Install Samsung J2 Flash File {J200G Stock Firmware}

Download Samsung J2 Flash File {j200g firmware}

Samsung J200g flash file is here and if you are the one who Wants to Download and Install Samsung J2 flash file then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Guide to install Galaxy J2 flash file latest version.Are you are Samsung J2 user? Bricked your phone? Facing the boot loop issue on Samsung J200g ? Well, don’t worry. You are in the right place. In this post, we will explain to you clearly how to download and install the flash file on your Samsung J2, Before you Start the Installation let’s have a Quick look at the specifications of Samsung Galaxy J2.

Samsung Galaxy J2 comes with 4.7″ screen having 540X960 pixels and 234 pixels per inch Density, under the hood of the smartphone there is Exynos 3475 Quad core processor coupled with 1Gb of ram. The smartphone comes with Android 5.1.1 lollipop which can be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo by using Custom roms. At the back of the smartphone there is 5Mp camera for capturing pictures and a 2Mp camera is placed at the Front End for taking Slefies. So it happens many times when we want to Flash stock firmware on Galaxy J2 and we are unable to Find that but now by following this guide you can easily Install the latest version of firmware on your Samsung J200g.

Custom ROMS are awesome. I mean who does not like to flash a custom ROMs in their devices. Basically, Custom ROM is an aftermarket software which is created and developed by users of that certain devices. Custom ROMs are saviors when you really get bored with Experience UI on Galaxy devices. But flashing custom ROMs also bring many bugs and issues. All the custom ROMs are not bugless. Sometimes custom ROMs will totally disappoint you. At the situations when custom ROMs betrayed you Stock ROM will become the savior. With that being said, let us know what Stock ROM is exactly, So before you Install Samsung J2 flash file let’s have a Quick Look at What is odin and Stock firmware.

Samsung J200g Flash File Installation Guide

Stock ROMs are the ones which originate by default in Android phones or tablets. These are adapted versions of Android developed by manufacturers and carriers to let users branch to their devices with distinctive looks and features. The original Stock ROM is only available with the service centers and the company itself. So what if you ruin your device? This is the part where the Samsung J2 flash file comes in.

Flash files would not void your warranty of Android devices. One of the principal reasons why consumers do not go for the custom ROMs is that rooting will instantaneously void your warranty. Flashing a custom ROM needs to get root access. I mean, flashing doesn’t require rooting but installing custom recovery requires root. Almost all the manufacturers disallow rooting or installing a custom Android version. When you install Sasmung J2 Flash file in your device, typically come with lots of pre-installed apps.

These apps sometimes are good enough to charm you such as music players, live wallpapers, different app store, calendar, weather and etc. Nevertheless, these pre-installed apps sometimes are hardly ever used by users which are called bloat wares. In that, this benefit may turn into a drawback. Just like the Stock ROM, Samsung J2 flash file also come with heaps of premium features which are not existing in custom ROMs. These features embrace home screen, font, launcher or app drawer. Once the newest Android version releases, the firmware files or flash files allows you to update to the up-to-date one deprived of waiting. Sasmung J2 Flash file is controlled by the manufacturers just like the Stock ROMs.

For the time being, you would like to stay back in the Samsung J2 flash file Stock ROM. Well, everyone will be afraid of that if you face the issue with custom ROMs. So rooting your device may be the option for you at times. Not really sure what is rooting? Basically your Android phone habits Linux permissions and file-system tenure. You are a user as soon as you sign in, and you are permitted to do definite things grounded on your user permissions. Root is also a user. The dissimilarity is the root user has consents to do whatever to any file any place in the system. Rooting is jail-breaking the Android and lets users dive shallower into a phone’s sub-system. If you are obtainable to swap the stock ROM to a custom ROM until you get the root access.

Coming back to the Flash File, these are files which are typically not in zip format. Whereas the item format changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. They are typically not flashed via stock recovery or a custom recovery like TWRP. They have a need for special PC software. Again the software depends on the phone company. Xiaomi devices are able to flash stock ROM with MI Flash tool. The LG devices required LGUP tool to do the same. While Samsung galaxy j200g need Odin. The device is to be booted in a specific “mode”, linked to a PC the flashing software organizes the remaining job. Enough introduction, let us dive into the download and installation part, shall we?

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Sasmung J2 Stock Firmware

You can download all the required files from the below-given links. All the files are important to successfully flash stock ROM in your Samsung j2

SM-J250F Flash File

Samsung J2 Drivers (j200g Usb Drivers)

Now that you have downloaded the Samsung USB drivers from the section above, let us proceed with the installation. These drivers support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. So if you use any of these Windows versions, then you can install it easily by subsequent our step by step guide. If you’re Mac, Ubuntu or Linux users, then I vouch for you to borrow a Windows PC from your friends or colleagues. Theoretically, you need not download the drivers for Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu. It is constantly a hit or miss when you’re installing drivers in those devices. But it is worth pointing out that all the operating system’s mentioned above install drivers automatically when the devices are properly connected.

Step by Step process of installing Samsung USB Drivers

Now that you’ve downloaded the Samsung USB Drivers on your PC, it is time to install the drivers. The installation is pretty easy with the typical Microsoft installation course. If you are aware of installing third-party applications on Windows PC, then you can skip the installation part. For those who aren’t familiar follow these steps exactly to install Samsung USB Drivers on your PC properly.

