How To Capture DSLR Camera Like Images From A Android/ios Smartphone

How to Take professional DSLR Camera Type Images From A Apple iphone and android smartphone . 

Do you want to Capture DSLR type photographs from your apple ios iphone or a android smartphone ? And You are not finding any way to Capture professional camera type images from your ios and android smartphone ? Then you are at right place . Today we will tell you the easiest way with which you will be able to capture DSLR type professional images from your android smartphone and apple iphone . 
DSLR cameras are famous for capturing HD images , Plus what makes DSLR different from any other camera is that it slightly blurs the background of every image captured from it making the Object more Visible and Clear . This type of feature is Not Available in any smartphone yet And just because of this we are going to tell you a way with which you will be able to Capture HD DSLR professional type images From your camera . 

How to Capture Professional DSLR Photographs From iphone and Android smartphone .

This is not a trick or anything like that , we will use a App which will transform your photgraphs To a DSLR type image in just 5 seconds , plus the great thing is that you dont need any Jailbreak or root priveleges in this guide . 
So now lets start
The name of  the app we will use to capture DSLR images from A iphone and android phone is AFTERFOCUS .
Download After Focus For android Here 
Download After Focus For Apple ios HERE
 Now lets start the Guide On 

How to capture profession Camera Look A like images from Android , ios smartphones without root without jailbreak . 

Okay after downloading the after focus app open it 
Now you will get 3 Options 
  • Take Photo 
  • Select From Album 
  • Take two Photos 
Choose according to your Choice . 
At this time we are Choosing Select From Album .
Okay the image we are going to select Here is :- 
After Selecting The image it will ask you to Select the Smart mode or manual Mode .
I selected manual Mode because Manual Is easy And Smart mode was a litlle bit complicated , However There are more options in Smart mode comapred to Manual Mode .
at the beginning it will show you a demo On how To Edit the images , Read them carfeully .
read -guide-lines-carefully-to-capture-dslr-camera-look-a-like-images-from-ios-android-camera
Now after Reading , here comes the time to do magic on images .
Highlight the area which you want to be focused . 
Now after highlighting The area press > and wait for a while , The app focus app will take some time To process the edited image . 
So here is the edited image . 

You can even Even Filter the edited image with Effects present There .

original Image :- 

Edited Image 

Edited image with Country Effect .

Some More images edited with the app . 


So this was our guide on How to Capture Professional camera look alike images from ios/Android smartphone .

I hope this guide helped you in capturing DSLR images From your android and ios Smartphone .


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