How to Disable Whatsapp Status feature in Android

How to Disable New Whatsapp Status feature in Android without root

How to Disable Whatsapp Status feature ? So Do you want to Disable whatsapp status feature ? If yes then you are at right place . today we are here with the Guide on How to Get Old Whatsapp status style back again.

Whatsapp recently released the New whatsapp Feature which lets you share stories and status and they automatically disappears after 24 Hours . Some of the users are happy with this feature and some of the users said it disappointing . So the users who want to to Stop New Whatsapp Status feature in android phone can simply follow our guide .

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the biggest Social messaging app With more then Daily 1 billion active users . The best thing about this app is the simple ui which lets you use the features straight away after opening it . Since facebook has acquired whatsapp we are saying some new features day by day . Like some days ago the company announced the video calling and before it the voice calling was announced .

Whatsapp Announced the New Whatsapp Status feature yesterday which replaced the old tradition whatsapp status which used to Appear below the profile image . Now when company has officially announced the feature many users are enjoying it but some of the users are disappointed as well . So for them we are here with the Guide on How to Disable Whatsapp Status feature in Android phone.

How to Disable Whatsapp Status Feature
How to Disable Whatsapp Status Feature

How to Remove New Whatsapp Status Feature for Android

In the new whatsapp status feature users can easily share images, Videos and Gif images and just like the snapchat these also gets disappeared after a certain period of times . Whatsapp is slowly slowly taking over every other app .

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Like first it announced the whatsapp calling feature which became very popular in no time and it is also considered the best way to talk for free . Second feature it rolled out was video chat which lets you videocalll straight away, however we must say that the quality of video chat is not as good as other Video chat apps and this is something whatsapp should seriously consider .

How to Hide Message in Whatsapp Chat

Now whatsapp rolled out the Status story feature like the Instagram and snapchat . So lets start the guide on How to Hide whatsapp Status feature in android phone. Thanks GOKULNC for This trick.

How to Disable Whatsapp Status feature in android Phone

  • So first of All Force stop Whatsapp App.
  • Now Open Root Explorer app.
  • Now Open Data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/com.whatsapp.preferences.xml
  • Now find the Key Name ” Status_mode”
  • Now you will find the value 1 you have to change it to 0.
  • Here is the example how the Key after editing will look like :-

<int name=”Status_mode” Value=”1″/>

After changing it will look like Below :-

<int name=”Status_mode”value=”0″/>

Now just tap on Save button and Done !!!! Now you can see that the New whatsapp Status feature has disappeared.

How to Disable New Whatsapp Status Feature in Android Without Root ?

As of now the trick to remove new whatsapp status feature is available only for the Rooted users . So if you want to Hide new whatsapp status feature in your android you have to root your device, And if we find a way to disable whatsapp status without root we will post it as soon as we get .

So this was our guide on How to Disable whatsapp new status stories feature without root, I hope you liked our guide . If you have any doubt you can comment down below in the comments section.

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