Get Verified on Facebook: Page or Profile (Blue + Gray Verification Badge)

Get Verified on Facebook: Page or Profile Blue Verification Badge

Get Verified on Facebook: Page or Profile (Blue + Gray Verification Badge) : So do you want to Verify Facebook Page Blue tick ? or you want to Verify Facebook profile with blue tick if yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Guide to verify facebook page and profile.

Facebook is one of the most used social platforms in the whole world, Not only this facebook also owns two most popular Social platforms in the world out of which one is Instagram and the other one is Whatsapp. According to reports there are 2.9 billion monthly active users worldwide our of which only 3-4% profiles are verified. So who doesn’t wants to verify facebook page or profile but to get blue verification badge you should meet some criteria and unfortunately minimum criteria says that to get Get eligible for facebook Blue badge you must be a personality or a Public figure.

So you might have seen many Facebook pages and profiles with Blue badge in front of their name and now you can also get a Verification badge in front of your name using the Facebook Page Verification Form Link. So as of now facebook verification service is limited to very fewer people and it is also not available in every country right now. To verify a Facebook page with Blue badge you have to fill the form given by facebook and after review, Facebook will decide if your channel is eligible for Blue badge verification or not. So without wasting much time lets start the guide on how to verify facebook page.

How to verify Facebook Page

So there are two types of pages on Facebook out of which one is Blue verified and Gray verified . Before we tell you the way to Verify Facebook page lets have a look at what Does Blue verified page Means and what does gray verified page means.

Get Blue Verification Badge on Facebook Page

So there are many users who don’t know the difference between Blue badge on Facebook page and gray badge on facebook page. We will Start with Blue tick verification on Facebook page. Blue tick also known as Blue verification badge is one of the most popular and eye catching thing you might have noticed while using any Facebook page or profile, But what does a Blue badge in front of profile or page means?

Facebook Page Blue Verified Badge 2019

So first we will have a look at facebook’s official Page which has a Blue color verified badge in front of it’s name which means that the Facebook page is of a Large Company or a Authentic brand or is a popular topic among users.

So as you can see that facebook’s official page has around 213M likes which is a huge number and that’s one of the primary reason it is verified but Many users ask us that Does really Amount of page likes matter? and the answer is clear No. You can See below the number of likes on page is around 6.9K which is Quite Low.

So as you can see above that Page with around 7K likes is also verified with blue badge in 2019 which clearly means that number of likes on a facebook page really doesn’t matter. Howver still it is one of the considered factor while verifying a page but if you are Popular enough and doesn’t have much likes on facebook page then also you can get verified on facebook.

Now coming to the main question what does Blue verified badge means? So according to facebook’s Help centre ” The blue verification badge lets people know that a Page or profile is of Public interest and is Authentic” . So Only those accounts which are complete and are of pubic interest are considered to be Eligible for Blue verification badge on facebook page or profile.

Facebook Page Gray Verified Badge 2019

So as we discussed earlier that there are two types of verification on Facebook out of which one is blue badge verification also known as blue tick verification and another one is gray badge verification, if you don’t know about blue badge verification you can jump to the above section and to know about gray verification badge keep reading this post further.

You might have seen many pages on Facebook with Gray verification badge, Luckily my facebook page is also verified with a gray badge as you can see in the Screenshot below, before going to the process to apply for Facebook page verification we will discuss a little bit about what is gray verified facebook page and what does it means.

Facebook page gray verification is basically for small business owner and anyone with a business whose page info is complete and has a valid Business address can get verified easily. So if you ask us if Getting Verified on facebook with gray verification badge is Easy So our answer is YES !!

Also let’s have a Quick look at what facebook has to Say about Gray Verified Page, So any page which has A Gray badge in front of name means it belongs to An Authentic business or an organization.

So we hope you might be clear enough about what is Gray verification badge and what is Blue verified Badge. Now there might be many users who want to get verified on Facebook or Wants to verify Facebook profile Then you should follow our next Steps, We will tell step by step methods to verify Facebook page or Profile.

But before we start the process it is very important for you to know if you are eligible for Facebook page verification or not? So below we have given some of the Factors which decide your eligibility for Page or profile verification.

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Which Pages are Eligible for Facebook Page Verification (Blue & Gray)

As we discussed earlier that it is not easy to get verified on Facebook Still if your page follows and meet all the criteria you can apply for a verification badge. So below we will list all the categories which are eligible for Verification with blue badge or gray badge.