  • Find the downloaded file.
  • Once you find the file named ‘Samsung-USB-Drivers-v1.5.63.0’, right click on it and extract the file. To extract the file you’ll need WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • Now open the extracted folder.
  • Now run the Samsung-USB-Drivers-v1.5.63.0.exe file by double-clicking it.
  • Once the application is opened, you will get a pop-up prompt. Click on ‘Yes’ to proceed. It doesn’t harm your PC or smartphone.
  • You can now click on ‘Next’.
  • Select your desired language and your country, then hit ‘Next’ again.
  • It will choose the installation location automatically. If you would like to change the installation location, you can definitely do that.
  • This is the final step of the installation process. Click on ‘Install’ to install the Samsung USB Drivers.
  • In moments you will be notified with Installation Complete. Now Click on Finish.
  • That is it, the Samsung USB Drivers are now successfully installed in your PC.
  • Once you are done with the installation part, it is recommended to restart your PC.

As the Samsung Drivers are magnificently installed in your device, you can unlock the boot loader, flash custom ROMs and etc. To one side from this, you can transfer your files and sync them with or without Kies. You can also flash the stock ROM via Odin. Well, as the drivers are ready, you need to install Odin in your PC. Not sure what is Odin?

What is Odin? What are the uses of Odin

Odin Flash Tool is advanced and maintained by Samsung officially. For those who are speculating, Odin Flash Tool is used in skilled Samsung service centers. So if you’ve ever reached out Samsung Care for your software related issues, they fix them with Odin. So now you might think, why did Samsung release it if it is a confidential software? The answer is, this application is not officially released by Samsung. Anyways, instead of wasting time with the introduction, let us dive into the importance of the Odin Flash Tool, shall we?

Using Odin, you can flash stock firmware on your Samsung Device. This is where the Odin shines. The software comes extremely useful if you mess up with the stock ROM while rooting or unlocking or any of such activities. By flashing Stock firmware using Odin you can your issues like bootloop and system UI crashes. Using Odin application you can replace your stock firmware with third-party firmware as mentioned earlier. By doing this, your device can be customized to the maximum level. In Android recovery plays a vital role. When you receive an update, recovery is responsible to apply it to your device.

Whatever you do with your Android, recovery is the in charge of it. Just like the custom and stock firmware’s, using Odin you can install or flash a custom or stock recovery. Basically, stock recovery is like a protection for the device which is assigned by manufacturers. Stock recoveries don’t allow you to flash anything. But if you flash the custom recovery like TWRP Recovery using Odin, you can be your own boss. The custom kernel does have an ability to make your device run or walk. Yes, you can overclock the CPU’s and under-clock them too.

Most of you already know what under-clocking and over-clocking do. For those who are not sure, under-clocking improves battery stability and the system is optimized in saving battery overall. Whereas in over-clocking things go opposite. Over-clocking makes your devices faster and snappier than ever, but the system is not optimized for battery at all. Now that you are aware of what Odin can do, let we start off with installation part. But before that, there are some pre-requirements to get the Odin run properly.

Installation of Odin Tool for Samsung J200g

Installation of the Odin is a pretty simple process. But there are some pre-requirements to install Odin Tool.


  • Samsung Galaxy J200g  in usable condition.
  • Files required for Odin.
  • Samsung USB Drivers
  • USB Debugging turned on (To do that head on over to settings, developer options, turn on)
  • Backup all the important and personal content, before performing.

Complete Installation Process of Odin Tool

  • Download Odin Flash tool from the download section above. Do remember to download the version according to your model and Android version.
  • Head on over to the file where you’ve downloaded and saved it.
  • Once you find the file, right click on the file and extract the file. To extract the file you need to have WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • Now open the extracted folder.
  • You will find three or four files in that folder. Now run the Odin application.
  • It is recommended to uninstall any older versions if you have installed them previously.
  • No matter what pop-up it shows, just click yes or proceed accordingly.
  • Now the Odin will be launched in a Window.
  • Now connect your Samsung device.
  • When connected, the application shows a pop-up that device is connected.
  • If that doesn’t happen with you, install the drivers and try again.

Do note that Odin application only supports the files in .tar and .tar.md5 formats. Unlike other flash tools, this application does not support Zip files or RAR files. Even the ROMs and recoveries should be in the above-mentioned formats.

Install Flash File on Samsung J200g using Odin

As we have already discussed all Odin and Samsun J2 Flash file previously, let us quickly dive into the installation part. Make sure you have installed Samsung j200g drivers and Odin flash tool.

1) Download Samsung J2 Flash file from the link given above for your Samsung j200g. Make sure you download the latest version. Please consider downloading the Samsung Galaxy J2 flash file. If you download the file from other sites, please follow their guides. We are not responsible if your devices brick or end up boot looping.

2) Once you have downloaded the flash file for your Samsung Galaxy J200g find it.

3) Once you find the zip file, select it and right click on it. Now select Extract. For this extracting process, you either require WinRAR or 7-Zip.

4) Inside the extracted folder you can find five MD5 files. Now go to the location bar and copy the folder link, as it comes handy in the future part of the process.

5) This is the last chance for you to check whether the drivers are working or not. If they aren’t working do consider reinstalling them.

6) Now put the phone in download mode. Not sure how, well, while the device is turned off, press and hold (power button + volume up button + volume down button) all three buttons simultaneously.

7) Now connect your Galaxy j200g to PC.

8) In Odin application, click on the BL button.

9) Now you’ll be able to choose the file that starts with BL inside the extracted firmware folder.

10) Next up, click on the AP button.

11) Similarly, choose AP file from the extracted folder.

12) Now click on the CP button and it again takes to the extracted folder. Now, as you already guessed select CP file.

13) Now click CSC and do the same. Now make sure you select HOME_CSC not CSC. Now click START button. And you’re done

Samsung Galaxy J2 Stock firmware

So this is how you can install and flash file on your Samsung Galaxy J200g If this guide really did help you, please show us some love by sharing this post with your friends and family. And if you still have any doubts regarding this process, feel free to comment down.

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