Windows 10S Better than Windows 10 ?

Windows 10S Better than windows 10 ?

Recently Microsoft has released a New Version of Windows 10 – The Windows 10S which people are calling as Microsoft’s Chrome OS. Why? Well, we’ll discuss everything here. So without any further, we do, let’s see What Windows 10S has to offer and If it is one of the Best Operating System for Old Machines.



Microsoft claims that Windows 10S will have a major improvement in the terms of Performance. Microsoft, in Windows 10S has disabled the installation of packed Software or applications which are not on Windows Store which in return has helped Windows 10S to get fewer apps to start on the boot. Which will help it to improve its Performance.

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If you are using a Laptop, then it should also help you to get more juice out of your battery as Microsoft has disabled the installation of google Chrome, which is a juice drinking monster. You will have to stick with Microsoft’s Edge for Browsing internet.


The biggest change and we should say the disappointing change in the Windows 10S is that it allows you to install only those applications which are available on Windows Store like you can’t just open your browser, download a “.exe” file and install it. You have to search for the app on Windows Store and if it’s not there, then you have no other choice despite waiting or Installing any other operating System.

Although Microsoft is bringing more and more apps to the Windows Store. There is a full suite of Office Apps, Music Streaming Applications like Spotify says that they are coming to the windows store very soon. There is a wide variety of applications available on the Windows Store already, but still, if you are someone who downloads more apps from the internet which you think will not come on the Windows Store anytime soon, the Windows 10S is probably not for you.

For Whom Windows 10S is Good Option?

If you are someone who has a quite an old machine, then you can definitely take a look at the new Windows 10S from Microsoft. If you are someone who does just regular stuff like MS Office, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and all that office related work only then Windows 10 S might be for you. You will surely notice a performance boost in your PC with Windows 10S.

If you are someone who likes to install hundreds of applications or do works like Photoshop, Gaming, or any other thing which requires a specific application to be installed, the Windows 10 S is probably not for you.

In case you want to install the apps that are not on Windows Store, then one thing you can do is to Upgrade your Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro for 49$ and it will give you freedom to install applications that are not available on the Windows Store as of now.

So guys that were our post on Windows 10S- Best for Old Machines? If you have any queries, leave them in the comments.

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