Tata Docomo Unlimited Free Internet 2G/3G Trick 2017

Tata Docomo Unlimited Free Internet Trick 2017

Do you want to use Unlimited 2G/3G Free In Tata Docomo ? If yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with Tata Docomo 2017 Free internet trick.

As you know In our market a number of networks are currently running with their respective data plans and other services but none of them is cheap, So in that case users search for free internet trick.
All you just need some proxy and port settings in your respective platform and than you will be able to surf tata docomo internet for free in 2017.

Tata Docomo is one of the major mobile network provider in India, However the signal coverage is limited and users may face fluctuation in network while travelling, But on the other hand the good thing about Tata docomo is its affordable 3G pack . So in this guide we will tell you about 2017 tata docmo free internet trick .

Trick to Use Unlimited Free internet in tata Docomo 2017

So below are the some latest working tata docomo free internet tricks 2017. So the first method we will use is to get free recharge from android apps .
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Features Of this trick:- 
  • Work at low balance
  • VPN and proxy based
  • No speed capping issue
  • Hispeed Download
  • Unlimited Download
  • Working All Over India
Tata Docomo Free Internet trick 2017 is working in :- 
  • Haryana
  • Rajasthan 
  • Punjab 
  • Madhya Pradesh 
  • Bihar
  • New Delhi 
  • Jammu Kashmir 
  • Chattisgarh
  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Tamil Nadu 
  • Karnataka
  • Maharashtra
  • Chandigarh
Tata Docomo free internet trick 2017 by Android Apps
There are many apps which allow you to get free internet and we have shortlisted the 2 best android apps to Earn free reccharge :- 
Truebalance App

All you Need to Do is first of all Download Truebalance app, Now as soon as you open the app you will get 10 rupees free recharge . Now you can reddem the amount for free internet in tata docomo . 
Mcent App for Free Tata Docomo Internet 2017 
Mcent is the 2nd Best app  in our list, The best thing about mcent app is that very simple to use . So All you need to Do is Download mcent app now just insert your mobile number and you will get balance which you can redeem to Get free 3g in tata docomo .
Tata Docomo free internet trick 2017 by PORT Out Method
This is also a very easy method to get free internet data for any operator especially tata docomo.
All you just need is to send a message to Tata Docomo company and you will get your data credits within some time .
So Below is the detailed explanation of all those things that you’re going to do.
  • Compose a new message and fill the recipient as 1900
  • In the message box type
  • PORT “Your Tata Docomo No”
  • like PORT 1234567890
  • Simply send this to 1900 and you will charge rs 1 for it , now wait some time from docomo and you will get your porting message containing your porting codes.
  • After some hours you will receive a call from tata docomo and they will ask you why you want to port docomo no than simply tell them your problem and you will get free internet after  some time. 

Docomo Unlimited 2G/3G Internet Trick 2017

Tata Docomo free internet trick 2017 by Proxy For Android Users.
Go to android settings and find network settings and over there create a new apn
  • Fill the apn as
  • tata.docomo.dive.in “or” TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
  • Put the proxy as
  • Put the Port as 8080 or 80
  • Save all the settings the we made in new apn.
  • Now install Droid vpn app from playstore and create a new account on it.
  • Now Go to the settings of droid vpn and make them as following:-
  • set the connection protocol to UDP
  • Put the UDP port as 9751 and
  • put the Bind local port as 80
  • save all these Droid vpn setting and go to Droid vpn main menu.
  • just connect it and after successfully connection you will be able to surf high speed free internet data in your android device.
Tata Docomo free internet trick 2017 by proxy for Pc user
If you want to use tata docomo free internet data on pc than you are at the right place , just make some setting in your window browser and feel the experience of free internet data.
  • Start your window browser and find the option menu over there.
  • Now find Advance tab and after it check the network tab option.
  • Now click on Manual connection and then add this docomo free internet proxy settings.
Acount Name : Rootupdate
(Access Point) : tata.docomo.internet
Proxy :
Port : 8080
Homepage : www.google.com
Now save this setting and restart your browser.
and enjoy the free internet on your window platform.

Tata Docomo Free internet Code :- 

In this trick all you need to do is just dial a code And you will get free internet data . So first of all go to the dialer app and Dial *444*13# . Thats all You will be able to get free internet on tata docomo .

So guys these are the currently working free internet data tricks of tata docomo , please use all the tricks in your circle and tell us if you feel any problem over using them , if any of them works perfectly than please comment Your region name and if you have any issue than describe it also in the comments we will try to Sort it out .
So this was our guide on Tata Docomo Unlimited Free 2G/3G internet Trick, I hope you liked it .

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