7 Great tips to Stay Safe Online

7 Tips to Protect Yourself on Social networks

For a social media addict like me, it is very difficult to control what I share with online audience. Fraudsters and hackers are always on the lookout for personal information online. Hence the less we share, the less we are exposed to the possible dissemination of personal information.

How to stay safe online

  • Make sure you have all the known ones in your friend list, who does not have any intention to misuse your personal information.
  • Do not rush over free wifi, avoid connecting to every network you find it for free. They can steal all the information from your laptop.
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone, also to be on a safer side keep changing your passwords.
  • Do not access Internet banking and investments on a public wifi. Do not save your passwords during online transactions.
  • Create unique passwords with special characters.

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Many of us also have a habit to share updates on across the social media platforms before heading up to any event or any vacation whether it is personal or professional no matter what we love to share the updates on social media. We can’t control ourselves because this is the demand of the market and we have to fulfill it in order to be in trend. So what you can do in order to maintain the safety

  1. Choose your friends wisely; make sure you know the person who requests you are accepting.
  2. Do not share your important numbers online.
  3. Do not share your bank account details with anyone, credit card details, and passwords. These days there are a lot of spam going on where you get a call from a random number saying “your card is blocked share your details to renew it”. Beware of such calls.
  4. There are some apps and plug-ins which help to keep your data safe. If you are into online business you must use these.

Financial crimes online can have serious repercussions. Make sure you check your information to stay safe.

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So this was our guide On how o Stay safe online, We hope this guide helped you in keeping yourself protected online and if you have any doubt you can comment down

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