Trick For Free Vodafone Internet 2015 2G/3G Data Pack Free

How to Get Free Internet In Vodafone – Trick 2015 Vodafone Data pack .

I got Many mails Asking Free Internet Trick for Vodafone networks , So at last today we are here with an Ultimate and 100 % working trick which will let Vodafone users use free internet on their Vodafone number without using any app and without Any hardwork .
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There are thousands of tricks On the internet proving that they 100 % works but in last when we try them in reality we find them expired or not working And not only this most of the tricks need Software’s modded browsers and many other things , But at rootupdate we always aim to provide the users with most easy and most comfortable method to Do anything And The same we did today , Today we will tell you a simple trick for vodafone which will enable your internet pack without any cost . 
Okay now without wasting much time lets head over to our guide :- How To Get Free Internet Data Pack In Vodafone For Free Trick 2015 Latest 100% Working

How To Get Free Internet Data Pack In Vodafone For Free Trick 2015 Latest 100% Working

There are No special requirements for this trick , All You Need is :- 
  • A Smartphone / Simple Phone Capable of running internet .
  • A Vodafone Sim Card . 
  • 3G Activated if You want to Use 3g Free Internet .
  • 2g If You want to use 2G Internet . 
Okay Now lets head over to our guide . 
As i told earlier in this we guide dont need any thing nor any app nothing . 
So its my prime duty to let all you know what actually this guide is about and what is the way we will use to run free internet . 
Some Days Ago Vodafone launched a Scheme Known as Happy Hours , In which they provided Free internet to all . But the main problem is 70% of vodafone users dont know about this thing so today we will tell you the trick or you can say the Code to activate the free internet . 
Before Going To the Guide let us know about some of the Key Features . 
  • You Will get 100 Mb Free Data Daily . 
  • You Will get 3G For Free , However It depends upon ypur phone and location also if they both support 3G or not .
Okay now lets start the guide :- 

2015 Trick Of Vodafone To get Free 3G / 2G Internet Daily . 

Note :- Happy Hours trick will Only work between 2-4 pm So just remember to turn off your Data Pack At 3:59 Pm Other wise you will be charged For using internet . 
Okay Now here the Free Vodafone internet trick is :- 
  • Dial *444*88# From Your Vodafone Sim 
  • Let the USSD Code run .
Now After Successful request you will get a pop saying ” congratulation your HAPPY HOURS FREE INTERNET HAS BEEN ACTIVATED ” Note you can only request this service between 2- 4pm . 
  • You will get a Error Like This If you try to activate The Happy Hours Free Internet Service At ODD Hours . 
Okay now after you have successfully activated the free internet , The Next step is to activate 3G . 
You Can use Free 3G internet In Vodafone By Doing The Below Steps :- 
  • Go to Settings > Sim card and Networks > 3G Service 

  • Now choose Only 3G Mode And Enjoy !!! Free 3G internet In Vodafone . 

So this was our guide on How to use free internet in Vodafone , I hope this guide helped you in Using Free 3g 2g In Vodafone 2015 . 

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