How to Use Jio 4G in 3G Phone without Root .

Trick to Use Jio 4G Sim in any 3G mobile phone . 

Do you want to use jio 4g in 3g mobile without root ? And want to use reliance jio in 3g mobile ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with the Trick to Use Jio 4g in 3g android phone without rooting
Reliance jio is merely a one year old telecom company and surprisingly the popularity of the company is so much that users have to wait in long que to get a Jio 4g Sim for them . Some days ago the JIO 4G preview offer was only for available for Selected smartphone brands but now company has opened Jio 4G welcome offer for everyone which means even you can get Jio 4g sim for 3G device . One of the biggest drawbacks of Jio 4g is that it only support 4G/LTE networks which means Only Devices supporting LTE technology can use their services , But today we are here with the Trick to Use Jio 4g sim in any 3G Mobile

Use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone .

This trick is only for Mediatek / Snapdragon processor based smartphone . If you want to check if your smartphone is a mediatek / Snapdragon based device or not . Just go to settings and tap on About phone and in about phone see the Processor and if your device is a mediatek / Snapdragon device then you can proceed further . There are no special requirements to follow the guide all you need is :- 
  • Activated Jio 4G sim .
  • 3G device . 
  • 50% battery in smartphone . 

How to use jio sim in 3G phone .

2) Now open the app . 
3) After opening the app you will see 3 options .
4) Tap on MTK settings .
5) After you open the MTK settings again you will see many options . 
6) Look for network selecting option and open that .
7) Now you will get option to select network . Just tap on 4G/3G/2G auto mode .
8) Now insert the JIO sim in the 1 slot .
9) Now make reboot of your device . 
10) Thats All !!! You have successfully activated Jio 4g sim in 3G mobile .

How to Enable Jio 4G Volte Calling on Any Android Phone without Jio4Gvoice app.

How to Activate Jio Sim in 3G android Device ( Snapdragon Devices ) .
1) First of all Download ShortCut master lite app .
2) Now open the app  .
3) Now tap on menu button . 
4) In the menu you will see Engineering mode / Service menu option .
5) Just tap on that and open it .
6) Now tap on system app option .
7) Now search for Engineering mode app .
8) Now open engineer mode and tap on change LTE bands .
9) Now Input *#2263# using dialer app .
10) Now go to the key input and enter 0000 . 
11) Wait for sometime .
12) Now tap on UE settings  .
13) After opening Ue Settings , Open settings > Protocol > Nas > Network control > Band selection > LTE band > Band 40 .
14) Now insert the JIO 4G sim in the first slot and restart your android device .
15) Thats all !!! Now you can use Jio sim in 3G snapdragon device .
How to Use Jio 4G in a Non 4g Device – Method 3 .
The third method to use Jio sim in 3G phone is probably the easiest method , However this method works most for Custom roms . So if you are using Stock rom then you can try the above two methods . 
1) First of all insert the Jio sim in 1st sim card slot .
2) Now open the dialer app . 
3) Now Dial *#*#4636#*#* .
4) As soon as you dial the code .
5) You will see many options . 
6) Tap on phone Information 1 .
7) Now you will get a option to set preferred network .
8) Just tap on that . 
9) Now you will see many network options . 
10) Now select the LTE only option .
11) Now press the home button and reboot your smartphone .
12) Thats all !!! by using this method you will be able to use reliance Jio in any 3G handset . 
So this was our Guide on How to Use reliance Jio in 3g handset , I hope the trick to use Jio in 3G phone helped you .

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