Moza Air Gimbal Review: Perfect Entry Level

Moza Air Gimbal Review: Best Entry-Level Video Gimbal for DSLR Cameras

Moza Air Gimbal Review is here and Many of you would be into photography and videography and might be doing it from your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. If that is the case then many of you must have heard about Video Gimbals for cameras, their use and the features they can provide. While most movie-grade gimbals for video like the DJI Ronin can cost thousands of dollars for their complete kit, today we are here with the ultimate video gimbal that you can get for your video need if you are shooting videos right away from your DSLR or Mirrorless camera at a very reasonable price.So Lets start the Moza Air Gimbal review


The gimbal which we will be showing in this article is called the Moza Air which is a fairly entry-level video gimbal that can easily support your light to mid weight DSLR and Mirrorless cameras which you use for shooting videos and movies. Moza Air video gimbal provides all these things for a very reasonable price of 500-600 USD depending on the current pricing.We have also a guide on How to Capture DSLR like images from mobile phone

In this Moza Air Gimbal Review, you will be reading about the build quality of Moza Air, its features and its specification which are the most important that anyone looks for when buying a gimbal for video production as it can be a very important investment for someone in their video making career.

What is a Moza Air Gimbal

In case some of you are not familiar with Gimbals and their use, let us quickly update you with exactly that. Gimbals like the Moza Air are used to stabilize your video by mounting your camera on it. By using the inbuilt sensors and the high-performance 3-axis motors in the gimbal to either stabilization your camera or moving it to the desired orientation for different kinds of video shots. The best part about gimbals is that even if you are new to video making, a video gimbal like the Moza Air can make your videos look much more Cinematic that can have a strong and good influence on the audience of the film that you have created.

Moza Air Gimbal and its Features and Specifications

Now since you know what is a gimbal and its uses, let us focus on the features and specifications of the entry level Moza Air Video Gimbal. First of all, this gimbal comes with dual grip handles in the box even which can increase your stability even more. Not only that with this gimbal you will also get different video modes like orientation lock, omni track, pan track etc. which will lock different axis of the gimbal to provide a different kind of video look.

Apart from that this gimbal also has a joystick on it using which you can move the camera to whatever direction you want easily. Overall this is a highly recommended gimbal for its given price and the way this gimbal works along with its awesome build quality which clearly speaks that this gimbal will easily last you years. Finally here are some specifications regarding the Moza Air Video Gimbal.

Price 500$
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth Range 5M
Control Interferance 2.4GHZ

Moza Air Gimbal price in India

Moza air gimbal price in India is slightly higher compared to price outside of the india. The gimbal is priced at the rate of around 47,000 inr on Amazon. Whereas at Gudsen’s official Website you can buy Gimbal at only 599$ ( Roughly 38,468).

So this was our Moza Air Gimbal Review we hope this guide helped you to decide if you Should buy Gudsen Moza air gimbal or not. If you have any doubt feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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