Mobile number tracker doesn’t allow you to View live location on google maps but Still, there are some of the ways with which you can get Exact Location of a number in India.

Basically we will show you 3 different ways with which you will be able to know the location of Indian numbers on google maps, But For two of them, you will need apps.

Best Mobile Number Tracker App 2020

Truecaller is one of the best and most popular apps of India which helps to Know name and Location of Any Random Number, Below are some of the best Working steps which will help you to Trace mobile number on Google maps.

  • First of all Open Truecaller App on Your Mobile Number
  • In case if you are not A Premium User you can Get Truecaller premium for free.
  • Now In the search section enter the phone number you want to get Details about.
  • After Entering the number hit on the enter button, Thats all! You will get the location of any number in India.

Truecaller is a free app that Lets you Know the Name and Location of All Number, As the app is Used Globally so the database is not limited to India only and you can Search for any device name.

Search Mobile Number Location Online

  • First of all, Enter the Mobile Number in the “Enter Mobile Number” Section.
  • Now Tap on the Lens Icon to perform the Search.
  • If the Number is present in Database you Will Get All the details about it.
  • Sometimes you May Face Not found error, So you can try the Number by Entering +91 in the front of the number.

Track Indian Mobile Number on Google map

This is the most demanded Tutorial because everyone want’s to know mobile number location on Google maps, Usually this method is very helpful when you are trying to Locate your Lost mobile phone. follow All the steps below to Get information about Any number in India easily.

  • First of all, Visit Find my Device
  • Now You will see Your active devices on the top right corner.
  • If you See “No active devices” error then make sure that the email id you have entered is correct.
  • Now Tap on Trace My Mobile, Thats all !! this is how you can easily get the location of any mobile number on google maps.

Track location of a phone number

It’s Not possible to Track the exact location of a phone number by sitting at home, But still, you can get an idea of numbers using the GPS system. You might also see that many apps offering you services to get accurate location of cell number but 90% of they don’t work. Usually to Perform a Search you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Open Mobile number tracker On your Laptop or PC
  • Now in the Search Column, you have to Enter the number without Using +91
  • Now tap on Enter and You will get All results on the screen.
  • Thats all !!! this is how you can Easily Get GPS location of Mobile number free.

How do Mobile number location Tracker Apps work?

The concept is very simple, These Apps Match the first 4 digits of your mobile number with their Database, For Ex. If your Mobile number starts with “89503” Then the App will match “8950” With Its record.

Sometimes the Results shown are Accurate and sometimes wrong because mostly the database is old, So it will show the old registered location which may vary with the Current Location.

Also if you have access to your friend’s phone you can Share Whatsapp Live location on your number for the desired time, This is the best and easiest number to track friend location even if you are away from a Laptop or PC.


How can I track the location of a phone number?

You can easily track the location of Any number by Following this Guide, The location might not be exact but still, you will be able to find nearby Address.

How can I find someone’s location using their cell phone number?

You can use the Cell Phone number to Track location on Google maps, All the results will be accurate but you should have an Active internet connection to Make Google Maps work.

How can I find my friend’s location by mobile number?

You can Use the Whatsapp Live location Feature to know the exact location of your friend, Location may be different by 200-400 meters because of Poor GPS signals at some places.

Is It Possible to Track Location Of Anyone Without Number?

Yes, you can track location without phone number by using the Email address and “Find my device”. You will be able to trace the device using a Laptop or your Phone itself.

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