Quickly Unlist and Remove Your Number from truecaller

How to Unlist Your Number from truecaller

Unlist truecaller number, Remove number from truecaller: So do you want to Remove number from truecaller ? and finding a way to Unlist number from truecaller? if yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Trick to unlist name from truecaller directory.

Trucaller is undoubtedly one of the most important android apps, It has changed the way to search phone numbers . All you need to do is perform a simple search to get the details of number in truecaller. The app is widely available for allmost all devices including the Android and IOS . But just with advantages there are some disadvantages of truecaller app as well. Like some people dont like to show up their name in Truecaller so today we are here with the Guide on How to Unlist any number from truecaller.

How to remove your Name from truecaller list Permanently

So basically many users want to remove name from truecaller list permanently . There are several ways with which you can Delete your number from truecaller list but in this guide today we will tell you the official and also the most easiest way with which you can unlist number from truecaller list.

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So before going to the guide on How to Unlist number from truecaller list you should know how truecaller works and how it shows us info about other numbers .

How Does Truecaller ID Work?

Yes this is probably one of the most important questions that how does a truecaller id work ? there are many myths and rumors on the fact that how does truecaller id works? But the real answer is that there is no rocket science in the way truecaller gather ids of other peoples. You might have noticed that while you download the app from playstore it asks you for permissions and in the permissions there is permission ” Allow access to contacts ” After you allow access truecaller will sync your contacts list with its servers and this is How Truecaller works.

How Can I Change My name of truecaller?

Yes There is way with which you can Change your name on truecaller. so i mentioned earlier that truecaller syncs your contacts to Show up contacts name to others . So there is a trick with which you can Change Name on truecaller;

How to Change My Name on truecaller?

  1. So To Change name in truecaller list follow below procedure.
  2. Check what is your existing name in the Truecaller list.
  3. The new name and old name should be different because if both are identical truecaller database will consider it as same and will not change your name in truecaller list.
  4. Now you have to do is Save your new name in around 10 different phones.
  5. Now open truecaller and tap on refresh contacts list in all 10 phones.
  6. Now Wait for 7 days to change name on truecaller.

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How to Delete Your Number from truecaller list

Basically there is no difference in unlist number from truecaller and delete number from truecaller list . So if you want to Unlist number from truecaller you can follow our guide below . The best thing about this guide is that every os user can follow this guide to delete number from truecaller list and doest matter if its a android phone or a windows phone everyone can easily unlist number from truecaller.

Unlist Number from truecaller Database permanently

So as at the beginnning we told you that we will tell you official way to unlist number from truecaller so lets start the guide below:-

How to Unlist Number from truecaller

  1. First of all Visit official truecaller site www.truecaller.com/unlist to unlist your name and number.
  2. Now as soon as you open the Site you will see option ” Unlist phone number”.
  3. Now you will be asked your truecaller number which you want to Unlist.
  4. Just enter the number with country code, for eg. for india the code is +91.
  5. Now tap on Submit.
  6. thats all !!! Now you have to wait for somedays to completely unlist your number from truecaller.

So this was our guide on How to unlist number from truecaller, i hope this guide helped you to Delete number from truecaller list. If you have any doubt you can comment down below in comments section.

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