How to Change CSC to US Carrier on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Change CSC to US Carrier on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: There are a lot of different customized firmware choices for Samsung flagship phones, especially the famous Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. This is especially true in the US. But in order to get to these software versions, you usually need to be connected to a US carrier. Changing the Country Specific Code (CSC) isn’t always necessary, but making sure the firmware works with a certain service needs close attention.

Recently, an amazing answer has come out that makes it easier for people to get around in this complicated area. But there is more to do than just flashing a module in order to change the CSC to a US carrier. Putting it together requires a planned series of steps, each of which helps the ideal carrier fit in smoothly.

Before starting this transforming journey, it is important to make sure you have all the tools and resources you will need. Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the first thing you need to do to get more access to and control over the device’s features. Using tools like TWRP or Magisk Patched AP speeds up this process and makes sure that the base is strong for future changes.

Change CSC to US Carrier on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Change CSC to US Carrier on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Change CSC to US Carrier on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Step 1: Root the Device

  • Start by making your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra superuser by using either TWRP or Magisk Patched AP. This step is important as it allows you to make changes to your device.

Step 2: Get the Module

  • Next, download the S23_CSC_Changer module onto your device. This module will help you make the desired changes to your CSC.

Step 3: Use Magisk

  • Open Magisk, a tool that helps manage superuser access and install modules. In Magisk, go to the ‘Modules’ section and select the S23_CSC_Changer module. Confirm to start the integration process.

Step 4: Activate the Module

  • With the module now part of the Magisk framework, start the flashing process. This will add the necessary functionalities to your device. Once done, restart your device.

Step 5: Configure Terminal

  • Open Termux, a tool that lets you run commands. You’ll use this to make changes to your device’s CSC configuration.

Step 6: Run Commands

  • In Termux, run a series of commands. These commands will help you switch to a US carrier. Be careful as you go through the prompts and selections to make sure they match with your desired carrier specifications.

Step 7: Check and Restart

  • After running the commands, check your selections and get ready to restart your device. Your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will now be compatible with US carriers.


As a conclusion, the process of changing the CSC to a US carrier on your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is not just a technical one; it is a life-changing journey marked by careful planning, firm actions, and unwavering drive. As you go along this road, keep in mind that each step brings you closer to getting the most out of your device and being able to use it with any carrier you want.

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