How to Use Whatsapp Without Number 2017 In Android .

Trick to Use Whatsapp without Using Any Number For Android – 2017 .

Do you want to Know How to Use whatsapp without entering phone number ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with a guide on Activating whatsapp messenger without number in android .
So basically in this trick we will tell you  a way with which you will be able to use whatsapp without using any number . As all of you know that whatsapp asks a number for verification purpose and then only you can use whatsapp . But in this trick today we will use whatsapp without Number
Whatsapp is the most used Messaging app in the whole world . The best part about whatsapp is its simple UI and non complicated functions . In a report released by Whatsapp it is said that app exchanges more then 42 Billion messages in a single day on daily basis . 

Solve no Messages notification problem in whatsapp without root .

How to use Whatsapp Without Sim Card Android ?

Okay so starting with the Guide :- 
  • First of all Download Whatsapp From Playstore or from the Official Whatsapp website .
  • Now after downloading , Install it .

How to Activate Whatsapp Without using any number .

  • Go to Sim Card and Mobile Network settings .
  • Now Activate Airplane Mode .
  • After activating Go to the app drawer .
  • And Open whatsapp app .
  • After opening it will ask you to Enter a mobile number , Just add any random number .
  • Now it will start the verification procedure . 
  • Because you have activated the airplane mode you will not get any verification number .
  • Now whatsapp will ask you to verify by any other way .
  • Now you have to choose verify through SMS Option .
  • After choosing Enter your Email and Immediately cancel that .
  • Now Install This App From Playstore .
  •  And Create a Spoof Message .
  • After creating Message , Go to Outbox folder and just copy the full message .
  • After Doing the above steps you will be able to avoid the Verification process .
  • So thats All !!!! .
You have successfully Activated Whatsapp without using any number
So this was our guide on How to Activate Whatsapp Without using any number .

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