Best Android Smartphone Below 15000 235$


Planning To Buy a new smartphone ? You are at right place today we will tell you about the best smartphone below 235 dollars and 15000 rupees . There are thousand of smartphones present in the market now and choosing the best among them is really a work of Headache , so just to reduce your work load and help you in choosing the best smartphone .



I Am sure you already have guessed the name of the smartphone , but just for those who were unable to guess because on any reason :- 

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The Name of the Best smartphone below 15000 rupees is :- 
                   XIAOMI Mi 4i

So Now the main question is why we are saying Xiaomi Mi4i As The Best Smartphone below 15000 rupees ?
We will Give the Answer Of This Question By a Small And Best Xiaomi Mi4i Review .

Yesterday Night I recieved a Xiaomi mi4i ,I used it for a  while and really found that the Phone really Deserves a Small Review From My Side . 

Some of the pics of Unboxing of the smartphone :- 

So Lets Start The Guide :- 

Best Xiaomi Mi4i Review :- 

So Lets start the Guide With The Screen Of Xiaomi mi4i 
This is One of the Biggest Factor that makes this phone one of the best phone in the world at rupees 12,999 is its Full hd 1080p Screen with a PPI ratio of  441 . 
There is no such smartphone in the world having that type of screen formation at this price segment and having full hd screen .

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Not only this , The Screen Of Xiaomi mi4i Is Capable of changing its colours,brightness itself according to the light and making it easily view able even in the brightest sunlight . 
Coming to the security for the screen :- 
The Screen is protected with corning gorilla glass 3 protecting the screen from Scratches , And Accidental Falls .  

Camera Of Xiaomi Mi4i :- 

Camera of xiaomi mi4i is really stunning and Impressing , We were stunned while capturing images from Mi4i .
Day Light Images :- 
The Camera of Mi4i Gave a us a tremendous performance while capturing images in day light . Just To check the performance of mi4i’s camera we placed a galaxy s6 Edge ( Has the best camera in The world ) with mi4i and started clicking images .

The result we got was jaw dropping , The images were not detailed as much galaxy s6 was but were also not very much far behind .

Now coming to the indoor images :- 

Indoor images did not impress me as they were not detailed and  little blur too , This is the point where xiaomi should think about and should make improvements coming to the point the images were Average . So the overall performance of the rear camera was good / best at this price tag  . 

Now Coming To The Front 5 Mp Selfie Camera :- 

Undoubtedly it is one of the best selfie phone in the world  , It is also true that there are many Phone in the world having more then 5mp camera but we never got such clarity  from any another phone . 

Just for a practical test  we placed Micromax canvas Knight ( 8 Mp )  and Xiaomi mi4i Together and started Clicking images And the result we got was un expected And overwhelming . The images were 10X times better then Canvas Knight’s 8mp Camera . 

Hardware Specification of Xiaomi mi4i 


Coming to the specifications of the Mi4i they are as follows :- 
Mi4i Is running on a second gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa core processor developed in india , Under hood there is a 2Gb ram making it hard multi tasking compatible . 
Just to check mi4i’s performance we ran almost 8 social apps together And we never faced any kind of System lacking nor we faced any type of lagging while switching apps . 
Now Coming To Gaming :-
For Gaming Test We Downloaded one of the most powerful and heaviest game for android in the world ( Iron Man ) , The game took a little bit more time to load then usual but the after performance was awesome . The game was running like butter and i was surprised with the fact that the game was running more nicely then it used to run in my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 .
Coming To The Battery :-
Undoubtedly Xiaomi is the one and only smartphone manufacturer  in the world who care about Battery Concerns And thats the only reason the provide large capacities battery in their every smartphone let it be xiaomi redmi note 3g , Let it be xiaomi redmi 1s or let it be Xiaomi mi4i Coming to the point we used the phone for A Half day with extreme heavy multitasking and heavy gaming and what we get was just unbelievable the Remaining percentage of the smartphone’s battery was 76% which is really and really a good thing and a feature every smartphone vendor should think twice on . 
Coming To The Software :- 
mi4i is the one and only xiaomi smartphone running on Latest android version 5.0 lollipop based on miui 6 And not only this being one of the world best os company many future android upgrades are also expected . 

So According to me its one of the best phone in the world in a price range  of 15000 ( 12999 ) why we are saying so because we haven’t seen The following features in any android smartphone yet :-

  • Full Hd screen With 414 ppi  and many more features like Bright screen In the day light .
  • processor and ram combination .
  • 3100 Mah Long Lasting Battery 
  • 18 Mp Camera .
  • And many more features… 
So if you have a budget of rupees 13000 203 dollar then i will Recommend you to buy Xiaomi Mi4i  . 
If’ You Wish to Buy This smartphone you can buy it From Here 
So this was our guide on Best android smartphone below 15000 250$ dollar . 

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