ThoughtBuzz Review – Social Media Management And Analysis tool

ThoughtBuzz Review – a tool For Social Media management And Analysis

If you are looking for a tool on social media management because you are going to start a small business and want to know all about what’s trending on social media, ThoughtBuzz is the tool for you. I speak about this because we are using ThoughtBuzz for monitoring the analytics for ROOTUPDATE.COM. Alright, so without wasting much time now, let’s head over to our review, on what I believe, is the best tool for social media management and analytics.

ThoughtBuzz Review - a tool For Social Media management And Analysis

We will start the post with mention of some key features of ThoughtBuzz:

  • Multi Language support
  • Email alerts 
  • Real time tracking 
  • Custom interface 
  • Data history 
  • Capable of adding multi support. 
  • 24 X 7 Support 
  • MOBILE optimized for on-the-go social media management.
  • LOCALIZATION – local language support in multiple languages.
  • INFLUENCE identification so that you can identify and engage your advocates.
  • TRENDS so that you can actively participate in topics that are trending across social channels.
  • LEADS – potential sales leads.

And the list goes so on…

ThoughtBuzz is rapidly growing company in Asia. Within a short span of time, it already has a jaw dropping Alexa rank of 22K. Not only this, but it is Asia’s one and only first mobile, social media management platform. The extra ordinary feature which makes it different from any other tool is that you can manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube from just a single dashboard, which means no more tension of changing dashboard for different social media profiles. 

We say ThoughtBuzz is the Best Tool For Social media For Small Business because their pricing is really low when compared to another services and another plus point is that it is loaded with tons of features. This tool helps you to know what kind of views your website or blog is getting. You can also say that it is the best way to know what people want from you.

ThoughtBuzz, since 2008, is helping entrepreneurs with engaging visitors, tracking, sharing and analyzing their business across social media. These things, separately, take many hours. However, with the help Of ThoughtBuzz tool, you can do heavy and time consuming task in only a few clicks.

Another fantastic feature is that you can add as many accounts you want. We have added our Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts. Across all these platforms, ThoughtBuzz is helping us track activities of our fans and followers from one single page.

ThoughtBuzz Review - a tool For Social Media management And Analysis

At last, I would like to say that if you want to reduce your work load and want to boost your business, you must give ThoughtBuzz a try.

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