Root Nokia 6 Without Pc in 2 simple Steps

How to Root Nokia 6 Without Using Computer

Do you want to root nokia 6 without using computer ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here Nokia 6 rooting guide . After following this guide you will be able to get root access on Nokia 6 .
Nokia 6 is the very first smartphone of Nokia in android segment after a comeback of almost 2 years, we all know very well that how nokia failed immensely in the smartphone market by launching Nokia Lumia devices based on Windows os, But now after a comeback have man plans for sure and the most recent example is the Nokia 6 which comes at affordable price with good hardware and at last you get a smartphone backed by Nokia which was is undoubtedly one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers . Nokia 6 was launched some days ago in china at an very affordable price and the all devices went out of stock withing no span of time . 
So in this guide to root nokia 6 we will tell you the easiest way with which you will be able to Easily root your device . 

Root Nokia 6 Easily without using Computer

There are equal advantages and disadvantages of rooting your phone like you can customize your device the way you want it to be after rooting and some tweaks to increase performance can also be added in the device after rooting, But in case if you dont follow every step carefully while rooting or you delete any system app by mistake then your device will be bricked .
So before you root nokia 6 below are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow :- 
  • This guide is only for Nokia 6 So dont try to perform this on any other device it may brick your phone .
  • Make sure there is more then 50% battery in your smartphone .
  • Active internet connection is required to Download the rooting package . 
  • Please make sure you know all risks related to rooting the device .
  • Warranty will be voided after your root your Nokia 6 .

How to Enable root Access on Nokia 6

As we all know that there are many apps with which you can root your device easily without using computer, but there is a limited number of devices that are supported by these apps . so below is the guide to root Nokia 6 using app :- 
  • First of all install the app .
  • Now open the app .
  • Now you will see option to root the device .
  • just tap on that .
  • Now your device will start rooting .
  • After successful rooting the device will automatically reboot .
To check if the device is successfully rooted or not Simply Download a app from Google play store named as ” Root checker ” And open it . If it shows Device rooted then it means you have successfully rooted .
As  we mentioned earlier that with many advantages there are some disadvantages as well so make sure you root your device carefully . 
So this was our guide on How to root Nokia 6 without using computer i hope you liked it . 

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