How to Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets?

Find Deleted Tweets: If you are here chances are that you might be searching for the best method to see deleted tweets. And if the answer is yes then you are in right place.

There are no doubts in this fact that Twitter is one of the best online social media platforms, Just like any other social media platform Twitter also carries its unique feature that is called Tweet.

Twitter is one the best online platforms for microblogging, And it is undeniably true that Any news that comes outside travels the fastest on Twitter. Also, it is true that Twitter is one of the best sources for live news.

Most celebrities use Twitter to express their feelings and thoughts, Also 1 tweet can change many things Like Elon musk’s tweet changes the price of many things and many more.

Everyone in this world has an opinion and most of the time opinion is different. It isn’t easy to spread your voice to the whole world. But Twitter made that possible by allowing everyone to make an account and express their thought via text.

Mostly Twitter is all about tweeting and people responding to your tweet by commenting, retweeting, and liking it. It also happens many times that you save any tweet for the future by retweeting, And in case the person deletes the tweet so that’s the time you start searching the easiest way to see deleted tweets.

It is also true that Twitter doesn’t allow anyone to officially retrieve deleted tweets, but as we said we will show you the easiest way to find someone’s deleted tweet So read this guide till the end to find how?

A Deleted tweet might be the worst thing you have ever imagined, Also it gets worse when someone has mentioned you and then after that, they delete the tweet. Now you get more curious to view deleted tweet.

Also If you are mentioned in the tweet and the tweet is deleted then also you won’t be able to see deleted tweet But we at root update are here with an exclusive trick that already helped thousands of users and you can also use the same.

There are plenty of ways you can use to view a deleted tweet but some of them work and some of them don’t, So we have shortlisted the best ways you can use and restore any deleted tweet.

If you are a new user on Twitter then this guide will absolutely help you out to find deleted tweets for free. Also if you are the one who wants a verified Twitter account, then you can also use our Guide on How to verify Twitter account for free.

Before we proceed to the main guide Lets have a Quick session of Q&a which will clear most of the doubts and then after this we will proceed to ways that will be involved to view deleted tweets free.

How to View Deleted tweets?

View deleted tweets by using several online tools, Most of the tools are free to use and you can view any archived page using the person’s profile link.

How to Restore Deleted tweets?

You can’t restore deleted Tweets officially but you can take the help of tools like the way back machine and archive machine to take a look at the tweets you have done.

How to recover Deleted Tweets?

You can recover deleted tweets by using the archive tool, However, you will be able to recover it only in the form of a screenshot, and recovering a tool on Twitter itself is not possible.

How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets

1. Internet Archive – Wayback Machine

To view deleted tweets you can visit Internet archive website, It is also known as the Wayback Machine. All you need to do is just enter the Twitter profile of the person you want to see deleted tweets off and hit on search. Now select the time period of the tweet which you are looking for and tap on that particular date.

To Clear your doubts let me take this further in detail and tell you every step from point to point:

Here is how you can view deleted tweet:

  • Now Tap on Browse history, Doing this will browse all the archive pages for that particular profile.
  • As you can in the image above that the particular profile is archived around 1o time from November 18, 2015 and January 2017 so you can tap on any date and see the tweets that are deleted.
  • For example, We want to see tweet from March 25, 2016 so we will tap on that date and all the pages that have been archived will be shown to us.
  • As soon as you tap on date, You will see the Page with Deleted tweet and text.
  • There are strong chances that sometimes the images will be not visible, But the text will be there.

There are No Disadvantages of using way back machine to view deleted tweet, the only thing which I felt missing was the presence of images. However we have to keep this is mind also, that way back machine has a huge data base of pages on the internet so it might not possible to archive the image every single time.

2. Twitter Archives

Twitter officially allows you to download deleted tweets, But here things are different because you can’t download a single tweet. And to view 1 single you need to Download the full account archive.

If you are one of those heavy Twitter users who keeps tweeting every now and then, then it might be a worrisome task for you because sometimes the Account archive is very big in size.

To get your Account archive just follow the simple steps.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to accounts
  • Go to Archives
  • Now Tap on Request Download
  • Now, wait for your account Archive.

After You Click on Download and archive of your date you will get a list of all the tweets you have done from the time you opened your Twitter account.

As all the tweets are dated and paginated so it will be easy for you to navigate and find the particular tweet you are looking for.

You can Easily Sort it out from the list, Later on, when you find an exact tweet you can save it on your pc or preferred device.


Twipu is another great platform for users who wants to view deleted tweets, This also works the same like way back machine, But only limited to Twitter.

The Ui of Twipu is also pretty easy as you have to only enter the username of the person whose deleted tweet you want to see. As soon as you tap on explore you will get list of tweets for the specific username and person.

This is one of the best ways you can use to recover deleted tweets, As this website is only made for Viewing deleted tweets so this makes the work easier for everyone.

However, as this website is new and totally third-party based so we would request you guys to use this at your own risk, The website works exactly the same as the Wayback machine but with a different UI.

Twipu: The website is now shifted to New address and it is now currently operating on (

4. SnapBird

This is a sort of revising old tweets tool, which Means you can Revisit your old tweets by choosing date and view comments.

Also, This tool doesn’t allow you to view deleted tweets, and to view them you have to use other tools like the Wayback machine, Twuko, and several other services.

Snapbird is basically a Chrome extension and it indirectly helps you to view history tweets, So all you need to do is just choose the date and you will be redirected to the old tweets pages.

Final Words:

We have mentioned some of the best and easiest ways you can use to view deleted tweets, incase if you also know other ways you can cpmment and let us know and we will update the guide with working methods.

The ways mentioned above were some of the best proven methods, Also if you are looking for any viral tweet then you can also find it in the form of screenshot and photo as there are strong chances that someone might have saved the tweet or might have took screenshot of the tweet and then again posted on their account.

While this method to see deleted tweet may sound cool to you, but it is also true that it is against twitter’s policy to view someone’s deleted tweet. But as being said once you are on internet nothing is hidden. So always make sure that you keep control on what you post because anything can be viewed even if it is deleted from your End!!

Well that’s enough for today and we hope you were able to view deleted tweets, Also if you have any doubt feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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