Micromax Canvas Silver 5 : Micromax Launches Canvas Silver 5 At Rs 17,999

Micromax Canvas silver 5 Specifications , Price , Details , Features 

Micromax on Thursday launched The Micromax Canvas Silver 5 Smartphone with a unexpected and unmatched price tag of 17,999 , if specifications are to be taken as the primary presentation of silver 5 then this smartphone will not obviously do well in Indian markets because there are many smartphones present at this time having much better specifications then this smartphone and at a price tag of below 10,000 . But if looks are considered as the primary feature then a price tag of 18k is Some how acceptable . 
micromax-canvas-silver-5 launched-at-17999-said-to-be-world-ightest-and-thinnest-smartphone
Okay now lets discuss about features , specifications and Final words on What rootupdate thinks about Silver 5.

Price , Specifications , Features And Is Micromax Canvas Silver 5 A good Smartphone at 18000 Rupees ? 

So lets Start With :-

Micromax Canvas silver 5 Build quality and design .

If the words from the company are to be believed then Micromax Canvas silver 5 is the world most slimmest smartphone ever having only 5.1 mm thickness , we dont know anything about if the camera bumps are included in the Measurement but if are sources are believed then the camera bumps and Speakers grills were excluded while measuring the thickness of the smartphone .
Not only in Thickness but Micromax canvas silver 5 is also the lightest phone ever made by any company  . The total weight of canvas silver 5 is only 97 Grams including the battery weight which truly makes it the lightest phone in the world .
The side of the canvas silver 5 is covered and bundled by two thin aluminium layers giving it a stylish and super classy looks .
Here are some images of Micromax canvas silver 5 :- 




Micromax canvas silver 5 4.8 ” Hd Display 

Micromax canvas silver 5 comes with 4.8 inches Hd display ,One of the best thing about the screen is its Super amoled screen which makes the touch responsiveness amazingly good and plus it also almost Hides the Gap between the screen and the Front glass Which makes the smartphone looks Extremely good From Front View , For Protection purpose Micromax Have embedded the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protecting it from Unwanted accidental Scratches .

The Performance of the Screen was also good , we used the phone for almost  minutes below the sun shine and we found that the brightness was enough capable of Giving A Disruption Free View From Every angle . 

Micromax Canvas silver 5 Camera 

Canvas silver 5 is equipped with 8 Mp Sony imx219 Rear Camera , This is one of those things which disappoints at the price tag of 18k Rupees because there are many smartphone below 9000 having 13mp Camera ( redmi note , yu yureka ) , When asked micromax about the small camera size they said it is a well minded game by us and the main reason behind this step is the battery conservation . 
At the front Micromax canvas silver 5 packs a 5mp Camera making it a perfect selfie Smartphone because 5 Mp is enough for Capturing Good selfies , At present we dont know anything about the features canvas silver 5’s Front Camera is loaded with but again if sources are to be believe then the phone will come with Features like Brightening , Beautify and many more features making the selfies perfect . 

Micromax canvas silver 5 Ram And Hardware 

The Smartphone Carries 2 Gb Ram which is Seriously less for a smartphone priced at 18k , there are many smartphones like The great Xiaomi mi4 Having 3Gb ram And at Only 15000 rupees , However 2Gb ram is also not bad one can easily do heavy multitasking at 2gb ram .
Now Comes the hardware of Micromax canvas silver 5 
The Micromax canvas silver 5 is packed with snapdragon qualcomm 1.2ghz quad core , this is seriously the thing on which Micromax should think twice because it is all way unacceptable to buy a smartphone at 18k with only 1.2ghz quad core processor .

Micromax canvas silver 5 Battery life with heavy and low usage 

Canvas silver 5 comes with 2000 Mah battery Offering one day heavy usage As Said By micromax , we cant say anything about the battery now because the company have mad many tweaks like Amoled display , quad core processor , less camera and many more features .

Micromax canvas silver 5 Networks 

The Phone Comes with a Single Nano Sim Accepting 2G / 3G / 4G networks .
Canvas Silver 5 comes with 802.11 n wifi Networks which is Considers 5X times Better then The ordinary Wifi receivers equipped in the Old Smartphones .
Apart from this there is Bluetooth 4.0  and Gps For users .

Micromax Canvas Silver 5 Operating System And Future android Upgrades 

Micromax canvas silver 5 runs on the latest Android 5.0.2 lollipop Making it one of the rare smartphones Having Android lollipop Directly from the Company .
There are no words from the Company regarding the future upgrades , But being the companies latest Flagship It will definitely receive 1-2 Android upgrades ( Android M , Android N ) 
And Not only from the Comapny Micromax canvas 5 Silver Will also receive A huge Support and custom roms From External Developers , The reason Behind this is its Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor Which is Undoubtedly Famous Among Developers like XDA , Xiaomi MIUI , Cyanogen Mod , AOSP and many other developers . 

Rootupdate’s Final word and conclusion On Micromax canvas silver 5 

Canvas silver 5 is undoubtedly one of the best looking smartphones in the world , But if features and specifications are your priority then this Canvas Silver 5 will disappoint You for sure . 
So if Looks is Your Priority then Definitely Go with it But if performance and you are a Heavy Multi tasker then Think Twice about because 17,999 is not a small amount .
micromax canvas 5 silver comaprison with oppo 5 elife 5.1 iphhone 6 vivo x5 max
So this was our guide on Micromax Canvas silver 5 Hope You liked it .
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