Apple iPhone 15 Every Titanium Color

By Harsh Chauhan

September 13, 2023

Apple Finally Launched "iphone 15 series "  at wonderlust event

The new Pro iPhones' aerospace-grade titanium structure is one of  its most notable features.

The new iPhone 15 Pro versions are available in four new titanium colors; here's a look at each new color in the Pro lineup.


Natural Titanium

Natural Titanium has arrived to replace the gold hue of previous Pro versions. You'll like this new color because it still has a golden tone.

 Blue Titanium

Blue has returned! Because of the matte finish, this looks more beautiful than the blue iPhone 12 Pro.

White Titanium

Silver or white titanium? Yes, you read that correctly: this color option has a Silver and White tone

 Black Titanium

The Black Titanium is the most premium and elegant option, ideal for individuals looking for a long-lasting solution.