Is Lenovo k3 Note Better Then Xiaomi Redmi Note And Yu Yureka – k3 note review

Lenovo K3 Note Vs . Xiaomi Redmi Note And Yu Yureka 

Are You Planning To Buy Lenovo K3 Note , But Having Doubts If Buying Lenovo K3 Note instead Of Redmi Note and yu yureka would Be A Better Decision ? Then You Are At Right Place as Today We Are Going To Tell You Is Lenovo k3 Not better Then Xiaomi Redmi Note And Yu Yureka .
Recently Lenovo Launched An Amazing Device Named as Lenovo k3 Note With Some Identical Features To Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G And Micromax Yu  Yureka , But Price Tag and Launch Date is Yet Not Confirmed ( Expected To Launch In April ) And may Come in Market In Late june , July And One thing That Is Striking Every One’s Mind Is That Is The Lenovo K3 Note Better then Redmi Note 4g And Yu Yureka , We Will Not Compare Xiaomi Redmi not 3G because This Device is No More available In India Due To Some issues So We Will Discuss Only About The Redmi note 4G Version And Yu Yureka ..
Okay So Without Wasting Much Time Lets Head Over To our Post On Lenovo K3 Note Vs Redmi Note 4G And Yu Yureka Which One is better .

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

We will Divide The Post In Two Parts And They Are As Follows :- 
  • Performance 
  • Looks
Okay So I Will Start With looks :-

Which One is Better Lenovo k3 Note Or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G Or Yu Yureka .



First One is Redmi Note 4G 

I Never Used The Redmi note 4G But Used Redmi Note 3G Variant For More Then A Month , But Looks Of Both The Varients Are Ditto . Only Hardware specifications Are Different One runs On Qualcomn And One runs On Mediatek .. AAh thats not our topic what we have to discuss is the Looks !!! 
lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

Front Looks Of Xiaomi Redmi Note is Undoubtedly one Of the Finest looks In The Industry , I am Satying This Because The Screen And The outer Plastic or You Can Say The Area of Call Speaker And capiciative Buttons Are ultra black as same as like the screen which gives such a great look Which Makes The Smartphone look Like An premium Android Device . 
But When it Comes To Back Side of The Phone , it is Not So Good !!! Because It is Build With A Slippery Plastic Which Is Uncomfortable And No Magnetic For Hands , Most of the Times it used to Fell Down From My Hands Because Of The Slippery Build of The Back Of the Device . 

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

So All I Would like to Say That Device is average In Looks Becuase Only The Front of The Device Can Not Make us Judge that This Device is Good in Looks So i Would Give It 
******* 7 Stars 
Now Comes The Micromax yu Yureka 
For Just Your info This Device is From yu televentures And is Founded By The Indian Mobile King Micromax . i will never or ever Say This Device Good because This is A Re branded Coolpad F2 Chinese smartphone ,  The Problem is Not About China or Chinese because Xiaomi And lenovo itself are From China But Both Devices ( redmi note And Lenovo k3 note ) Are made By The Comapany Itself And are Not re branded also , but yu Yureka is Simply Rebranded Version Of Cool Pad F2 .
Okay Now Lets Come To looks Of the device 

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

The Screen of Yu yureka is Also Black But As Not much as Redmi note And One thing Which Makes It Bad is The Center Capciative Button , The Capciative button of The Yureka Makes us Feel Like It is A Copy of Apple Iphone And Atlast Results in The Chinese Mentality , The Edges Of Yu yurka are Also Average .

Now lets go At Back , Okay So The back Of Redmi note is Made of matte Finish It is Good For grip And is Also Hands Magnetic But For Short Term Use , In Long Term Usgae It May Last in Sweating Hands . And One more Thing Is The Yu Logo it Would Be great if It Had a Different Colour , But The Blue colour Seriously Makes it Cheap , So According To Me Yu Yureka is Not An Premium Device . 

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

And I Will Give It Only ***** 5 Stars 

And Now Comes our main Device The Lenovo k3 Note 

Hats Off To The Build quality And Designs Of The Device , The Most Important Thing That A Device Should have is An Convincing power In First Impression , And yess ! K3 Note impressed us .

The Screen Is Not Ultra Black instead it is grayish but it is Giving any odd look because the Outer are And bezels match The Screen Texture Which undoubtedly Gives A premium look so Screen Side is okay ! 

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

Now Comes the Back part , the Back Part is a leather Finished Case Which is Found in Samsung Devices like Galaxy Grand 2 So i Think I dont need to Tell Any other Thing When i Compared it with A Samsung Flagship Device .

