Best Proven Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages in 2023

In this guide, we will Share the Best Ways to recover deleted Instagram messages in 2023. No Doubt Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world. You can share your memories in the form of photos and videos. It is used by around 1.36 Billion users around the world.

With the rise of visual media, it’s no surprise that Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos and videos. But what happens when you accidentally delete an important message or photo? Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature to recover deleted messages. However, there are several ways to try and recover deleted Instagram messages in 2023. We’ve compiled the best proven methods below so that you can be sure to get your messages back with minimal effort and time. Keep reading to find out how!

Since Facebook acquired Instagram we have seen enormous changes in the Ui of Instagram, Many new features are also added to Instagram to make it more user-friendly and fun to use for users. Not only features but Instagram also got many new Algorithm changes. One such great change on Instagram was seen in December 2013.

In December 2013 Instagram got the Direct message feature which allowed users to send messages directly to their inbox. It also allowed users to send messages, videos, and photos directly to the inbox of the desired friend.

The main motive of developing Instagram was only to share images, Later after Facebook acquired it they also added a video sharing feature and slowly they kept on introducing new features, Recently Instagram also introduced the reels feature which is a counterpart of Tiktok.

After The rollout of the Direct messaging feature, many users started enjoying it as it made the app more fun to use but since Instagram was never a messaging app so it doesn’t allow users to directly take a backup of the messages directly from their inbox. Most Apps like Facebook and WhatsApp allows users to directly export backup of their chats.

At this point, many users realized that Instagram message recovery is the most important feature they need else they will lose most of the chats or something important they just accidentally deleted. There are also high chances that you landed on this guide just to know the best ways to recover deleted Instagram messages because you just deleted your important message mistakenly.

No worries, Here you can find the complete guide on how to recover deleted Instagram messages in 2023, and that too for free!

So if you are looking to recover Instagram direct messages or restore Old Instagram DMs, You need to follow this guide till the end.

Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

Yes, you can recover deleted Instagram messages! But let me ask you a simple question, What will you do if you find yourself accidentally clicking on delete message and then finding it impossible to recover deleted messages.

The first thing you might be doing or thinking about will be the Instagram recovery tool or just simply reaching out to Your friend who is a master in IT? Well if these are the cases then there are very high chances that you will be able to see deleted Instagram messages because we will help you to get back all of your messages in just 1 simple click.

Below we have mentioned several different ways with which you can directly recovery deleted Instagram messages, Also for those who don’t trust third-party apps we have mentioned one method which doesn’t require using any tool or a third-party app.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

1. Instagram Messages Recovery by Rootupdate

To recover your Deleted Instagram messages you can use the message recovery tool by rootupdate, All you need to do is just open the Instagram message recovery tool and Enter your username in this format (iammharshvlogs) . After entering just tap on the recover messages button and wait for the tool to do its task.

Download Instagram Message Recovery tool

The Instagram Message recovery tool is the best way to get back deleted Instagram messages and it is also considered as one of the easiest methods available on the internet. In case you also want the tool do let us know by filling the form below and we will send it directly in your Email.

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2. Recover Messages from Your Instagram Data

Instagram has some restrictions, being an online App there are only very few things you can play around with the Instagram app. So if you Delete a message from your android phone or iPhone then it will be permanently deleted from the app, however, it will be still available on the Instagram server.

Now comes the tricky part, So if you want to recover deleted Instagram messages from the server you need to request your account data from Instagram, and then only you will be able to get back deleted Instagram messages.

Below is How you can :

  • Open the Instagram app on your Smartphone.
  • Now open your Profile by tapping on the icon
  • Now Open Account settings
  • Click on Security > Data history and Download Data from the Instagram server.
  • You can also directly download your account data from here
  • Now enter your Email id where you want to Receive your Instagram Account data.
  • After you Request Instagram data it will take around 48 hours (Mostly depending on the size of the data) for data to land in your email, After around 48 hours you will get the link of your data in your email which you can download and recover deleted Instagram messages for free.

  • Once you download the data on your Smartphone just follow the steps given below to move 1 step forward toward Instagram deleted message recovery.

3. View & Restore Deleted Instagram Messages

Once you have requested your account data from the Instagram server you can easily extract that and view all of your messages, While Account data is the same both for android and iPhone but the way to retrieve and extract messages from it is very different. We have mentioned methods for both android and iPhone users.

Recover Deleted Instagram message on Android

  • First of all, Install the Json Genie Editor on your android Phone.
  • Now Extract the Downloaded Zip.
  • Now Open the Downloaded (JSON Genie) app on your Phone.
  • Now head over to the folder where you extracted the Account data.
  • Now open the messages.json file.

image here

  • Here you will be able to see deleted Instagram messages.

image here

Recover Deleted Instagram message on iPhone

For android users, the Json Genie editor app is totally free but if you are an iPhone user then free items might not be in luck for you.

Update: Json pro developers has released a free version of the App Named Json Pro free which you can use

If you are an iPhone user then you have to download JSON Pro from the app store, Now you have to locate the data file you Downloaded from the Instagram server. As soon as you locate just tap on View now and done.

You will be able to See Deleted Instagram messages on your iPhone and that too for free.

Recover Deleted Instagram message on Windows Laptop

This is my Favourite way to Instagram Message recovery. Recovering deleted texts on your laptop is a really very easy process as you don’t need to waste a lot of time. If you want to See Deleted Instagram messages on Windows pc then just head over to JSON viewer online and upload your Instagram data.

Not Only this but MacOS users can also use the say ways to Recover Deleted Instagram messages.

Final Words:

So this is how you can Easily Recover deleted Instagram messages on your android and iPhone devices, We wish these methods worked for you and you were able to see your deleted Instagram messages. In case you know any other method you can always write that in the comments section below. Also Which method you used let us know in the comments section below.

Recovering deleted Instagram messages can be a daunting task but with the right tools and some patience it is possible. We have outlined six of the best ways to recover deleted Instagram messages from Android or iOS devices, as well as from iCloud backups. Whatever your situation may be, we hope that our guide has helped you understand what methods are available for recovering your lost data so that you can get back on track quickly and easily.

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