ZGPAX S29 Bluetooth Smartwatch With Camera And Sim launched .

ZGPAX S29 Bluetooth Smartwatch launched at only 27 $ . 

The smartwatch market is slowly slowly increasing in the whole world and the change in the market is anyhow genuine , Smartwatches do the very same function a smartphone can do and not only this but the biggest benefit of a smartwatch is its easy to carry just tie on your wrist and the world is in your Hand . 
Today we are here with a Smartwtach ” ZGPAX S29 ” that comes at a very affordable price tag and carries High end features . 

ZGPAX S29 Smartwatch Price Specifications and features .

Support Sim Card :- S29 Smartwatch comes with Sim card support which means you can make calls directly from the smartwatch itself no need of Syncing the smarwtach to phone just to make calls . 
Touchscreen Display  :- S29 Smartwatch comes with a 1.24 inches display , The ultra clear display of the smartwatch makes your movie , video viewing experience awesome .
Toughly Build  :- S29 smartwatch is made with a Combination of Silicon + Plastic which makes it a Tough smartwatch that can bear many unwanted falls .
Play any song Or Video  :- You can play songs or any video on S29 , Thanks to its 3D speakers and awesome screen which presents every image and video too detailed . The formats that The watch currently supports are :- 
  • Bmp
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • AAC
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • 3GP
  • Mp4
 Capture every Moment  :- S29 smartwatch comes with a single 0.3mp camera which can record clear videos and can capture images also . 
Some of the more features of the smartwacth are :- 
  • Time
  • SMS
  • Calling
  • Music 
  • Antilost
  • Pedometer
  • Email
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • Calendar
  • Reminder
  • Remote camera
If you wish to buy this smartwatch you can buy it from Here , the regular price of the smartwatch is 40$ but only for our loyal readers we are giving it at only 27 $ .
More images of the smartwatch :- 

So this was our guide on ZGPAX S29 bluetooth smartwatch , I hope you liked it .

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