How to Update Xiaomi redmi Note 3 To Miui 9

Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 To Miui 9 officially .

Do you want to update xiaomi redmi note 3 Snapdragon and Mediatek to Miui 9 ? Then you are at right place . Today we are here with a Guide on How to Get latest miui 9 on xiaomi redmi note 3 sd and Mtk variant .
Xiaomi redmi note 3 is the best smartphone in the indian Market in the month of March – April and thats probably the biggest reason why the smartphone still gets out of stock in just 2 seconds . The smartphone is the biggest competitor of LeEco Le1s which comes with almost similar hardware specifications . Xiaomi redmi note 3 comes with Miui 7 based on android 5.0 Lollipop so today we are here with a guide on How to update xiaomi redmi note 3 to Miui 9.
Update Redmi note 3 to Miui 9

Miui 9 Update for Xiaomi redmi note 3 Mediatek And Snapdragon .

So before proceeding towards the updating Guide Here are some points you have to take care of :-
  • Backup important files and contacts
  •  There should be a minimum 2Gb of storage space free in the internal memory .
  • Connect your Xiaomi redmi note 3 to internet to download the Miui 9 update for Redmi note 3  .

Advantages after you Update redmi Note 3 to Miui 9

  • Your Smartphone will be updated to new android version.
  • You Will Get The New os in your smartphone.
  • Miui 9 Update for redmi note 3 comes with many new features and Upgrades.

Disadvantages after you Update redmi note 3 to miui 9

  • Basically there are no disadvantages after you Update redmi note 3 to miui 9 but some users dont like the new os.
  • As the rom is new so some users may face crash and force close issues in their smartphones.

Download Miui 9 Update for Xiaomi redmi Note 3 SD and MTK .

  • Open the Updater app from the app drawer .
Update Redmi note 3 to Miui 9
  • In the Updater app you will see option to  Check system updates .
  • Just tap on that .
Update Redmi note 3 to Miui 9
  • Now you will see that there is a Miui 9 update available  .
  • Tap on Download Miui 9 Update now .
  • After the downloading of update completes , Press reboot now .
You can also download the update from the Miui Official website .
  • First of all Download Miui 9 For redmi Note 3.
  • Now download the Miui 9 update for Redmi note 3   .
  • After downloading place it in the Internal memory .
  • Now go to the updater app and select ” Choose Download package ” .
  • Thats All !!!! You have successfully updated your Xiaomi redmi Note 3 to Miui 9 .
Note :- The Miui 9 os is planned to launch on 10th of may along with the Mi max so users will get the update after 10th of may . This is the official way to update Redmi note 3 to Miui 9 .

Download miui 9 update for redmi note 3

So before you Update redmi note 3 to Miui 9 you should know what is Miui 9 , Miui 9 is the latest rom from xiaomi and it comes with many new features and upgrades, the rom is a successor of Miui 8 . For most of the devices the new miui 9 is based on New android version 7.0 nougat . The best thing about miui 9 is the multiwindow feature which lest you use other apps in the same window which makes multitasking easy . There are many other features in the new miui 9 like the battery manager . So lets star the Guide on How to Update Redmi note 3 to Miui 9.
So before you Update Redmi note 3 to Miui 9 there are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow :-
  • This miui 9 is for redmi note 3 only so dont try to flash it on any other device as it will brick your device .
  • Make sure there is more then 65% battery in your smartphone .
  • Minimum 4Gb of space is required to install the rom in your device to Update redmi note 3 to miui 9.
  • Your device must have active internet connection to download Miui 9 rom for redmi note 3.
  • After completing all the above requirements you can proceed to the guide on How to Update redmi note 3 to miui 9.

How to Install Miui 9 In redmi Note 3

  • First of all Make sure your redmi note 3 is connected to internet .
  • Now go the App drawer of your Miui device .
  • Now You will see Updater app.
  • Just open the Updater app .
  • Now you will see Option ” Check for System Updates ” .
  • Now your device will start looking for updates .
  • Now you will see option to Download miui 9 rom for redmi note 3.
  • Just tap on Download Miui 9 for redmi note 3 .
  • After Downloading tap on Reboot and Update Redmi note 3 to miui 9
  • Now your device will reboot .
  • Thats it You have successfully installed Miui 9 on Redmi note 3.
  • The Above given method is the best and most easiest way to Update redmi note 3 to miui 9.

Mi flash tool is a tool which lets you flash the rom on your device straight away after downloading it from the official website, However it is recommended that you install the rom carefully . So before going to this method to update redmi note 3 to miui 9 make sure you have made a backup of your device.

