What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon?

What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon: Attention all Amazon shoppers! Have you ever been eagerly awaiting for a job or product on Amazon, only to receive an email saying “No longer under consideration”? You’re not alone if this phrase feels frustrating and confusing. In this blog post, we will unravel the mystery of what “no longer under consideration” actually means on Amazon and provide some helpful tips that can help you move forward in your search. So sit back, relax – let’s dive into Amazon algorithms and hiring processes together!

What is No Longer Under Consideration?

“No Longer Under Consideration” is a job application status that indicates a candidate has been rejected for the position or role. This status can be applied to candidates across HR systems such as Workday and Amazon’s job listing portal, typically signifying that their application did not meet eligibility criteria or other requirements for the role and will no longer advance in the application process.

However, the status can also be vague and not guarantee that a candidate has been eliminated completely. Some companies have “cooling off periods,” in which rejected candidates aren’t considered for other roles for a specified time. Furthermore, in some instances the status may change to “no longer under consideration” while the company is still reviewing candidates; and recruiters may still contact the candidate for further discussion.

What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon?

When applying for a job at Amazon, your application status can change to “No longer under consideration” at any point during the hiring process. This indicates that your application has been reviewed and you have not been selected to proceed to the next round of selection for that role. Nonetheless, there are different interpretations of what this status means on Amazon’s job portal.

“No longer under consideration” indicates Amazon has closed the job posting and are no longer accepting outside applications for the position; however, they are still interviewing those who applied earlier. Therefore, if you receive an interview request after your status changes to “No longer under consideration,” it could indicate Amazon has already stopped accepting new applications but is still considering those who applied earlier.

Status changes signify that Amazon has made their hiring decision and decided against moving forward with your application. Once the status changes to “No longer under consideration,” the hiring process for that specific role is over and you won’t hear further communication regarding it. Nonetheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be considered for other positions at Amazon in the future.

It is worth noting that some applicants have reported receiving an interview request despite seeing “No longer under consideration” status on their application. Therefore, this status may not always accurately reflect your rejection status and you should not assume it to be definitive in all cases.

The Benefits of No Longer Under Consideration

“No Longer Under Consideration” typically signals that a job application has been rejected by the hiring team or does not meet the required qualifications for the position. Unfortunately, there appear to be no advantages associated with this status.

Contrary to popular belief, receiving this status can actually be discouraging for job seekers who were hoping to move forward in the hiring process.

Furthermore, this status does not automatically mean the individual is unsuitable for all job opportunities; they can still apply to other positions within the company or for the same position if it becomes available again.

Therefore, it is essential for individuals to maintain a positive outlook and continue job searching if they receive this status, since it does not reflect upon their overall skillset or qualifications.

The Drawbacks of No Longer Under Consideration

When your job application status reads “No Longer Under Consideration,” it typically indicates the company has decided not to review your application for the position you applied for. This can be depressing and demotivating for job seekers. In this answer, we will address some of the drawbacks associated with receiving a “No Longer Under Consideration” status and how best to manage it.

First and foremost, being rejected or no longer under consideration as a job seeker can be discouraging. Job hunting can be an intensely demanding process, and rejections often lead to feelings of disappointment, frustration, and even self-doubt.

Another potential drawback of being “No Longer Under Consideration” is that you may have missed out on an excellent opportunity. Even if you were a strong candidate for the role, management may have found someone better qualified for it. This outcome can be disheartening after spending time preparing your application and even interviewing for the position.

Furthermore, a “No Longer Under Consideration” status could potentially obstruct your options if you were solely focused on the job application that was rejected. If this was the case for you, other job openings may have been overlooked which can lead to an extended job search process.

It is essential to be aware that being informed of a “No Longer Under Consideration” status does not guarantee rejection of your application. Companies often reject applications due to various reasons, such as finding more qualified candidates, budget constraints or changes in company needs. Furthermore, not being selected for one position doesn’t mean you cannot apply for other opportunities within or outside the same organization.



In conclusion, receiving a status update that reads “No Longer Under Consideration” on Amazon can be disheartening and discouraging; however, it’s essential to remember that it does not signal the end of your prospects. There are various reasons why someone may have been marked as “no longer under consideration,” such as not being selected for the role, withdrawing from consideration, or lacking the necessary skill set for the position. While rejection can be painful to hear, use it as an opportunity to learn and keep trying until you land that dream job at Amazon (or elsewhere).

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