How to Play PUBG Without Lag in Android

How to Reduce Lag in PUBG Mobile

So do you want to Know how to play pubg mobile without lag if yes then you are at right place, Today in this Guide we will show you the easiest way to Play pubg mobile without Lag. Pubg is one of the most popular android Games right now and the game managed to top every charts in Google playstore. Being one of the most popular games on android there are many users who play it on daily basis and just because of that there are many users out there who face lag issue while playing Game. So in this guide we will show you the easiest way to Play PUBG on Android phone without hang.

PUBG also known as Player unknown battle ground was launched for mobile on 23rd march 2017 and since then there are around 10 million daily active players, because the game is still new for mobile devices so sometimes it happens that Android users face PUBG lagging issue in android. So in this guide we will show you the easiest way to Play Pubg mobile without lag in android Phone.

How to Play PUBG mobile on PC without Lag

There are many users who play pubg mobile on Pc using some emulators but they also face lagging issue on Pubg Mobile. So if you are also one of them and want Solution to Play Pubg mobile on Pc without lag then you can also follow the below given steps, But before you start the guide there are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow so make sure you follow all of them carefully:

Things to remember before you Play Pubg mobile in pc without lag

  • This guide is only for PUBG mobile users who play PUBG mobile on Pc
  • Make sure your PC has active internet connection
  • Make sure your PC meets all the minimum requirements to run PUBG mobile on PC
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of PUBG mobile.

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Play PUBG For Mobile on Computer without Hang

  • First of all Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and close all the unnecessary apps which you dont want, By doing this you will free Up some space on your computer which will help you to run PUBG without lag in Pc
  • Now Go to Network settings and Refresh the network you can do it by going to the bottom right corner and tapping on Disconnect
  • Sometimes it happens that we dont reboot wifi router for many days and Ping increases and being an online game so it needs good ping to run without Lag.
  • So to solve the issue just disconnect your Wifi Router from Power supply for Around 5 minutes.
  • After doing all the above steps you will be able to Play Pubg mobile without Lag on PC

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Play Pubg Mobile Without Lag in Android

PUBG mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular game among android users and there are 10 Million daily active users and because of that huge active user base it is not surprising to face lag while playing the game, So before you start the solution to Play pubg Mobile without lag in android there are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow, So make sure you follow all of them carefully:

Pre-requirements before you Play PUBG mobile without lag in android

  • Make sure you have latest Version of PUBG mobile installed on your device
  • Make sure You have good internet connection on your Android Phone
  • Make sure your Device has Enough internal space

Play PUBG without Lag in Android

  • First of all Open task Manager on your device and close all the unnecessary apps which you are not using.
  • Doing this will clear ram on your device hence giving PUBG mobile to run smoothly, You can Also Follow Our guide to Increase ram in android Mobile without Root
  • As we told you earlier that PUBG runs on server therefore it needs Good internet connection to run smoothly.
  • So first of all Go to Settings on your Device> Mobile networks> and Turn on Airplane mode
  • Doing this will Refresh Internet connection on your device and you will get Good internet speed.
  • So it happens many times when we turn on Low battery mode to save battery, And if Low power mode is turned on then the Device limits Ram usage resulting in Lagging of PUBG Mobile Game.
  • So make sure that Low Power mode is turned off your android device

PUBG has released new 16Mb update which solves many new bugs like Game lagging and all, So to Fix the lag issue with New pubg update all you need to Do is go to Settings on your PUBG mobile Game and Tap on Game is lagging and tap on Send. Thats all !!! Your game will run smoothly without lagging.

Thats all !! These were some simple steps to Play PUBG mobile without lag in android, We hope this Guide helped you to run Pubg mobile smoothly without lag. Incase if you have any doubt feel free to write Down in the comments section below.

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