How to Play PUBG Mobile Without Internet

Play PUBG Mobile without Using Internet

So PUBG offline mode is here and now users can Play Pubg without internet? If yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Guide to Play Pubg on Mobile without using Internet connectivity. PUBG is one of the most hot trending topics nowadays and almost everyone plays pubg on his/her mobile, But the biggest problem or we can say the minimum requirement to Play PUBG is good internet connection and it happens many times when we dont have Internet connectivity on our device, So in this guide we will show you the easiest way to Play PUBG on Mobile without using Internet.

Pubg is one of the most popular games on android and ios right now, and being one of the most popular games there are many users who face difficulties while playing the game like Lagging issue and game freezing. Incase if you are also facing the lagging issue then you can follow our guide to Play PUBG  without Lag in android . So as we all know that to play Pubg we need active internet connection to work however there is a way with which you can Play pubg without internet.

Play PUBG Mobile Offline

There are many players who ask questions like can we play pubg Mobile offline and is there any Pubg offline mode available for android, So the answer is here. Now you can easily Run Pubg offline on mobile by following the below given methods, but before you start the game there are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow so make sure you follow all of them carefully:

Points to Remember before you Play PUBG Offline on Mobile

  • Make sure you are using Latest version of PUBG mobile
  • Make sure your device is not connected to internet
  • As we all know to Play multiplayer we need internet connection, So in this method we will not play Multiplayer
  • By Following this method you can only play Pubg in training Mode because all other mode need Active internet connection to work.
  • You will Not get Daily signup Bonus if you are not connected to internet, In case if you Want to Get Free elite Royal Pass you can follow our Tutorial on How to Get Free eliter Royal Pass in PUBG mobile

Play Pubg on android Without internet

  • To Play PUBG Offline on Mobile Follow the below given instructions carefully
  • First of all Open Pubg Mobile on your Device
  • Now You will see Option to select match on the top Left Corner
  • Now tap on Training to Play Pubg offline easily
  • As soon as you tap on Training Mode you will enter in Training Room
  • Thats all!!! This is How you can Play Pubg Offline without Internet

We have Updated the Game with most Working Method, you can now Play pubg mobile offline easily for free, the Guide has been updated with the latest working methods to Enjoy Funny voice in pubg mobile.

Some users reported that this guide isnt working properly for Pubg mobile season 12, So if this is the Same case with you then we will just recommend you to just login and log out using your Id, We hope doing this will help you in playing Pubg mobile without internet.

We hope this Guide helped you to Play Pubg mobile offline on your device, Incase if you have any doubt feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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