Zhiyun Smooth-Q Mobile Stabilizer Review

Zhiyun Smooth-Q Mobile Stabilizer Review

So do you want to Know Zhiyun Smooth Q mobile stabilizer review ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with Zhiyun Smooth q mobile stabilizer review .Smartphone Cameras are improving day by day. We have seen a lot of Improvements in the Smartphone Cameras over time. Today even dual cameras have made their way to the Smartphone, making the Smartphone in your hand a powerful and good option for Photography or Videography.

Talking about Videos, whenever we make videos with our Smartphone or even any Camera, in that case, we always notice shakes between the video which is due to the fact that human can’t stable their hands for a long period of time. That’s where equipment came into use. Tripods, sliders, jibs, hand-held rigs are used quite often with DSLR or Professional Cameras.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q Mobile Stabilizer
Zhiyun Smooth-Q Mobile Stabilizer

But we are focusing on “Smartphone’s Camera” here, and unfortunately, we can’t use the above equipment with our Smartphone, So What can we do? I am a young Youtuber, how I make my videos stable? You might ask. Well, you guys are Root Update viewers and therefore you need not worry as we have got a very good Solution for you guys, a “Gimbal“. Oops, don’t penetrate, we know what will be in your mind after hearing this word, an expensive piece of Equipment, Right? Well, what if we tell you a “Budget-Friendly Gimbal”? Would you be interested then? Well, if Yes then that’s great. Go ahead and you’ll know what we are talking About.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q Mobile Stabilizer- Review

Setting Up

We are talking about Zhiyun Smooth-Q Mobile Stabilizer here, a “Budget-Friendly Smartphone Gimbal”. The Smooth Q is a 3-axis hand-held gimbal which is specifically designed for the Smartphones out there. The Gimbal supports all those Smartphones that are between 4.7 and 6 inches big and up to 220g heavy. Chances are the one you are holding right now in your Palm is Supported.

The Setup is not complicated like any other Gimbal in the Market, all you need to do is mount your Smartphone and then press the ON button and the Zhiyun Smooth-Q will automatically adjust the phone’s position and angle. You can mount your Phone Vertically or Horizontally, that totally depends on you.

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It is a 3 axis Gimbal and all the three axis can be controlled manually as well as automatically by pushing the joystick which lets you capture all kinds of shooting scenarios. The Gimbal does provide much functionality to the User. it has different modes. Zhiyun Smooth-Q has an application as well to control the Gimbal through any Smartphone, all you need to do is download the app, connect it to the Gimbal and you are good to go. you can control the axis, rotation directly through your Smartphone which is a great thing.

The Gimbal does a great job, the Captured Video was not having any kinds of Bumps or Shakes even though the Hands were shaky and were not stable by any means. we should say that the Gimbal has done its Job very well. Note that the Quality of the Video totally depends on the Smartphone you are shooting with. Despite that taking the job of Zhiyun Smooth-Q in consideration, it does its job very well.

Build & Design

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is a 3 axis Gimbal which let the User Record the Video with stabilization, which is very important as no one likes to see a shaky Video. The Zhiyun Smooth Q weighs 450g which is not that heavy, that’s why it is easy to hold in hands even for the longer period of time. Zhiyun Smooth Q is very well built with Plastic and Metal. the Plastic is high quality and overall the Gimbal feels solid in hand. There are a lot of Colour options available, we chose the Rose Gold.

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Zhiyun Smooth Q has a real massive 22650 mAh Battery which is good. With this battery, you can easily get around 11 to 12 hours of working with the Gimbal which is more than enough for a single charge. The gimbal can be charged via USB.


Zhiyun Smooth Q is aggressive at Pricing, that’s what makes it a must have or you might call it as Steal Deal, the Gimbal is available for Just around $140 which is around 9,500 INR. As you can judge by the Price the Gimbal is budget friendly.

So Guys that was our Review on Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal. To conclude we can definitely say that it’s a steal at this Price. If you are Vlogger or Youtuber and are on a budget, definitely consider taking a look at Zhiyun Smooth Q.

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