Update Android 8.0 Oreo to Latest Android 9.0 P

Update Android Oreo to Android 9.0 P

So do you want to Update Android 8.0 oreo to Android 9.0? then you are at right place. We are here with the tutorial on Installing Android 9.0 P on android oreo 8.0. In this Guide, we will tell you everything related to the Latest Android 9.0 P Update.

Android Oreo is quite new and is installed on very few Android Devices out there. While this version of Android provides with almost everything that you can think of, it is not the latest version of Android anymore. Google has finally launched and released its latest Android P 9.0 version of Android. While Oreo is not old by any means, Android P surely provides you with extra features that are not there in Oreo.

Since Android P is the latest version of Android and provides extra features over Oreo, updating to it is a must. If you are wondering if you can install it on your device or not, the answer is yes! Therefore today we are with an in-depth tutorial on how to install the latest Android P update on your Android Device. To do so you just have to stick around until the end and follow this guide as it is.

What’s New in Android P 9.0 and Major Features!

Our tutorial on updating to Android P 9.0 will help you in successfully installing the update on your Android Device. To make that possible we have included every required thing in this guide for successfully updating to the latest Android version. These things include the file required for the Android P 9.0 update to be installed on your device. Not only that, but along the files, you will also find their respective download links. Right after that, you will get to see the prerequisites section in this guide. Before Releasing Android 8.0 Oreo google released Android 7.0 Nougat which looked similar to Android 8.0 Oreo however then New Android 9.0 p comes with a totally New design.This section is highly important as it includes the things without which this update won’t be successful for you. At last, you will see the detailed steps for successfully updating your Android Device to the latest Android 9.0 P Update.

Talking about the new things in the Android P update, it provides many useful things to its users. These things include a completely new UI design when it comes to the looks of your device. Majority of the design changes have been done to the home launcher and notification center of your phone. Such changes completely transform device when it comes to its looks. Not only that but Android P also has some optimizations in the performance section. This means that your apps and games will run much smoother and faster in this update of Android. Apart from this update also has a bump in the battery life of your Android Device.

Pre-requisites before you Update Android 8.0 oreo to Android 9.0 P

  • Make sure your device is running on android 8.0 oreo
  • Make sure you have made a backup of all important files and Contacts on your Device
  • Make sure there is more then 65% battery on your device
  • Active internet connection is required to Install Android 9.0 P on your device

Install Android 9.0 P in android 8.0 O oreo

  • First of all Download android 9.0 p for your device from Here
  • Now Turn off your android Phone
  • Now Boot your Device in TWRP mode, incase if you have dont have TWRP recovery installed on Your device, you Can Follow our guide to Install TWRP recovery on Any Android Device
  • Now tap on Install
  • Now choose the Rom you downloaded earlier
  • Now swipe to Confirm the installation
  • Now tap on Reboot
  • Now wait for the installation successful message
  • Thats all !!! You have successfully installed Android 9.0 P on your android device running on Android 8.0 oreo

We hope that you have now successfully Installed the Latest Android P 9.0 on your Android Device. Also, let us know what is your favorite feature of this Android 9.0 update when compared to Android Oreo down in the comments section. If you liked this post share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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