How To Solve Heat Problem In Micromax Yu Yureka

How To Solve Heating Issue In Micromax Yu yureka .

Micromax Yu yureka is The Latest Android Device From Micromax Inclusive , The Device Is A Powerfull Beast No Doubt But the Main Problem Is That It gets Heat While Multitasking and Playing games . Becaus eof the Heating Problem in Micromax Yu yureka many of the users Got worried Assuming Yu yureka Heating Problem A Hardware Failure . But as The device carries High end Features So that Is Pretty Obvious To Have Heat From The Micromax Yu yureka .
How-to-solve-Heating-problem-in- Micromax-Yu-Yureka-without-root-and-root

Solve Heating Problem In Your Android Micromax Yu yureka

How To Fix Your Android Yu yureka smartphone Heating Issue 
Is Your Android Smartphone Heating up , is Your Samsung , lg , micromax , xiaomi ,apple Heating A little Bit Higher Then Usual Temperature We Are Here To help You . In this Guide We will Help You To Overcome And reduce The Heating Problem In Your  Micromax Yu Yureka  .

Mostly Android Users Face The Heating Problem With Their Android Smartphone , Some Users Face Heating Problem While Playing Game Some Face Heating Problem Just By A little Bit Use , Heating Of Android Phones occur Mostly Due To Some Apps Running in Back Ground . Those Apps are use less and May push Your android Phone To Heating problem .
And Some Times Heating Of Android Phone Occurs Due To Hardware Failure issues , If There is a Hardware Issue With Your Android Smartphone And it is Giving excessive heat , Then You have to seek Help From Your Nearest android Service centres , Because Android Phone Heating issues  Due To Hardware Malfunction / Failure aren’t Possible to Be solved By Software Tweaking . 
How-to-solve-Heating-problem-in- Micromax-Yu-Yureka-without-root-and-root

How To Solve Heating Problem In Micromax Yu Yureka Without Root ?

Doesn’t matter whether its Samsung , lg , lava , Micromax Or Yureka . Every Smartphone Faces Heating Problem While Heavy use , But That’s Always Not Hardware issue , Many of us Gets Worried By the Face that if Our android Phone is Heating up Then it might Be a Deffective Peice , But it is wrong Android Smartphones perform Many Task in Background Without our prior Knowlegde And Due To Heavy Tasking They Get Heat Up . 
Every One OF Us Might Have Noticed That A pc / Laptop Have 2-3 Fans installed Inside To Cool Down The Processor , But Our android Doesnt have Fans So Heating Up Of Android Smartphones are not a Concern To Be Worried Of . 

This Guide is For Every Android Smartphone , At The tittle i have Written name Of Some models because In Present Those smartphones are facing Most Heating issues , So Every one Can use This Guide To Overcome Heating issues With Their Android Smartphones . 

How To Cool Down / Reduce Heating Problem  Of  Micromax Yu Yureka Without Root  .

First Of All We will Show You How to Solve Heating Problem In  Micromax Yu Yureka Without rooting . 
Goto Settings > App > Running Apps 
And Now Note Down Those Apps Which You Are Not using , But they are still Running .
If asked To me I would Recommend you To Stop 
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services 
  • Google Play Services Framework 
  • Google Search 
  • Maps 

For Stopping the main reason behind heating android goto Settings > apps And Choose Those app And Click On Disable 

    Now You will Think that If We will Stop Those Apps Then How We will Download Android Apps ?
    Yeah That question is genuine , But According To my case Study Google Apps and / Maps Are the Only Thing which consume 50 % Of Your mobile ram and Make It Heat .And To Download android Apps Other Than Google Playstore isnt a Big Deal  You can use Third party Apps , I would personally Recommend you mobogenie as it have all apps and it also Consumes Very Less ram and It will Also Reduce heating Of android . 

    Second Method To Reduce Heating Of Android Without Rooting 

    The First Method To Solve Heating problem In android was Which We Did Manually But this method To reduce heating issue in android will Be Performed By Android To reduce Heating . 

    Goto Settings > Battery And Choose OPTIMIZE CPU PERFORMANCE . 
     This Will Lower Down The Cpu performance and Hence Your Phone Will Run On A lower Level Which Will Avoid The Android Smartphone To Get Heated Up . 

    Drain down Your Battery To zero and Let it Charge Full .

    How To Solve Heating Problem in  Micromax Yu Yureka – Rooted Users 

    How-to-solve-Heating-problem-in- Micromax-Yu-Yureka-without-root-and-root

    For rooted Users There are Thousands Of App To Overcome The android Heating problems , But we will Tell You About the Two best apps which will Help You To Cool Down Your android Phone .
    Greenify :- This App will Take Your android Phone To Hibernation Mode and will Cool Down Android ( Non rooted uers can also use this app but they wont be able to enjoy the Major featuers of the device |)

    Coolify :- This app is also same as the Greenify app but this is Specially made For Cooling Down Your android Phone .

    The Above Two apps Are the Best Free app which will Not Let your android Heating Problem Overcome . Rooted users can also use the method of Non rooted users . 

    Drain down Your Battery To zero and Let it Charge Full .

    How to check That Hardware Failure is the Reason Behind  Micromax Yu YurekaHeating Problem ?

    If Above Two Guides How to Solve android Heating issue Doesn’t actually Help you , then it might me a Hardware issue , you should Go to Nearest Repairing center .
    I Hope You Liked Our Guide on How To Solve Heating Problem in Micromax Yu Yureka Without rooting , This Guide will Help You to 
    Solve Heating Problem In Your Android Micromax Yu Yureka


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