What is idp.generic? {idp Generic Avast} 2020 Fix

idp generic virus detection file

So most of the users use Microsoft windows users who get idp.generic virus detection file error on their laptop or Computer and if you are also one of them who is getting idp generic warning then you are at right place. Today in this Guide we will cover all the details on idp.generic infection warning even when accessing some legitimate programs.

As Per our study and research this error is basically a bug which is in AVG and Avast antivirus,And the strange thing about this is that there is no specific program when users face this issue, Some users also complained that they get idp.generic warning while opening steam. As being said that there is no single program which this idp generic threat is related to, for example some of the users were facing this error with their game files and some of the users were facing this while using python.

Idp.generic is a warning that is seen by many users, Although this isn’t any Antivirus specific warning but the majority of users who faced this error were found using Avast Antivirus. In the last update False positive warning has been fixed by AVG and avast but still if you are facing this issue then read this guide till the end.

Fix idp generic warning
Fix idp generic warning
So below Given is a Error Which Says “Threat Name: IDP.GENERIC” Now if you are also the Same who is suffering from this error and Using AVG or Avast then follow this Guide till the end
idp generic avast
idp generic avast

What is Idp.generic File detected by Antivirus?

So basically if you don’t understand the meaning IDP then basically it stands for identity detection protection which is an Active component of your Antivirus. Now this function gets active whenever any file which is infected or it alert’s any flag.

is it Okay to Ignore this Warning?

So basically before we move toward’s this answer, First you should know that what is the main reason behind this error which shows idp.generic warning again and again. Now speaking of idp.generic so most of the cases are false positives, Now if you don’t know what is false positive so basically it means that a test result which falsely indicates that a Particular file is present, But this clearly doesn’t means that you should ignore this warning.

Now Coming to the solution that how you can fix this error so basically there are two things which you can do to get rid of idp.generic error out of which the first and best one is to simply use a Antivirus which can remove virus from your computer and second one is to Simply check the file using Virustotal. Now below we will show you both the methods to fix this problem.

Method 1: Remove IDP Generic from Windows

Now As we mentioned above that basically you can solve this error by 2 methods, So first of all we will choose the Method which scans the file and you can then Decide whether to keep the file or not.

Follow The below Steps to Remove this error

  • First of all Choose the file where error is shown
  • Now choose the File which you want to scan
is idp.generic a Virus
is idp.generic a Virus
  • Now Upload the File to Virustotal to Scan
  • Wait for the Results If Everything is In Green that Means that the File is Clean and you need Not To worry.
Virustotal Scan
Virustotal Scan
As you Can See that Results Are Positive. Which Means you need not to worry and you can Simply Ignore the Error. But Incase if the error is not solved yet you can Simply Move Towards the Method 2 Which is by Removing Using an Antivirus

Method 2: Remove Using Antivirus

As we told you earlier that this error may be a false positive, So it means that it is simply caused by your Antivirus and To get rid of that you can follow the simple steps given below.

  • First of all go to Settings on your Computer
Settings on your Computer
Settings on your Computer
  • Now After Opening Settings you Will get Apps Just tap on That
Apps in PC settings
Apps in PC settings
  • Now Open Apps, under the apps you will get Avast Antivirus
Modify or Uninstall Avast Antivirus
Modify or Uninstall Avast Antivirus
  • Now tap on Uninstall (Only if you want to uninstall this Antivirus)
By Following this method you can uninstall Antivirus and get Rid of this Error, however this is not recommended. So in solution for this we have Method 3 which Allows you to Execute this File From Antivirus

Method 3: Execute File from Antivirus Vault

Now if you have Read the Method 1 which tells you to scan the file if it’s Safe or not then you can Follow this part without any problem, incase if you didn’t read upto now First make sure you go to method 2 and have a Look.
  • First of all Open your Avast (Or Any) Antivirus Software
  • Now Go to Protection
  • Now Tap on Virus Chest
  • Right Click on the File
  • Select Restore and Add Exclusion
  • That’s all Now your Antivirus won’t Add the Excluded file in it’s Database.
Method 3 Is considered as one of the most Easiest Method, But before performing this just make sure that you Scan the file using Method’s told in Step 2.

Method 4: Update Antivirus

So the IDP generic error usually comes when your antivirus in outdated and it doesn’t supports the Current IDP, So this is the Time when it starts showing the IDP error.Now If you are getting this error with legitimate games or software then it is a clear false positive error and the best thing you can do to Get Rid of this problem is simply Updating your Antivirus.

So in the Method 4 All you Need to Do is Just update the Antivirus software you are using. Now Fact behind this is that All the Software need to be updated to support the Latest IDP and when they are Outdated they just give Error.

Method 5: Update Java run Time Environment

So Just like Updating Antivirus, Updating java Run time environment is also necessary as a part to solve the idp.generic error. So to update you should follow the steps given below.

  • First of all Go to My computer on your PC or laptop
  • Now Right click and Choose Device manager
  • Now Tap on Java Run time environment
  • Now you will Get option to Update Java Run time Environment
  • Just Update that and Restart your Laptop to Get rid of Error.

So Updating the Outdated Drivers and Apps on your Pc or smartphone is the Most Important Step and In the Method 5 we have told you How to Update Java Run time Environment to fix idp.generic error

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Note: Recently avast Told that they have Fixed this issue in their Latest Update and now most of the users can easily use Without Getting this error, still if anyone is facing can follow this Guide. Although this error has been solved by Avast itself but still if you are facing any issue you can always try using our Methods.

So this was our Guide on How to Solve the idp.generic error, We hope this guide helped you. Incase if you have any Doubt feel free to write Down in the comments section below. Also Consider checking out other great Articles on Rootupdate.

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