Download Odin Flash Tool for all Samsung Devices (Official Version)

Odin Download Samsung Flash Tool Latest Version 2019

Download Odin official Samsung Flash tool Latest 2019 is Here. So if you Want Samsung Odin tool then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Guide on Odin flash tool for all Samsung devices. Android is one of the most customizable platforms overall. Around 40% of the Android users unlock their bootloaders and flash custom ROMs for the best in class experience with their same device. Leaving the custom ROM story behind, it starts with rooting the device, unlocking the bootloader and flashing a custom recovery. Different OEMs have different ways to unlock the bootloader. Some OEMs doesn’t allow users to unlock the bootloader at all. To unlock the bootloaders of Samsung devices, there is an application named Odin Flash Tool.

Odin Flash tool Latest Version For Samsung Galaxy Devices

So before you start odin Download there are some points about Odin you should Know, So before we show you the easiest way to Download Odin and install it on your computer. Let’s have a quick look at the Features of the Odin Flash tool and how does it Work.

What is Odin Flash Tool?

Odin Flash Tool is developed and maintained by Samsung officially. For those who are wondering, Odin Flash Tool is used in certified Samsung service centers. So if you’ve ever reached out Samsung Care for your software related issues, they fix them with Odin. So now you might think, why did Samsung release it if it is a confidential software. The answer is, this application is not officially released by Samsung. Anyways, instead of wasting time with the introduction, let us dive into the importance of the Odin Flash Tool, shall we?

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Distinctive Features of Odin Flash Tool:

  1. You can flash Stock Firmware: Using Odin, you can flash stock firmware on your Samsung Device. This is where the Odin shines. The software comes extremely useful if you mess up with the stock ROM while rooting or unlocking or any of such activities. By flashing Stock firmware using Odin you can your issues like bootloop and system UI crashes.
  2. Users can flash Custom Firmware or ROMs: Using Odin application you can replace your stock firmware with third party firmware as mentioned earlier. By doing this, you’re device can be customized to the maximum level.
  3. Ability to flash Custom Recovery: In Android recovery plays a vital role. When you receive an update, recovery is responsible to apply it to your device. Whatever you do with your android, recovery is in charge of it. Just like the custom and stock firmware’s, using Odin you can install or flash a custom or stock recovery. Basically, stock recovery is like protection for device which is assigned by manufacturers. Stock recoveries don’t allow you to flash anything. But if you flash the custom recovery like TWRP using Odin, you can be your own boss.
  4. You can flash custom Kernels: Custom kernel do have an ability to make you device run or walk. Yes, you can over-clock the CPU’s and under-clock them too. Most of you already know what under-clocking and over-clocking do. For those who are not sure, under-clocking improves battery stability and the system is optimized in saving battery overall. Whereas in over-clocking things go opposite. Over-clocking makes your devices faster and snappier than ever, but the system is not optimized for battery at all.

Now that you are aware of what Odin can do, let us start off with the installation part. But before that, there are some pre-requirements to get the Odin run properly.


  • A working Samsung device
  • Files required for Odin.
  • Samsung USB Drivers
  • USB Debugging turned on (To do that head on over to settings, developer options, turn on)
  • Backup all the important and personal content, before performing

Odin Download Latest Version

You can download the Odin Flash Tool from the links below according to your device and Android version.

PrinceComsyModified ODIN (for latest devices like Note 8)



Installation Process of Odin Flash Tool:

  • Download the Odin Flash tool from the download section above. Do remember to download the version according to your model and Android version.
  • Head on over to the file where you’ve downloaded and saved it.
  • Once you find the file, right-click on the file and extract the file. To extract the file you need to have WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • Now open the extracted folder.
  • You will find three or four files in that folder. Now run the Odin application.
  • It is recommended to uninstall any older versions if you have installed them previously.
  • No matter what pop-up it shows, just click yes or proceed accordingly.
  • Now the Odin will be launched in a Window.
  • Now connect your Samsung device.
  • When connected, the application shows a pop-up that the device is connected.
  • If that doesn’t happen with you, install the drivers, and try again.

Do note that Odin application only support the files in .tar and .tar.md5 formats. Unlike other flash tools, this application does not support Zip files or RAR files. Even the ROMs and recoveries should be in the above-mentioned formats. So this is all for this post. If you like what you read, do let your friends know about us. Feel free to share the post with your friends and family who own a Samsung device. Stay tuned for more posts and tutorials like this.

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