How to Hide Memes, Screenshots, GIFs from Google Photos!

Hide Memes, Screenshots, GIFs from Google Photos!: In the digital age, where every click, tap, and share is carefully saved, keeping your privacy and clearing out your digital space are important jobs. Google Photos is the biggest and best tool for organizing and storing our digital memories. It has a huge amount of space and a lot of features. But because it manages all kinds of media, the layout might get cluttered with memes, screenshots, and GIFs, along with your favorite photos and videos. This guide shows you a clever way to clean up your Google Photos, making them more organized and private without affecting how easy they are to find.

Google Photos is proud of how easy and accessible it is. However, the fact that it doesn’t have built-in ways to separate memes, pictures, and GIFs from personal photos can be annoying for people who want to browse more quickly. The lack of built-in tools to hide or block certain types of media in the main interface adds to the chaos and could make it harder to find what you’re looking for.

Don’t worry, because we have a complete answer to this problem. Users can access a hidden feature that hides memes, screenshots, and GIFs from the Photos tab while still being able to access them in their folders in the Library area by using Magisk, the latest version of the Google Photos app, and the GMS Flags app.

How to Hide Memes, Screenshots, GIFs from Google Photos

How to Hide Memes, Screenshots, GIFs from Google Photos
How to Hide Memes, Screenshots, GIFs from Google Photos

Step 1: Root Your Device

  • Begin by rooting your device. This can be done using Magisk, a popular and reliable rooting solution that grants users elevated privileges to customize and optimize their Android experience.

Step 2: Update Google Photos

  • Ensure that your Google Photos app is updated to the latest version (v6.79.0.624777117 or later). This will allow you to access the latest features and optimizations.

Step 3: Install GMS Flags App

  • Download and install the GMS Flags app from GitHub. This is a versatile tool that enables users to modify hidden settings and flags within Google Mobile Services (GMS) apps.

Step 4: Enable Hidden Flags

  • Launch the GMS Flags app, grant it SuperUser access, and navigate to the Apps tab.
  • Locate Google Photos and select it.
  • Then, enable the following flags:
    • 45622874
    • 45625136
    • 45625247

Step 5: Activate the Feature

  • After enabling the flags, navigate to Settings > Apps > Photos, force stop the app, and relaunch it.
  • Tap on the overflow icon at the top right, select ‘Personalize your grid,’ and you should now see the newly added ‘Hide clutter’ feature.

Step 6: Enjoy Enhanced Privacy

  • Utilize the ‘Hide clutter’ option to conceal memes, screenshots, and GIFs from the Photos tab. This will declutter your browsing experience without sacrificing accessibility. Enjoy your enhanced privacy!

Some users may want to root their devices because they want more privacy and organization, but it’s important to carefully weigh the risks and benefits. Rooting your device can cancel your warranty, make it less secure, and limit its features. This is especially true for banking and payment apps that depend on Play Integrity tests. Because of this, be careful and think about other options before deciding to root your device just for this feature.

Additionally, people looking for privacy and organization in the digital world need new, custom-made solutions that meet their wants. By following the steps in this guide, you can get back control of your Google Photos by hiding memes, screenshots, and GIFs from the Photos tab while leaving them visible in the Library area. Take advantage of the power of customizing and optimization to make your digital experience easier to use and safer.

Feel free to talk to us in the comments part below if you run into any problems or have more questions about the implementation process. We care most about your safety and happiness. Good luck getting rid of stuff!

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