How To Solve Heating Problem In Android Without Root {Phone Overheating}

Phone Overheating Fix for All Android Smartphones

So do you want to Solve Phone overheating issue ? If Yes then you are at Right Place. Today we are here with the Guide to Fix Phone overheating Issue Easily. So it happens many times when our Android Smartphones start Heating up because of playing several games and Apps and not only this phone also starts draining battery.

Mostly Android Users Face The Heating Problem With Their Android Smartphone , Some Users Face Heating Problem While Playing Game Some Face Heating Problem Just By A little Bit Use , Heating Of Android Phones occur Mostly Due To Some Apps Running in Back Ground . Those Apps are use less and May push Your android Phone To Heating problem

And Some Times Heating Of Android Phone Occurs Due To Hardware Failure issues , If There is a Hardware Issue With Your Android Smartphone And it is Giving excessive heat , Then You have to seek Help From Your Nearest android Service centres , Because Android Phone Heating issues  Due To Hardware Malfunction / Failure aren’t Possible to Be solved By Software Tweaking

Phone Heating while Playing PUBG

So pubg is no doubt one of the most popular games among the Indian users but just with fun the game also brings Several Problems like Phone overheating while playing pubg, and if you are also one of them just follow the Steps given below to Solve almost all overheating issues in the device.

Doesn’t matter whether its Samsung , lg , or Xiaomi,  Every Smartphone user Faces Heating Problem While Heavy use , But That’s Always Not Hardware issue , Many of us Gets Worried By the Fact that if Our android Phone is Heating up Then it might Be a Defective Piece , But it is wrong Android Smartphones perform Many Task in Background Without our Knowledge And Due To Heavy Tasking They Get Heat Up very often.

Now below are some of the most working and easiest methods you can use To Solve android Phone overheating issue.

  • Go to Settings > App > Running Apps
  • Now Note Down Those Apps Which You Are Not using , But they are still Running .
  • Below are some of the apps which consume a lot of battery and CPU usage
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Play Services Framework
  • Google Search
  • Maps

Now to Turn off or Force stop them you have to simply head over to your System Settings > App settings  and Tap on force stop, By doing this you will give command to your Android phone not to run apps when you are not using them, And to Again make them work you can open the app any time and it will start working normally.

Now comes the second thing that why we have to disable some apps in order to reduce heating problem in our smartphone, So the answer to this question is there are some apps which operate in the background even when you don’t use them and as a result your smartphone get’s heated up.

Go to Settings > Battery And Choose OPTIMIZE CPU PERFORMANCE
This Will Lower Down The Cpu performance and Hence Your Phone Will Run On A lower Level Which Will Avoid The Android Smartphone To Get Heated Up.

Pro Tip : As you might Already know that there is a Feature called Calibration for android Users, So you can Easily Calibrate Your smartphone’s battery by First draining it and then Charging Back to Full, also you can Do this 3-4 times to Make your smartphone Cool.

For rooted Users There are Thousands Of App To Overcome The android Heating problems , But we will Tell You About the Two best apps which will Help You To Cool Down Your android Phone.

Greenify :- This App will Take Your android Phone To Hibernation Mode and will Cool Down Android ( Non rooted users can also use this app but they wont be able to enjoy the Major features of the device |)

Coolify :- This app is also same as the Greenify app but this is Specially made For Cooling Down Your android Phone .

The Above Two apps Are the Best Free app which will Not Let your android Heating Problem Overcome . Rooted users can also use the method of Non rooted users .

Now That Was all about how you can Solve heating problem in your android Smartphone easily, But still if you are facing the Android Overheating issue then it might be some other Underlying issue which can be your Hardware aswell.

This method is still one of the best Methods you can Use to Solve Heating problem in Android Phone, Also we will recommend that you Just update your Android smartphone to the latest Os so if there is any bug which cause heating issue will be resolved.

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So this was all about the Easiest way to Cool Down Android Phone, In case if you have Any other doubt feel free to Write Down in the comments section below. Also if you know any other ways to Reduce Heating in Android Phone Feel free to Write Down below.

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