How to Stop Bots from Following You on TikTok

Stop Bots from Following You on TikTok: Are you fed up with seeing your TikTok followers grow, only to discover that most are bots? It can be disheartening knowing your content isn’t reaching real people – but don’t fret! In this post, we’ll provide some actionable advice on how to stop bots from following you so that you can build an engaged and authentic audience on TikTok. So grab some paper – it’s time to conquer those annoying automated accounts once and for all!

What is Tiktok?

TikTok is a social media app that enables users to create and share short-form videos ranging from 3 seconds up to 10 minutes long. Owned by Chinese company ByteDance, the app has gained global fame since its launch; surpassing 2 billion mobile downloads worldwide and becoming the fastest growing app worldwide. TikTok is an internationalized version of Douyin, released in 2016.

TikTok allows users to express themselves creatively with their content by using filters, stickers, voiceovers, sound effects and background music. Videos created on the app tend to have a music focus as creators use the vast library of sound effects, snippets of music and filters available within the application for entertaining videos. Not only is TikTok mobile-based but it can also be accessed through its web app.

TikTok is best known for its short videos – 15-30 seconds in length – but has recently expanded into videos up to three minutes long. The app often draws comparisons to YouTube with videos ranging between five and 120 seconds. Users have the option to share their creations with friends or the wider TikTok community through sharing capabilities within the application itself.

What are TikTok bots?

TikTok bots are automated services designed to assist users in growing their following on the app by automating various tasks. These bots can be used for liking videos, following users, unfollowing users, commenting on videos and liking comments on videos – among other functions.

Users have two options: either create their own bot using open-source software such as TikTok Utilities which provides detailed information about users from TikTok; or purchase services from third-party providers like UseViral, FeedPixel or which offer TikTok followers, likes, views and shares respectively.

Some TikTok bots come with networks that users can leverage, while others use web applications to help users gain fame by increasing likes, fans and views with Fire Auto Liker & Auto Fans.

It is essential to note that some TikTok bots may flood accounts with fake followers and likes which could result in being shadowbanned by TikTok or losing credibility with real audiences.

How do TikTok bots work?

TikTok bots work similarly to traditional Instagram bots: you provide it with guidelines for your target audience and custom filters, then it automates the activity of liking, commenting, and following other accounts’ posts and profiles at scale.

These automated activities create hundreds of additional engagements on your account which in turn leads to an increase in views and followers.

TikTok bots come in many varieties, such as Try Jeffrey, Instazood, FeedPixel and Somiibo; each offering features like precise follower targeting and hashtag optimization.

Furthermore, some bots like Instamber allow you to view competitor pages and strategies so you can choose the right strategy for your account.

Overall, TikTok bots work by automating engagement activities on your account, which in turn generates more views and followers for you.

However, it’s essential to note that TikTok has policies against using bots which could result in account suspension or termination if discovered.

How to stop TikTok bots from following you

Are you finding that there are a flood of bots following and liking your TikTok posts? You are not alone. Here are some tips that may help prevent bots from following you:

  1. Block Bot Accounts: To block a bot account, go to its profile, click the three dots in the upper-right corner, and then click “block”. Once blocked, this account will no longer appear in your followers list and won’t be able to follow you back.
  2. Set Your Privacy Settings: You can adjust your privacy settings so only people you follow can tag and mention you, helping prevent bots from tagging you in videos. This may help prevent inaccurate information about who you are from the Internet.
  3. Report Bot Accounts as Spam to TikTok: Reporting bot accounts as spam will help TikTok identify them and remove them from the platform.
  4. Be wary of using bots yourself: Some TikTok users may use bots to boost their followers and engagement, but this can have negative consequences for the performance of their account and attract additional bots. If you decide to utilize bots, make sure they’re used safely and correctly.

It’s essential to note that there may not be a guaranteed way to stop all TikTok bots from following you. However, taking the steps above may help reduce their presence on your account.



Overall, there are multiple ways to stop bots from following you on TikTok. Whether using the app’s built-in features or blocking individual accounts, taking proactive steps against automated robots is key for ensuring your content only reaches real followers. Hopefully this article has given you a better insight into bots’ impact on TikTok and what tools exist to keep them away.

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