SIM Owner Details Finder – Find SIM Card Owner Name & Much More

In This guide, we will tell you the best way to know the sim card details of any person by just sitting at home. With years passing we have seen smartphones getting new features day by day but one thing which is still the same even after many years is the sim card. For those who don’t know what is Sim card, So Sim card is a very small chip kind of device which is used to receive and send text messages to other persons!

Sim cards are usually inserted in the Sim tray and then you have to insert them inside your phone. With technology evolving day by day, many smartphones now support E-sim also. If you don’t know what is esim so basically it’s a sim that can be added by scanning a Qr code. For E-sim you don’t need a physical chip. However Physical sim cards are preferred because you can just eject them and then insert them into another device, But that’s not the same case with a E-card.

Sim owner details is a very important part because you should know who is messaging you and who is not, Earlier getting a sim card was a very easy job but now due to increasing crime Indian government has set certain rules in the country and if you need a sim card then you have to take certain documents with you to get a new connection on your name.

Earlier there were no Limitations while buying sim cards, But now Only 1 person is allowed to get around 5 sims. So if you are an Indian having a government id you can get 5 sims on 1 id.

It happens many times when you feel that your old sim card is not working properly, Or Govt just released a new technology like 5g or 4g and you are planning to change the sim card then also you have to take your documents along with you to your nearest sim card shop and then only you can get a new sim card on your name.

Find Sim Card owner details online
Find Sim Card owner details online

Technology has evolved so much that now you can get a sim card delivered to your home also, Gone are those days when you have to personally visit a sim card shop to get a new connection. Now you can also Port your number from 1 carrier to another carrier.

There are many cities in India and still, there are many places where you won’t get network coverage of every network properly, So in that case you can port out your number from 1 carrier to another, and that too for free.

With that being said, Now you can also get details of the sim card owner easily in just 2 minutes, You don’t even need to go out of your home. Just use the Sim owner details finder tool by rootupdate and enjoy keeping a check on everyone.

The SIM Card Owner Details Finder by rootupdate is awarded as one of the best tools by users because of its ease to use, Not only this but our tool is free as well which makes it a great choice for everyone

There might be several reasons why you are looking for a mobile number tracker, You can simply trace personal details or you want to know who is calling you and why. Sometimes we also get fake calls and messages from different numbers and in that case, this tool becomes very handy for you to identify if the calls you are getting are legitimate or not.

So if you want to track sim card owner details or you are finding someone and you are getting confused between 2-3 mobile numbers then you will surely love this tool.


By using The SIM Owner Details Finder by root update you can also track the location of SIM cards on Google Maps for free.

Now, let’s move forward and teach you guys how to fetch information about the owner of a particular SIM card.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

SIM Owner Details Finder

Before you start this guide, You need to keep 3-4 simple things in your mind. That this tool should be used responsibly, internet connection is required to collect all the details of the desired phone number.

sim owner details finder
sim owner details finder

How to Know Sim owner details?

  • First of all Open the sim card owner details finder tool
  • Now Enter 10 Digits mobile number
  • Make sure you are using the country code properly.
  • If you Don’t use the Country code properly then the tool will automatically search locations from India.
  • after entering Just tap on Search.

Now just wait for 3-4 Minutes and let the tool search for sim card owner details. To date, we have processed around 15,000 Mobile numbers for free.

In The whole world tracing sim owner details is totally safe and legal as long as you are using it for a valid and legitimate purpose, As we already told you that you should use this tool responsibly so always make sure that you don’t misuse it.

It doesn’t matter for what you are using our toll but, our tool allows you to trace the name, identity, and address of the SIM card owner. All it requires is just a valid phone number along with a valid Pincode and nothing else.

This tool works best for Desktop devices, However, my friends who are using mobile can also use the tool properly. Using this Sim owner details finder tool on a Laptop or computer gives you an extra edge over using om compact devices.

We have Tried to Explain the Process in the most simplest form, Also our tool Gets continuously updated With Latest servers. If you have any doubt always feel free to write to us.

Is it Safe to Find SIM Card Owner Details Online?

yes, it’s totally safe to find details of the sim card owner online, But one should always keep in mind that using the tools without proper care can land you in trouble. As we already mentioned that some times it becomes very necessary to know the details of the person calling you or sending messages, and the only way to know their identity and their location is by tracing them.

This tool can also tell you the location in real-time of the Sim card owner, Using google maps you can also reach that person easily. All you need to do is just tap on Directions and you will see the map.

It also happens many times when you are simply getting calls from an unknown phone number, again and again, Someone is continuously messaging you or your family members or Suddenly you are getting many Sms from unknown Numbers. So this is the time where our sim card owner details finder tool comes in handy. Most of the tools on the internet require a lot of knowledge and for that, you should have technical knowledge. But our tool is the most simple tool because all you need to do is just click on search and you are good to go.

At Rootupdate we always take care of Everyone’s privacy online, because the internet should be safe for everyone? Right! Whenever you execute any Search on this tool then the information remains encrypted and not even we can see what number you are searching for. The targeted sim card owner will never know that their Number is getting searched or tracked by anyone. Also, we are strictly against those who search anyone’s Sim card owner details for an illegitimate purpose. So Always make sure you use this tool carefully because we do not support any user who fetches user details for illegal purposes.

Always Make sure that using the personal details of a User for the Wrong purpose is a punishable offense, There are also high chances that you can get a penalty or land in Legal trouble if you Misuse this information.

So this was All the details on How to Know Sim card owner details online for free, We hope we solved most of your doubts and Query. In case if you have any doubt feel free to Comment Down below.

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