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For communication, the PM utilizes either advanced satellite phones or the specialized RAX (Restricted Area Exchange) devices.

RAX phones feature advanced fingerprint identification technology, providing secure access and preventing unauthorized usage, particularly in restricted areas where confidentiality is crucial.

RAX phones offer snoop-proof communication, ensuring calls and messages cannot be intercepted or monitored by external sources, a crucial feature for VIPs handling sensitive information.

RAX phones have restricted operation and accessibility, limiting communication to specific networks or restricted areas, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches or leaks.

RAX phones offer satellite connectivity, enabling uninterrupted communication for the Prime Minister in remote areas with limited network coverage.

RAX phones, manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited, a renowned Indian Public Sector Undertaking, are known for their high-quality, reliable, and secure defense electronics.

The details of RAX phones' features and specifications may not be disclosed due to security reasons and limited public information, based on media reports and general understanding of restricted area exchange phones.