Is iPhone 4S Worth Buying at 13,000 Rs In India ?

Should i Buy a Apple iPhone 4s 8 GB For 13,000 Rupees In India 2015 

Owning a Apple product in india is Undoubtedly a Matter of Pride  Doesn’t matter if its New or used , recently apple India made a Amazing price cut in the cost of apple iphone 4s making it available just for 13000 rupees ( 8Gb variant ) . After the price cut we started getting many mails asking if to buy the apple Iphone 4s or not so we made a post in which we will tell you the pros and cons of apple iphone 4s .

Do buying An apple iphone for 13000 rupees a Good decision ? 

Just for your info Apple iphone 4s is the oldest model receiving  support from apple Developers , Here support means 4s is receiving ios upgrades and 4s is Protected officially  by the developers  .
okay Now without wasting time lets Head over to our post .
We will start With 

Reasons why you should Buy apple iphone 4s in 13000 rupees . 

Reasons-why-you-should-Buy-apple-iphone-4s in-13000-rupees
  • Smoothest User Interference :- Believe it or Not but Ui is a Thing on which apple should really feel proud on , i personally have used many flagship devices but i never got such smooth experience which i got on Apple iphone 4s .
  •  Superb Camera :- yes its true Apple products Do really Have superb quality clear camera and the very same is in apple iphone 4s .
  • Excellent Display 
  • Excellent sound quality .
  • The only feature that iphone 4s lacks from its Successors is the 4g Lte support otherwise it is a Perfect Mini power house from apple .
  • Has 5 Gb internal Storage on ios 7 

Reasons Why you should Not buy a Apple Iphone 4s at 13000 rupees .

  • Too old :- its almost 4 years old smartphone and no one can take guarantee if it will Be supported by Apple in future or not . 
  • Too small Display :- Has only 3.5 inch display which is really really small , You can get many smartphones having Bigger display then 3.5 inch at less price .
  • Only 512 Mb ram :- Ram is seriously very much less , Believe it or Not but it is seriously insufficient for multi tasking one will surely face lags while switching through apps and if you are fond  of social messaging  then seriously apple iphone 4s will disappoint you .
  • Only 1432 Mah Battery :- In the Era of 3000 – 5000 mah battery smartphones iphone 4s is seriously disappointing , if you use smartphone very less then iphone 4s will anyhow manage to give you 12 hours battery backup , but if you are the one who continuously uses mobile then you will need to charge your phone minimum 2 times a day . The time span may very on how you use . 
  • Heating issues :- Yes its true that Iphone 4s gets Heated up on Continuous game play and sometimes the heating level is uncomfortable  to hands .
  • Very less or No internal Space after ios 8 Upgrade :- if you upgrade your apple iphone 4s to ios 8 then almost all internal storage will be occupied by the system which will  result in performance issues and heating issues . 
Over to you , if you are planning to buy apple iphone 4s then please have a look at pros and cons Of the smartphone .
Rootupdate Verdict :- 
If you want performance then dont go with iphone 4s because it is not made for that purpose . 
But if you use Smartphones just For text and calling and minimal Usage then Apple iphone 4s is a Perfect Phone for you . 

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