How to Update Redmi note 3 to MIUI 9 Using Mi flash tool

  • First of all Install mi flash tool in your computer.
  • Now Boot your device in Fastboot mode.
  • To boot redmi note 3 in fastboot mode press and hold volume Down + power button together .
  • Dont release the keys until the smartphone enters in Fastboot mode .
  • Now connect your device to Pc using a usb cable.
  • Now make a folder in pc and name it Redmi note 3.
  • Now Extract the Fastboot rom in the folder .
  • Now Open Mi Flash tool .
  • Now you will see Select option on the top, Just tap on that and select redmi note 3 folder .
  • Now Tap on refresh .
  • As you tap on refresh it will detect your device .
  • Now tap on flash .
  • Now the flashing process will start .
  • Just wait for the process to complete .
  • Now Your device will automatically reboot .
  • Thats all !!! You have successfully installed miui 9 in redmi note 3.
  • This is the way with which you can update redmi note 3 to miui 9 before ota release of the rom.

Miui 9 Release Date in India

Here is the Video on How to Update Redmi Note 3 to Miui 9:-

So in this guide we have discussed to methods to Update redmi note 3 to miui 9 out of which one is the updater app method and second one is the Mi flash tool method . if you are a newbie and dont know much about Mi flash tool then we will recommend you to use Updater app method to Update redmi note 3 to miui 9.

So this was our guide on How to Update redmi note 3 to miui 9, I hope you liked our guide and this guide helped you to Download miui 9 for redmi note 3. If you have any problem you can comment down below in the comments section.

So this was our guide on How to Update xiaomi Redmi note 3 to miui 9 .

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  1. Hi sir I need a easy guide how to update Redmi note 3 snapdragon variant to MIUI 8 because I'm really confused with instructions give on the MIUI page can u make an easier method on how to update to MIUI 8

  2. hey I saw a new latest rom download option in update section of my Redmi note 3 MIUI stable. Should I download it without backup or is it necessary to have backup?

    • Just download the miui 8 update from the Miui forum .Now place the downloaded rom in the Sd card or internal memory . now open updater App and select " Choose download package " now select the rom .

  3. im using redmi note 3 snapdragon i want install miui 8 which one i download redmi note 3 mtk China or redmi note 3 qualcomn china whoich rom please answer me

    • No Need to press Volume Up and Power button . Just Turn on the smartphone and open the updater app . In the Updater app you will see a Option to reboot in recovery mode . But why do you want to boot your redmi note 3 in recovery mode ? If you want to flash the Miui 8 then simply tap on Choose Update package .

  4. hi there, thanks for this tutorial, i wanted to ask, which rom should i choose? i have a mtk version, so should i choose mtk china rom? does it have all languages? i need polish language. thx

  5. I want to update my redmi note 3
    It is miui 7 and i wanna make it miui 8 what should i do to update it.
    Can any1 please give me some links to download the update.
    Thank You.

  6. Hello Harsh,I am running my Redmi Note 3 SD on MIUI 7.4.9.But there is no update available in the system update. Can i just download it manually from the website and install it without doing anything like unlock the bootloader and root it?

  7. Hello Harsh,
    I would like to congratulate you for sharing your thoughts in this portal.
    I have a question Harsh. Till today, my device is still showing as, MIUI Stable.
    I couldn't find new updates to upgrade to miui8.
    Please help me if the stable rom for miui8 is released yet, if so please share the link. I couldn't see any updates on my phone.
    If it's not yet released then, please share the tentative global stable rom release date.
    I appreciate your time spent on reading this. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi i am from Europe and i have an Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro and i dont have any update available via OTA….u said on 23th of august the update will be available..but its 25 and still nothing……why..???

  9. hi… i am usimg redmi note 3 nd i am using miui 8 6.8.18 beta version… i want to switch to miui 8 stable version… but while following the normal procedure by selecting package frm the updater app it says cant verify… plz help me with the prblm

  10. Hi Harsh.
    I want to update to 8, which version is the right one?.
    I have redmi note 3 hexa-core (qualcom) with 7.2.1 (stable) (lhocnda). I use Hebrew language.
    THANK YOU. Arik

  11. Hi Harsh
    Please, Just to make sure, I have "redmi note 3 qualcom", with miui 7 europe version. can I use your manual to update to global 8 developer? (simply: download the rom-zip to the selular and use the updater app.) Thanx. Arik

  12. I bought my Redmi Note 3 (MTK) with MIUI 7 5.12.24 Beta.
    When I'm trying to update through Updater, after i select the chosen Update package (i've done it with both Redmi Note 3 MTK China Stable & Developer) the phone just restarts and doesn't update.
    Any solution on hot to update to MIUI 8?

  13. I’d like to update mine, but the problem is my phone is rooted using oneclickroot. Is that mean I have to unroot my phone before updating it?


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