Facebook Page Blue Verification Minimum Requirements (Eligibility Criteria)

Journalists: So the First Category in our list of Facebook page eligible for blue verification is Journalists, if you are a journalist in any of the leading Websites or press you are eligible to Get Blue verified badge on Facebook page or Profile.

Popular Brands or Business : So all popular brands which are public’s area of interest or has a good Business is eligible for Verification on Facebook page. Some of the examples are Samsung, Apple and Google.

Government Officials : All the Government officials who are Popular or the one who are covered by any Leading news channel or press are eligible, However these are not the only factors which decide Blue tick Facebook page verification.

Celebrities : Almost all celebrities get verified on Instagram and facebook instantly, But some celebrities who are new in the industry or might not be so much popular aren’t verified on facebook. So if you are a celebrity and want to get verified on facebook then you can also give try.

Media : So media category pages are those pages which belongs to Big website or Big App, So if you own any of those 2 you can apply blue badge verification.

Entertainment : If you own a page which comes under Entertainment company and is popular you can get verification on Facebook easily in 2019.

So these above are the categories which are eligible for Blue tick verification of Facebook page, if your page falls under any of these categories you can always apply for Blue Verification Badge.

Now when you Know if your page is eligible for verification or not you can move on to second step which is the easiest way to Get verified on facebook:

Facebook Page Blue Badge Verification Steps

  • So first of all Check if your page info is Complete or not( This is an important step because if the page info is incomplete your page might get rejected)
  • So first of all Go to facebook blue badge verification form Here
  • Now you will get two options on screen Out of which one is to Verify Facebook Page and One is to Verify Facebook profile
  • So you have to tap on Verify Facebook page
  • Now you have to Select Facebook page you want to verify
  • Now you have to tap on “Choose Files” and select a Government issued id
  • Now in the End section you have to give reason that why your facebook page should be verified, This is the main part where you have to Provide enough and valid reasons to get verified on facebook.
  • Now tap on Submit and wait for answer from facebook.

Verify Facebook Profile Blue Badge

So there are two ways with which you can Verify Facebook profile, first one is to Convert your Facebook profile into a page and by doing this all your Facebook friends will be converted into Likes.

Second way which is the most easiest way and Working is to apply Facebook profile verification by Going to settings and then apply to verify Facebook profile.

Steps to verify facebook profile

  • First of all Open your Profile and Make sure you complete all the Information.
  • Now Go to Facebook’s official Profile Verification Form
  • On the Screen you will get Two Options, Tap on “Profile”
  • Now you have to Upload Government issued Id Proof with DOB
  • Now You have to given reason on Why your Facebook profile should get verified.
  • That’s all !! this is How you can Verify facebook profile.

Facebook Page Gray Badge Verification

So we have already discussed about what is Facebook page gray badge Verification, incase if you don’t know then Pages with gray tick mark in front of their name belongs to authentic business. So if you are a local business owner you can get gray badge on facebook page easily.

Steps to Get Gray badge on facebook Page

  • First of all to get Gray Verified Badge on Facebook page you have to complete all the Information your facebook page, Out of which most important is to Fill valid address of your local business.
  • Now You have to go to Facebook gray badge verification link Here,
  • Incase if this link doesn’t works for you, Just follow Below Given method.
  • Go to Settings on Your Page
  • Now tap on General and then Click on Page verification.
  • Now Tap on Verify my Page
  • Now Enter your Publicly Listed Phone number, and your Country and Language.
  • Now tap on Call Now
  • Now you will get a 4 Digit verification code
  • Enter the Code and tap on Verify
  • Thats All!!! This is how you can Request gray verification badge on Facebook page.

So these were the ways with which you can verify facebook page and profile, Now Below are some of the problems users get while trying to request for verification badge.

Why Can’t i verify Facebook Page

So this is the question which many of the users ask, We have already mentioned minimum requirements to Get verification badge on facebook page and if your page doesn’t meets any of the Eligible criteria you can’t very facebook page.

Incase if you want to Verify Twitter Account then you have to Follow our Guide on Request to Verify Twitter Account In India in 2019 . Also as of now Facebook has again Started Accepting Request for Verification

Facebook Page Verification Trick 2019

So Facebook page verification trick 2019 is one of the most asked Question, But if you ask if there is a trick to verify Facebook page or not So our answer is no. As of now you can’t verify Facebook page using trick in 2019. The only way to verify your Facebook page is by Growing your audience and Being regular on your Facebook profile or page.

So this was our Guide on How to verify Facebook page or Profile, we hope you were able to Get verified on Facebook by using these methods. Incase if you have any doubt feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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