How to Generate Jio 4g Barcode in 3G phone : Get jio sim for 3g mobile

Trick to Get Jio sim barcode from a 3G android phone .

Do you want to Generate jio 4g barcode from a 3g phone ? and want a trick to get jio barcode in a 3g mobile ? If yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with the guide on How to Get JIO sim barcode from a 3g android phone
Jio is one of the most trending tech thing nowadays . Jio is a 4g company launched under reliance and it provides calling and data connection over 4g networks . To use jio 4g for calling you need a volte enabled handset , if you want to enable 4g volte on 3g android phone you can follow our guide on How to Enable volte on any android phone . Basically to use jio 4g you need a 4g handset but still there is trick which allows you to Use Jio 4g in 3g android mobile . So in this guide we will tell you trick to generate jio 4g barcode to get sim in 3g mobile phone .

Trick to Generate jio sim barcode in a 3g phone .

So in this trick to get jio 4g sim barcode from a 3g phone we tell several ways with which you will be able to generate jio barcode . 
Recently jio announced jio 4g services for every 4g smartphone user and under the Welcome offer everyone was offered 4gb of 4g use and after that 256kbps unlimited data . Many users complained that they are getting very low speed while using the jio 4g net , If you are facing the same problem you can follow our guide on How to increase Jio 4g internet downloading speed .
Before starting the guide lets have a look at some info on jio 4g .
What is JIO sim barcode ?
Jio sim barcode is a code which is used to get jio sim from reliance store . To get jiobarcode you need to install myjio app on your smartphone and then you get a option to Get jio sim . When you press on that you get a Jio barcode for free . So basically jio barcode is necessary to get free jio 4g sim card .

How to Enable Jio 4G Volte Calling on Any Android phone Without Jio4Gvoice app

As we already mentioned that jio announced its welcome offer for every 4g smartphone user . So the users who are using a 4g device can easily get jio sim barcode , And the users who are using a 3g phone and want to get Jio barcode can follow our guide .

How to generate jio 4g barcode from all 3g devices :- 

Trick 1 ) Trick to Generate jio 4g barcode from 4G devices :- 
  1. First of all Download My jio app from playstore .
  2. Now Open the app .
  3. After opening the app you will see Get jio sim free option on the top .
  4. Just tap on that .
  5. Now you will see a Page Welcome to jio preview offer .
  6. Now just fill all information .
  7. After sometime you will get a Barcode for jio 4g sim for free.
  8. Just go to any reliance digital store and redeem your barcode .
Trick 2 ) – Trick to generate jio 4g sim barcode from 3g Devices :- 
  1. First of all Download My jio app from Here .
  2. Now Install the app .
  3. Now open the app .
  4. After you open my jio app on a 3g phone
  5. You will get a Option ” Get jio 4g sim for 3g phone free ” .
  6. Just tap on that .
  7. As soon as you tap you will get a jio 4g sim barcode in 3g phone .
  8. Thats all , Just go to reliance digital store a get jio 4g sim for free in your 3g mobile .
Alternate Trick for 3g handsets : Trick to Get jio 4g sim barcode on 3g handsets :- 
  • First of all go to Jio’s official website .
  • Now Check if your smartphone is in the list or not .
  • Now Download the My jio app from play store .
  • Now connect your smartphone using a Jiofi or hotspot from existing jio 4g customer .
  • Now clear the data of myjio app .
  • Now Open the app .
  • After opening the app you will get a option ” Get jio sim ” or ” Get a sim ” .
  • Now you will get a barcode , just save it in the gallery . 
  • Thats all !! You have successfully generated jio barcode for 3g handset .
How to use JIO 4g sim in 3g Handset ? 
Initially jio 4g sim cards only work on 4g and lte enabled handsets but by a trick you can easily use jio in 3g mobile without root , However currently all 3g handsets are not supported in the trick . 

So this was our trick on How to generate jio 4g barcode in 3g handset

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