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

I will give ******* 7 Stars to Lenvo k3 note .

The Above Comparison Was On Look basis  .

Now Comes the Main Thing , The performance ….

One time looks Can be Compromised But performance Cant Because With A low or Bad performance Anything in The World is Not Acceptable , So in The Second Part of Our Post We Will Compare the Device on performance basis .

Lenovo k3 Note Review And Specifications 



As Like The First part , First We will Discuss About Xiaomi Redmi note .

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g 

Specifications :-

Screen :- 

Screen Size :-  5.5 Inches 
Screen Build :- HD ( Note :- HD And Full HD are Different build )
Pixels per inch :- On papers 267 But According to every Benchmark tool it is 312 PPI 

Hardware :- 

Processor :- Qualcomn Snapdragon 
Clocked At :- 1.4 ghz 
Cores – 4 ( quad Cores )
Ram – 2GB

Battery :-

Battery Capacity – 3200 mah ( more the Mah more The backup )

Operating System :-

OS – Android 4.4 kitkat ( miui 6 )

Benchmarks :- 

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

Okay So The Above Specifications Was of Xiaomi Redmi note 4G variant .
We Used The device For More Then One month , We Didnt Faced any lags but Yes it Was not As much As buttery Smooth As a octa Core Smartphone Can .
We used The internet Connection For 8 hours ( Whatsapp And other Apps Were Running In The background For Full Day ) We Saw video For 4 Hours And Calling Also And The battery lasted For More Then 1.5 Days So The Redmi note 4G is undoubtedly One of the Best Smartphones in terms of battery .
In terms of Software upgrades This Device is best becuase Of The processor Type And The best Android support ( Miui ) In The Back .

So At performance This Device will get ***** 5 Stars 

Now comes yu Yureka 

Screen :-

Screen Size – 5.5 inches 
Screen Build – HD 
Pixls per inch – 267 

Hardware :-

processor –  Qualcomn Snapdragon 
Clocked at – 1.5 GHz
Cores – 8 ( Octa Core ) 
Ram – 2 Gb 


Battery Capacity – 2500 Mah 

Operating System 

OS – Android 4.4.4 kitkat 

Benchmarks :- 

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

Yu Yureka Runs on Android 4.4.4 kitkat Which is A Step forward then Redmi note os , While playing Heavy Games And multitasking we Didnt Faced any Type of hang Or lag .
But While heavu use This Device heated a lot ( We Could make Omelet Easily on The Back of it 😀 ) So This is a bad Thing .
And Battery Usage time Was also Less , it required two charges For us to Do The same what We Did With The Redmi Note 4G varaiant . 
The best and Plus point For This device is , It Will Always get latest Android Upgrades Without Any Delay , because This Device runs on Android Cyanogen Mod And The Developers of Cyanogen mod are So much Talented That They release a Stable version of latest Android in Very much Less Time .

So By observing the overall performance of The Device i Will give it ******** 8 Stars .

Now Comes   Lenovo K3 Note


Screen Size – 5.5 Inches 
Screen Build – Full Hd
pixels Per inch – 401 

Hardware :-

Processor – Mediatek
Clocked at – 1.7 Ghz 
Cores – 8 ( Octa Core )

Battery :- 

Battery Capacity – 3000 Mah 

Operating system – Android 5.0 Lollipop

Benchmarks :- 

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

Now As You Can See That lenovo k3 note is better Then Xiaomi Redmi note 4g And yu Yureka  in Every Aspect .
Which Means You Will never face any lag nor Any Hang .
Plus it is One of The Only Devices in The World Running On Android 5.0 Lollipop .

I dont have Any Words to praise This Device , All i Want to Say is That This Device SUPERBBB!!!!!!!!!!

The marks I Will give to This Device is ********** 10 Stars .

And Undoubtedly The Winner is 

lenovo k3 Note review and specifications

Now You Might be Thinking Why i am Saying So ?

So The All In One Answer Is its Benchmark Score Of 46K Which Is More Then Yu yureka  Redmi Note And Not only These but it is Also More Then Of samsung Galaxy s5 And Htc M1 Which Means lenovo k3 Note is More powerful then world Class flagship Devices .

If  You wish To Buy Lenovo k3 Note You Can Buy It Here  
Coupon Code is :- LK3NOTE

So This Was our Post On Is lenvo k3 Note Better Then Xiaomi Redmi note And Yu yureka .

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