The Freedom LED HD TV by Ringing Bells

Cheapest LED HD  TV handset hitting India by Ringing Bells

The Noida based electronic company has been rumored to launch another very cheap electronic device in to the Indian Market. As we know that India is the second most populated country in the world. Hence, big companies that target products towards the middleman in India can make millions by selling a very simple product and making a profit of even $1. Ringing Bells, took up such an opportunity and launched “Freedom 251” handset.

Ringing Bells new line of product includes LED HD TV

Ringing Bells gain the popularity for selling their phone ” Freedom 251″ as the cheapest smartphone in the world for $3.6 (INR 251).
The company also got into an controversy over the quality of the product sold. 

Full Rumored Specifications of Freedom LED HD TV by Ringing Bells

Moving on, keeping with the growing needs of Indian Society, rumors are filling the internet that Ringing Bells will be launching an LED TV. Officials are yet to confirm on the final status. The TV is set of be a 35 inch LED HD TV which will have a smart remote. The TV will be capable of supporting HD image quality. It will come with an inbuilt OS to support the USB connected and enforce media play. 
The Ringing Bells is said to put a price tag of INR8,000 on the TV set which is very cheap comparing to the other models in the market. The TV will be bought online from the ringingbells offical website. The company is updating its IT services to handle the large incoming traffic on the launch. This LED HD TV will only be available if we are able to register for it, similar to the Freedom 251 phone. 

Ringing Bells has launched the 31 Inch Hd led tv at a cost of around 9,600 Rupees Making it the cheapest led up to date .


Although a lot of questions are raised over the quality of the products but it is been set clear that such price tags are possible if the company is targeting a large pool of customers. If Ringing Bells is able to deliver their promised product for the same specs then it will be making history again by selling the world’s cheapest TV.

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